Jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

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jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

Jinder Mahal puts a headlock on Daniel Bryan during the WWE Smackdown Live WWE is bringing back the match created by The Great Khali. It looks like that could be the first feud for the first couple of SmackDown Live. Ravens notes: Middle linebacker C.J. Mosley's goals don't include new contract. Jinder Mahal's pursuit to the top was one fueled by hard work, He has a great chance to do that in a couple of months when the WWE makes a tour of India. Indian-origin champion in WWE history (the Great Khali was the first . When I set the goal of becoming WWE champion, people would laugh. Jericho welcomes Jinder Mahal to the show. Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Jinder Mahal – Becoming Number One Contender, Relationship with Great Khali, One of his goals is to have the best body in WWE, and another is to.

I was hitting it as hard as I could and it was not budging at all.

jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

The atmosphere makes a match and the crowd was flat during the match and the whole Pay-Per-View. I think me and Randy worked very, very hard.

jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

Out of the three Punjabi Prison matches, I think ours was the best one. A few weeks ago I was facing Shinsuke at a live event and I got lost in his entrance for a moment.

I had to remind myself where I was laughs.

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A couple of weeks ago John Cena was making his entrance and the crowd was electric. I grew up watching John Cena. I was still in my teenage years while he was establishing himself as one of the all-time greats.

jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

A lot of people in the U. In India, Khali is even more than what [Hulk] Hogan was in the 80s. He transcends even more than the Bollywood actors do. What was going through your mind when he did that? The hardest bump I took that night is when Khali patted my back.

jinder mahal and great khali relationship goals

His hand is so heavy. Obviously, Vince McMahon and the powers that be see something in me. Cesaro uses the tape before every match. There is no injury nothing like that. I am per cent healthy and I am in the best condition of my entire career. I have been training real hard, these two events in India are the biggest events in my life. What message would you like to give to fans in India.

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I encourage the fans, if have not seen a WWE LIVE event ever, come I promise you it will be the most entertaining event that you can go to possibly, more exciting and entertaining than any other sport that they have seen. It has the athletics of an IPL match and the drama and the moments of a Bollywood movie. So come check us out, it is a family show, kids of all ages will be there, parents, their grandparents.

Kavita Devi recently took part in the Mae Young Classic.

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Could you give us your thoughts on her performance? I was very impressed by her performance. She is very strong given that she comes from a powerlifting background. I am excited to see what the future brings and I especially love the way she represented the Indian culture with that Indian Salwar Kameez.

I know she has been training hard ever since her appearance and she is very motivated than ever.

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More importantly she has motivated so many young girls in India to follow ones dreams and chase ones goals. She is a role model and I am looking forward to what the future brings for her.

You were helped by The Great Khali at battleground, what kind of relationship do you have with him? The Great Khali is like a brother to me. I speak to him almost every day.

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He is very proud of the fact that I am WWE champion. He is a former Heavyweight champion. There is a reason I picked the Punjabi Prison match, no disqualifications and no count outs. So I had huge surprise backstage, which is not easy by the way. Have you ever tried traditional Indian wrestling? Yeah, but not in a 'Mitti ka Akhada' but when I was doing amateur wrestling. He has his Akhada in his house in Canada, I went there.