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Even though she did not name names, it's no secret that Kaye was in an unofficial relationship with Guji Lorenzana for almost three years. KAYJI aka KAYE ABAD & GUJI LORENZANA sa subject . the couple that takes tequila shots together, stays together! [/QUOTE]. Reply With. All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics Kaye Abad as Lilet Cenarosa-Del Carmen - The oldest daughter of Edward Mendez as Victor Alvaro - new love interest of Alyna and has a daughter named Sophia from his previous relationship. . Guinoo, who was supposed to play the lead role opposite Guji Lorenzana.

Flash Bomba challenged the Tikbalang to a battle with his physical limitations thru Martial Arts. By using his new abilities, he becomes a superhero called Flash Bomba. In spite of his enlarged extremities.

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Roldan returns to the woods to find the mystical powers that the tikbalangs possess success his mission. Roldan assumes a new superhero alter-ego known as Flash Bomba to use his gifts to protect the helpless and fight crimes while enjoying fame on the side.

His envy of Roldan will drive him to acquire the evil powers. After his father's downfall, he assumed his role as the new Dark Horse.

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He will help his son get back on his feet after a tragic accident. He instantly found out his son's secret identity is Flash Bomba when Dark Horse attacks the Legazpi family. He died prior to when Roldan became successful but turns out he sent the Tikbalang that killed Rhodora and became the Dark Horse.

He will meet his downfall against Flash Bomba.

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Empoy Marquez as Tikboy - was a Tikbalang who turned into human who will grant Roldan his superpowers. He will become Flash Bomba's sidekick Rio Locsin as Rhodora Legazpi, Rolden's mother - who will teach him the importance of helping other people. A veterinarian and a Mama's boy. He usually annoys Liza, but eventually fell in love with her. She transformed herself from being a tomboy to a beautiful young lady after she met Yael. She usually finds comfort to Yael whenever she has a problem with her father.

JM De Guzman as Yael - He came from a sorrowful past and took good care of his younger sister promising her to have a brighter future, but she died from epilepsy. He is also the man that Jerry finds comfort.

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Who re-claims her name as the Queen of Del Carmen's household even though she is adopted and not the real Del Carmen. Dionne Monsanto as Arianna - Patrick's previous girlfriend, who wants to ruined the relationships of Lisa and Patrick. He also had a secret affair with Alyna's mother, now known as Mira Fuentes and the head manager of Dominic's new job. Edward Mendez as Victor Alvaro - new love interest of Alyna and has a daughter named Sophia from his previous relationship.

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He thought that Alyna is the one who broke their family apart, but his hatred slowly changed to deep affection for her.