Kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

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kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Kaze no Stigma, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best. caring if you get to know him Element: water Family: None Friends: None Crush: None yet Other: Loves to eat cookies . This story is about Ayano and Kazuma's relationship. Anime: Kaze No Stigma About: Facts and Quotes Written By. A character sheet for the manga/anime Kaze no Stigma. Kazuma Yagami The male protagonist of the series. Born as Kazuma Kannagi, he is a former member of.

Kazuma Yagami

He's lured back to Japan to set one of these up. A powerful Wind Mage is killing Kunnagis, and he's a powerful Wind Mage with a motive to do just that.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

Being unable to stop Cui-Ling's sacrifice. Kazuma uses a magical shield that can block or deflect most attacks. Conventional weapons especially can't even scratch him. He plays the part of mercenary, extorts gold out of fairies, and likes to mess with Ayano, but beneath it all, Kazuma's a good guy. He was disinherited and cast away by his parents, but that was to make him able pave a way for himself and succeed at life.

Had he stayed a Kunnagi, he wouldn't have been in a very good position at all. He visits his father at the hospital and tells him to take care of himself. Has several with his father in one episode.

Kazuma usually fights using his powerful long-range magic but proves himself exceptionally capable in this tactic as well during his Pummel Duel with Genma at the resort.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

Red Eyes, Take Warning: The brotherly bond between Kazuma and Ren is adorable. The way Kazuma and his dad fight every time they meet is hilarious.

I liked the character design, especially Ayano because of her pink hair and wide eyes which makes her pretty noticeable. I also liked the flames around her sword which kinda reminds me of Nietono no Shana it's a good one.

She can be really annoying sometimes though.

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Especially when she's being stubbornly slow about her own feelings towards Kazuma. As I mentioned earlier, Kazuma looks super handsome when his eyes turn blue! And let's not talk about how sexy he looks with that teasing smirk of his.

And Ren is super cute that you want to cuddle him: The opening and ending songs are quite nice, it suits the anime theme pretty well, that you might want to hear them again. So in other words, soundtracks are above average. And also the OSTs are decent, they fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the scene.

XD what I mean is, the development in romantic direction is quite slow. The first season doesn't show much of romance between Kazuma and Ayano. And even if the mangaka planned on them being in a romantic relationship later, the person died unfortunately. So we'll never get to see a happy ending of Kazuma-Ayano.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

There are plenty of cute adorable moments between them. Be it when Kazuma gave Ayano her medicine lip to lip: Oh and and, not to mention all those perverted teasing Kazuma does just to annoy Ayano. But they both are always there for each other.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

No matter how dangerous the situation is. Which is very sweet in my POV, because then we get to see a super sexy 'smirking Kazuma' and beet red 'blushing Ayano': That said, it'd be kinda difficult to explain the Pandemonium arc away as explosions and a lightshow. How the romance arc of the anime concludes. The Kannagi have this philosophy.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship quotes

Kazuma even tells them that because they ignore right and wrong, the Kannagi subsequently have no right to complain foul when someone bigger and stronger pushes them around. Used by Kazuma's evil side. Makes Kazuma's eyes glow stronger and the victim convulse. Kazuma is lured back to Japan at the beginning of a series to set this up.

Given that he is an extraordinarily powerful wind mage with a very good reason to hate the Kannagi clan the feeling's mutualmost of the clan naturally turns against him when family members start being murdered once he returns. It appears that Kazuma Ren and Ayano where only raised by their fathers. To be fair, Kazuma and Ren's mother does show up Kazuma tends not to be very interested in saving the day until Ren gets into trouble, as he tends to do from time to time. Kazuma plays the part of a mercenary, is not above extorting gold out of pixies who share his wind-alignmentenjoys pushing Ayano's buttons, and is content to sit in the background while others run around It's not a date, it's a mission Powerful fire mages with flaming swords need bodyguards too, really.

Ayano's father engineers these convenient missions in the hopes of pairing her and Kazuma off; Kazuma isn't fooled but goes along anyway for the money and amusement of trolling Ayano. Only in It for the Money: Ayano, who wears short skirts, and stands next to a powerful wind mage. Also, she seems to love high-kicks. Kazuma's dad disinherited him after he lost the succession " duel " against Ayano. His mom refused to give him any sympathy either, both denying that he was their son.