Kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

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kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

Mar 30, Donald Sutherland, s cinema icon, the father of an acting dynasty and star of Channel son by his second wife, Kiefer Sutherland, better known these days as Jack Bauer in . It was a wonderful relationship right up to the point we lived together. . We hope to pass our goal by early January Feb 19, Kiefer Sutherland says he finally got the chance to do something he's she and Donald divorced in , admits his relationship with his father. Jul 2, But life hasn't always smiled on Kiefer Sutherland. most explicitly in his fraught relationship with his teenage daughter, Kim, and his confrontational attitude to authority. His father is iconic actor Donald Sutherland, who separated from He took a few years off, not on purpose, but he has three sons with.

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Their engagement made them the tabloids' First Couple of Hollywood, the Brad and Angelina of their day, which made the headlines all the more gleeful when, just days before their wedding, Roberts called it off and ran away to Europe with Sutherland's then best friend and Lost Boys co-star, Jason Patric.

He recently said of the experience: Thank God she saw it. Only once or twice have I seen something that made me think, wow, that person really doesn't like me - where it's been malicious as opposed to "what an idiot".

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

He was taking on negligible and sometimes downright risible roles to pay the bills until he decided to take some time off from the profession altogether and left Hollywood for a Californian cattle ranch.

Here, he took up professional steer roping and, although he broke three fingers at his first rodeo, he persevered until he became a tournament-winning rider on the rodeo circuit and was finally accepted by the other cowboys as more than just a dilettante.

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

I think that they ended up accepting me more for the fact that I took that for a year than that I turned around and could actually rope. In the course of talking about his father, he observes that the mark of the true artist is never being willing to compromise the purity of what you do or the choices you make.

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

I ask if he has regrets about his own choices. I got married at 19 and there are a lot of things I did in my career, some successful, some not so. I have so much respect for that because I don't have that kind of courage. Instead, he has turned to his other great passion, music, and set up an independent record label, Ironworks, with his producer friend, Jude Cole. The first group they have signed without partnership with a major label is fronted by a year-old LA blues-rock guitarist and songwriter, Rocco Deluca, whose first album, I Trust You to Kill Me, was released here in the spring.

What a difference a day makes

To promote it, Sutherland accompanied the band on a five-date tour of tiny European venues, a trip that was the subject of a recent documentary of the same name. Rather than an account of a young band's struggle to get ahead, the film turned out to be an intimate portrait of Sutherland's inner landscape.

One of the nice things about the tour was that it was a kind of a What were his motives? I thought I was just going to go for a laugh. I've done some things that I've had to apologise to my family for, but we are who we are and people have been really cool with me; on some level, it's better coming from me than from someone else.

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

I showed it to my daughter and she loved it, though I don't know how my parents will react. The projected movie version of 24, if it happens, will be filmed after the sixth series, 'but that won't be in real time,' he adds reassuringly, and explains that season six will take a slightly different turn.

He'll go from being the one who hunts people down to the one who's being hunted, so that in itself turns the show around. I don't believe in utilising certain aspects of the power I have with celebrity to push that forward, but I would like to make some films that address some of those political issues.

But as for the on-set dynamic between father and son, he was less concerned with genetics than he was with chemistry — "If you get it, it's lightning in a bottle" — and simple professionalism.

The younger Sutherland is John Henry Clayton, who returns to town after an eight year absence disheartened to find a sweetheart a no-nonsense Demi Moore long married off, a mother no longer alive and a father who harbours bitterness toward his son.

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The film is character-driven, with a straightforward plot about a bullying land baron played by the cussing maestro Brian Cox whose gang of ruffians terrorize a windswept town. Sutherland's brooding protagonist wants to put his days of gun-toting frontier justice behind him, but we know that isn't going to happen.

That sure thing is a gunfight, predictable as a John Wayne punch to the nose. The film was the idea of Sutherland, who pitched it to his screenwriting pal Brad Mirman, who penned the script.

Forsaken review – Kiefer and Donald Sutherland play at wild west cowboys

The elder Sutherland read the script and embraced idea of playing the father. The two Sutherlands had appeared together in two films previously — Max Dugan Returns and A Time to Kill — but never before had they shared a scene.

He went into his family's shipping business and on one ship he met the second mate. And do you know who that second mate is?

kiefer sutherland and donald relationship goals

Gosh, eh, think of that! Because Sutherland, as well as being one of the cinematic icons of the Seventies, was also one of the great, if unlikely, sex symbols of the Seventies when, as a teenager, he asked his mother if he was handsome, she hesitated and then replied, 'Donald to be perfectly truthful, no.

But your face has a lot of character'. It's not unrelated, of course, to the fact that one of the most persistent movie rumours of modern times, namely that the famous sex scene in the middle of the thriller, Don't Look Nowstarring him and Julie Christie, was no mere acting.

More of this later, though.

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In the meantime there's still a melting effect in evidence when it comes to women. He's pre-recorded an interview for GMTV, and shortly before I'm due to meet him, a producer swooshes into the green room and gushes, 'I think that's the best interview we've ever done!

Oh, you're going to have a fabulous time. Because he is charming, and although, as Carol Shields once wrote, charm is just a cheap trick which anyone can do 'the calculated lift of the wrist The shame, of course, is that I didn't think of dropping a nice Carol Shields quote into my conversation at the time, instead of having to sit and admit to not knowing who Sam Harris or James Carville are US political writer and pundit, respectively, it turns outbut then it's less a straightforward interview in the question-and-answer sense than a series of digressions-cum-Mensa test.

Still, I faithfully copy down his utterances, even though they verge on gnomic. When I ask him if there are any parallels between the situation now in Iraq and in the Sixties with Vietnam when he and his then girlfriend, Jane Fonda, toured the country with their FTA revue, popularly known as 'Fuck the Army', he says, 'There are parallels but not similarities'. He won't elaborate, but who knows, he might be right; he certainly has the history to back him up.

He's made films in a career that has spanned almost half a century. One of his very first films was Tallulah Bankhead's last Die! The show is being tipped as the Dallas or Dynasty de nos jours which makes Sutherland its Josh Ewing, its Blake Carrington, though since he's still Donald Sutherland, he's head and shoulders above either of those, and so too, it turns out, the script.

In fairness, it's had mixed but more positive than negative reviews in the States. His sad, jilted, intellectual rich man appears to be running his own Shakespearean tragedy in the middle of a glam-trash soap.

Donald Sutherland speaks to Carole Cadwalladr | Film | The Guardian

It's a bit like watching King Lear stumble onto the set of Footballers' Wives. Maybe the show matures into itself, Sutherland himself is certainly passionate about the brilliance of its creator, Craig Wright, who was a writer on Six Feet Under, and who's a polymath in his own mould.

When I ask him if he agrees with the show's tagline that money is the root of all evil, he says, 'No, that's just bullshit. I don't know who put that in. It wasn't Wright, not least because he would have known that, at least according to the James version, it's money is "at the root of all evil", which of course is quite different.

Gates has helped to fund a doomsday store in the Arctic of seeds from every food crop on the planet. And one of his best qualities is his willingness to own up to his mistakes. I assume that his decision to appear in Fool's Gold, a rom-com starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, which is released in the UK next month, has to have been for the money.

In North America, it's been universally panned. On the other hand, that two of the three scribes responsible for Fool's Gold have previously specialised in horror makes perfect sense,' said the Washington Post. Only Sutherland has emerged with any sort of credit, although he rolls his eyes when I ask him about it.