Killua and alluka relationship quizzes

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killua and alluka relationship quizzes

Little Kalluto was always envious over Killua and Alluka's effortless bond. The complete opposite of his older brother Killua, the prodigal heir to the Zoldyck family. . Grandmother taught me a few things a couple months ago." assassin's in training a pop quiz on the finer points of tailing trained targets. Read Chapter Damn Quizzes and Promises from the story Jacked UP!! ( Hunter x Hunter: Illumi x OC x Hisoka) by DreamerOfClouds with reads. arie , illumi "What a lovely couple," the elderly lady said, causing me to blush. Did we. Killua and Alluka Zoldyck Hisoka, Killua, Hunter X Hunter, Transformers, Fanart, Illumi zoldyck Hunter x Hunter Hisoka, Killua, Zoldyck Family, Hunter X Hunter .

The only reason Kalluto knew was because he rarely left his dear mothers side, and he had been there when Kikyo and Silva talked read: After Silva managed to calm the hysterical woman down he ordered his youngest child not to tell what he heard to Killua. Needless to say, the little boy was a bit conflicted as he watched his beloved older brother munch on chocolate from a distance. Yes, Kalluto adored his big brother, in his silent way. Ever since Alluka had been locked away in his room, the little pink-eyed boy had been hoping to get closer to Killua.

His big brother however, didn't seem to have the same interest. Was it because of mother? Kalluto was always at her side, following her like a faithful duckling. But that was because she was the only one that ever bothered to acknowledge him. Mother trained him, took him with her to shadow her as she did jobs, and gave him her attention even if the minute Killua walked in the room that changed.

Sure Milluki used to take him on walks every now and then, but Millu had stopped doing that ever since Alluka was locked away.

killua and alluka relationship quizzes

Kalluto shouldn't be surprised his brother noticed him, Killua was much more talented than him after all. Kalluto felt sad though when he heard the lack of interest or maybe it was even annoyance?

He almost considered running away rather than showing himself, but Kalluto knew that wouldn't help make his brother warm up to him at all. As the little boy hesitantly approached, Killua seemed to be looking around them expecting something else. Or at least the truth as far as he knew, but why would mother lie to him over work? She said she wouldn't be gone for long, since she wanted to smother Killua before he left.

Killua seemed to accept the answer as he stopped looking around the play area. His electric-like blue eyes settled on Kalluto finally, and the little boy almost felt proud to have Killua's attention for once.

Kalluto looked at his feet nervously an action his parents would scold him for if they saw and tried to think of an answer that wouldn't annoy Killua.

killua and alluka relationship quizzes

But he couldn't think of anything at all! He remembered back before Alluka was locked away how casually he would call out to Killua to ask to play. It was so easy for Alluka. Kalluto would tough it out though. Killua didn't out right shoot him down though, definitely surprising.

The white haired heir seemed to actually be considering it! He had played a few times with Millu but hadn't quite gotten the hang of the game yet. But if that's what Killua wanted to play I don't really feel like training at all right not actually. Since he was feeling a little hurt by that, he blurted out his favorite hobby, "I like to make things out of paper! That brings us to Kalluto. Kalluto who never got a chance to introduce himself does provide us with loads more information about Hisolumi.

If you have access to the manga, study the two pages in this scene carefully; notice anything about Kalluto while Illumi revealed his secret? And this tells us something. Given that Illumi is telling the absolute truth, this information is not news to Kalluto. Kalluto has known for some time about the relationship between Illumi and Hisoka. Kalluto has probably known the two were an item as far back as the Yorknew arc, when Kalluto assisted Illumi in infiltrating the Troupe in order for Illumi to stand-in for Hisoka.

For starters Kalluto is the youngest of the Zoldyck brothers. It stands to reason that as the youngest he would generally be the last to know about family business, relationships, politics, etc.

Since Kalluto does know about Hisolumi it's a good bet that the rest of the Zoldyck clan knows as well.

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But when did this happen? Towards the end of that arc Manga Ch. Then Illumi makes mention that he and Hisoka have not known each other very long. This suggests perhaps a year or two at most. However, Killua was not at home during this time and so even now probably is unaware of this relationship. But when exactly did the engagement and prenup happen?

If it took place during a previous arc, the most probable moment was this: Illumi is enlisting the help of Hisoka in the plan to kill Alluka and possibly Killua. Given the nature of the situation and the elegant setting, and the dire conversation topic, it seems fitting that either before or after this scene the marriage proposal would have taken place and the prenup too.

At least this is the most likely time it could have happened in a pre-Dark Continent arc. Yeah… Illumi gets Killua to admit what he wants is a friend and that Gon is his friend. Killua denies this, refuses to submit to his assassin training, which prompts Illumi to threaten to go after Gon and kill him on the spot. Things happen and Illumi eventually relents. Killua in a near psychotic state ends up killing one of the other candidates, doubtless under the control of Illumiand leaves the Exam in humiliation to return home.

Okay, so now the big question. Was it just a passing threat in the heat of the moment to gain total control of Killua? Illumi confides in Hisoka that he believes Gon is a threat and is determined to eliminate Gon immediately. Hisoka warns Illumi that Gon belongs to him and that Illumi is not to harm him.

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It was good that Illumi relented. But why exactly does Illumi want or need Gon dead? Why does Illumi see Gon as a threat? It all comes back to the big Hisolumi reveal in Dark Continent arc.

This engagement of Illumi and Hisoka proves the two are in a romantic relationship and therefore must be gay. Remember who is the chosen son, the future patriarch of the Zoldyck dynasty? The prince with the silver gene. The one who has received the highest training, has the biggest obligation pinned on him?

That would be our boy Killua. The one who has no chance of being the favored Zoldyck in the years to come? That would be Illumi.

Illumi does have a rather large responsibility on his head. Provided Illumi does his duty, and that Killua toes the line and becomes the Zoldyck assassin and patriarch they need, Illumi is allotted a certain amount of freedom.

Freedom to indulge in personal interests including dabbling in romance. That Illumi should take an interest in Hisoka, an expert killer is perfectly fine. The fact they are a gay couple is no matter for the Zoldycks, this is partially because Illumi does not have the rare silver gene, which is why he was not selected as the favored son.

In short, there is no expectation for Illumi to pass his family lineage onto the next generation of Zoldycks. You know what happened after that? The two brothers spent a lot of time together, traveling, killing, training, killing, brain washing, killing, honing their skills.

Sometime during those years, Killua must have said or done something to cause Illumi to suspect he might be gay. Who knows what it might have been, doubtless something tiny and Killua had no notion of the concept himself, but such a thing is entirely possible.

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Illumi could not take the chance of Killua being gay. Worse, much worse, if Killua did not pass the silver gene onto the next generation it would effectively end the Zoldycks. This is bad for Illumi. Silva might outright kill Illumi, or at the least cut him off from the family finances.

So, what does Illumi do? The needle is yet another means of control, of reinforcing all the assassin training. It allows Illumi to monitor Killua from afar, always on the watch should he try to develop a friendship with anyone. He absolutely forbids Killua from learning about friendship, of any kind. Silva has a healthier view of friendship, expects it, encourages it. As any sane person would. But Illumi cannot take the risk of Killua developing friendships.

Because if Killua should make friends, should become comfortable with social groups, it would lead to Killua figuring out he was gay. And once Killua knew that he would always be chasing after the boys. An independent streak of that nature had the potential to doom the Zoldycks.

And Illumi would be blamed for it. Primarily to keep an eye on him. But Illumi had no intentions of letting Killua get away with this independence. He would see to it that Killua failed the Exam, failed in a way that would humiliate him and force him to return home, never to attempt such a thing again.

And that boy turned out to be Gon freakin Freecss! By the time the end of the arc winds down, Illumi was very much aware just how big of a threat Gon could potentially be to the Zoldycks. That Hisoka had taken a special interest in Gon and seen potential in him was all the more reason for Illumi to want Gon dead. There was the very real possibility that Killua might not just become friends with Gon, but they could one day fall in love. That was the threat Gon represented to Illumi.

Was it a general comment meant to describe the two of them playing a cat and mouse game? That would make sense given they have a standing contract to kill each other. Illumi has good reason to want Gon dead. Best to let someone else handle it. There are several places in the story where we saw Illumi take the initiative to kill Gon, but was stopped for one reason or another. One of those reasons being Hisoka.

Illumi is hopeful that Hisoka will eliminate the Gon threat. But several times Hisoka seems to drop the ball. Doubtless, Illumi was disappointed by that. The next time was during the Yorknew arc when Gon and Killua were captured by the Troupe.

Hisoka had another opportunity to kill Gon, but seemed to be more a threat to Killua. The next time was on Greed Island, once again Gon is presented to Hisoka on a silver platter. Hisoka had ample opportunity to kill Gon.