Lacus and kira relationship coach

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lacus and kira relationship coach

Kira and Lacus have already settled down (pass the "in love" stage), Athrun and it'll be hard for Cagalli and him to have a peaceful/smooth relationship. This Pin was discovered by Tiffany Majette. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Her coach suddenly calls out to the referee for a time-out. The score was 17 to 16 . With Kira and Lacus up by 1. "Your game was incredible Kira " The coach.

But his blind friend was head over heels in love with a… barbaric woman. Athrun put on his helmet and glared at Cagalli, who was laughing like a hyena and clapping Kira's shoulder like she wanted to dislocate it. But then she caught him staring and raised her brows. Afraid that I'm going to shoot you?

Athrun felt a wave of cold, murderous intentions rising inside of his body. He really didn't like when people commented on his slightly feminine features, he has had enough of that shit in his school years. It was ideal place to suffer. They divided into two teams.

They begun the game and… after five minutes all were "dead", the only ones still standing were Cagalli and Athrun. Athrun winced when pink paint splashed on a tree trunk, centimeters from his head. He had to admit — this goddamned woman was good. He needed a plan. He needed to hide, wait for a good chance, come from behind and shoot… A bullet of pink paint buzzed near his shoulder.

Crapped your pants already? Athrun burst out from behind the tree and made a very manly and very not like him howl and rushed into her direction. Ok, she wanted to provoke him but not like that. And now she had a charging rhino running into her direction.

So, she did the only rational thing. The sapper boy was good and she had the last bullet. She turned on her heel, aimed and… slipped and landed on her ass.

lacus and kira relationship coach

And then few things happened. Athrun Zala appeared in front of her like a ghost and pointed his gun at her chest. And then a big, ugly toad hoped suddenly to Cagalli's lap. The blonde head blinked at looked at the animal. Athrun looked at it too. Cagalli screamed from the bottom of her lungs. Like an actual girl. Athrun blinked, the gun trembled in his hands while he burst into hysterical laughing. He didn't even stop when a pink paint splashed on his chest.

He didn't stop when a toad was thrown on his face and landed on his nose with an insulted croak. Athrun just fell on his back, hugging his stomach, laughing like an idiot.

It seemed they ran a long distance before the toad accident. Says the girl who threw an innocent toad into my face. Poor little thing is going to be traumatized. It's not like I hurt its feelings or something. A cursed prince turned into an amphibian? What he didn't expect was a merry laugh. I think I owe you an apology of my horrible behavior earlier.

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Getting so pissed off because we were five minutes late? You just fucked up my pretty little plan to finally put Kira and Lacus together. And then he asked me out, so I thought we could go for a date where I could show him what a barbaric woman I am and how we would not fit. Paintball was the perfect opportunity; I would howl and kill while Kira would protect Lacus.

A perfect plan if you ask me. His bestfriend slash Mr.

lacus and kira relationship coach

Gentleman slash super soldier. And today, you appeared in your awesome car, with a cool face and lean body and being totally Lacus' type and I just lost it. But I'm sorry I screwed with your plan. They ordered us to buy food, bastards. There was a picture of Lacus and Kira. She was wiping pink paint from his face and he was blushing madly. You look like a guinea pig.

Secondly, I've heard that they eat guinea pigs in Peru. They fell into a conversation about the best ways to skin a guinea pig. The rest of their friends were sitting in a stunned silence, watching them like they grew a new pair of heads. You know the stress and everything? Do we want to know? We're going to watch movies. When they were alone, Cagalli and Athrun groaned. He banged his head on a wall behind him; she put her forehead on table with a loud bang.

Athrun wiped the sauce from her cheek and licked it from his finger. This is a horror movie, not a documentary on Discovery! Hey, did he just eat her kidney? And then they were kicked out to prepare popcorn. I always wanted to see it. They looked at each other. Without a word, silently, like two predators, they slowly backed off.

Twenty minutes later their friends realized that something was missing. You're not making out with the female ogre, are you? But it turned out to be that Athrun, Cagalli, the bowl of popcorn and few beers were missing in action. Have a yellow stuffed elephant named Akatsuki and you loved throwing funerals for your Barbie dolls when you were a kid. Why we are still talking, you crazy woman? They were staring at each others eyes for a long, long moment.

He thought that in dim streetlights, she looked almost pretty. She thought he was not so bad.

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We're going to kill each other. Plus, you have no music taste. And…" "And you're pushing my all buttons. And…" "You're not so boring as I thought, and quite funny. His face didn't seem to have any slight hints of exasperation or melancholy. He actually appeared to be perfectly okay.

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Maybe Athrun really didn't want anything more to do with that Meyrin girl? After all, he said that he didn't feel any grief when he saw her. Not until she looked at his hand at the steering wheel, the sex machine was gripping it so tightly!

Cagalli thought that with any more clenching, the steering wheel would break into two. So he was annoyed at the scene a while ago, his face just wasn't showing it.

When his car halted to the red glow of the stoplight, Cagalli swore that she saw Athrun's eyebrow twitch in annoyance. She was at a loss of words. Athrun always knew what to say to her if ever she wasn't feeling good. She badly wanted to say something that would help lighten up the situation. What would his friends probably say to him at a time like this? She thought of words that she could possibly say to him. But at least she tried. At first, she thought he was going to shout at her as well or maybe even talk to her in a cold voice like he did with his ex-girlfriend.

She was unable to prepare a response to give to him so she just uttered the first thought that came into her head. Usually an angry person would forget that they actually said that. She really didn't know what things make him pissed and she wanted to know.

Cagalli wasn't really following him. That Meyrin girl looked so honest in wanting him back, chasing after them while crying her heart out. She said that the two of you were meant to be together. The thought of seeing Meyrin with that guy really pisses the hell out of him. How dare she claim that she loved him when she was always with that guy?

This wasn't the second time that Athrun saw the two of them together since their breakup. But she looked like she was waiting for someone when she exited the store across them. She could relate with Athrun.

lacus and kira relationship coach

Truly, a person whose actions are opposing what they say is truly infuriating. When Shinn was seeing another girl behind her back, he frequently assured her that he would always love her. It was really annoying now that she thought of it. Much to Cagalli's delight, Athrun bought her a big cup of chocolate ice cream, with sprinkles. But Cagalli just let it go since he was in a bad mood a while ago and was so generous. Good thing it was Cagalli that was here with him, not Dearka or Yzak. Being the 'real men' that they were, they would just ask Athrun to go on drinking sessions with them.

There were no missed calls or messages from Kira. Kira's mind seemed to be pre-occupied with only Lacus at the moment. Why wouldn't his mind be? After all, they haven't seen each other for a week. Maybe they were spending some quality time at a restaurant feeding each other. How the hell does this ridiculously handsome sex machine get to remember so much of the things that she told him?

He has got to have some tape recorder hidden beneath his clothes. By fun, could he actually be taking her back to his flat again? His fun would be… "Yeah. I'm getting quite bored these days. Because Athrun broke up with his girlfriend, he hasn't gotten laid for the past few days!

He wondered what was with her sudden outburst.

lacus and kira relationship coach

Or maybe Cagalli really didn't have a dislike for movies; it was just that she didn't want to watch movies with him. After all, she called him a 'sex machine'. It didn't take him another second to realize what Cagalli was so flustered about. If the windows of Athrun's car were open, his laughter could surely be heard by everyone on the street. Cagalli was really funny. She appeared to be so clueless that it was so cute and hilarious at the same time.

Athrun should really take back what he said earlier, he wasn't bored these past few days.

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He was laughing so hard that he had to park his car for a moment because he couldn't concentrate on driving. A few minutes ago he was gripping on his steering wheel in anger, now he was pounding it because of so much mirth. But what made it so much more mortifying was that Athrun was laughing at her for it! If they had more space inside the car, then Athrun would have probably been rolling on the floor. I'll call you perverted princess from now on!

She rather have him call her a 'princess' as much as he wanted just as long as he didn't have to add the word 'pervert' before it.

That was the only thing that she could say at the moment. Looking at the window was her final resort; she didn't want to be teased any longer. Take me home already!

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We're far from your house now. Then again he was proved wrong. When he and Cagalli got to the movie house, he was supposed to suggest the heart-warming family movie that was advertised in the television yesterday, thinking that she like to watch that.

Boy he was wrong; she excitedly pointed to a poster of a horror movie and pulled him to buy their tickets already.

Inside the theater, Athrun thought that Cagalli would be squealing in fear. He was wrong for the second time. Whenever there was a scene that would make all the viewers in the theater scream in shock or in trepidation, he always glanced at Cagalli who always seemed to be unaffected by it.

Instead, she was amazed with all the gory things that the ghost was doing to the humans in the movie. It wasn't that he was scared; it was just that the scenes were so unexpected.