Laharl and flonne relationship tips

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laharl and flonne relationship tips

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. As a Fallen Angel, Flonne's personality does not change significantly, though in the anime, Etna says that she's beginning to really act like a demon (she. The term "Mate" means a demon couple are joined together, similar to marriage. Flonne sat on the chair staring into space with her slender legs swinging, as she pulled out a plastic stick and placed the tip into the vial of blood, after Laharl sat on his throne watching Etna play golf with the Prinnies, the.

Etna rolled her eyes and followed after, Flonne took a step forward and hesitated, a sudden feeling of foreboding washed over her body. She was just deciding whenever to enter or not when suddenly Laharl's hand appeared in the portal and pulled a shock Flonne in by the front of her red leotard.

In a whirl of colours and flashing lights, Flonne suddenly found herself clinging to Laharls bare chest in a burned down, smoking village. With a started gasp Flonne quickly jumped out of the Overlords arms and rushed forward towards Etna. For almost a second Flonne was close to telling Laharl that she was pregnant, that she was carrying his baby.

But nerves got the better of her. Maybe next time she'll tell him. The village was completely burned to the ground, everything was gone.

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Charred wooden foundations of destroyed homes and buildings pointed to the sky like jagged clawed fingers. All I can smell is ash and the smell of burning. If the residents had perish, I'll be able to smell burning flesh. Etna sniffed the air.

laharl and flonne relationship tips

Maybe they ran away, escaped. Something moved in the corner of Flonne's eye. Laharl and Etna turned around and yelled in shock, Etna managed to jump out of the way just in the nick of time as the pillar of fire smashed into the ground.

This wasn't good at all. The fallen angel placed her hands over her stomach in a protective way. Laharl pulled out his sword and rushed over to where the attack came from, upon arriving he found a small ghost demon, but there was something wrong with it. Laharl noticed that it's eyes, which were normally white glowed red. It look rabid and mindless.

Just what the hell was wrong with this thing? Never the less it was dangerous, so with a quick slash, the demon lay sliced in two at Laharl's feet.

He turned around to make sure Flonne was okay and noticed that she was covering her stomach, as if shielding it. What the hell was wrong with the Love Freak? Where did HE come from? Absence of Justice[ edit ] In Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeEtna appears alongside Laharl and Flonne and assumes the legendary Overlord they are looking for is the protagonist Mao, who believes that they are the legendary Overlords. Promise Unforgotten[ edit ] In Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten she appears in the post-game to become president and make the stars her servants.

Brighter Darkness[ edit ] She appears in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darknessthe fifth game in the series which takes place at least several[ quantify ] months before Disgaea 2,[ citation needed ] where she is once again one of the main playable characters and discovers that she has an older brother named Xenolith, the game's antagonist.

Hour of Darkness and Disgaea D2, and as a playable character. Can I Really Be the Hero? The sequel Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Reception[ edit ] Since her appearance in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Etna has received generally positive reception and has become a fan-favourite. Thor Jensen included Etna in his list of the 25 best Japanese role-playing game characters.

Like Parent Like Potential Spouse: See Loving a Shadow below. His parents are dead, he is implied to have a vast fortune in money, he is implied to have no close friends other than Etna and Flonne, and according to Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories he has severe abandonment issues. It is mentioned that Flonne is very similar to Laharl's mother, and there is quite a lot of ship teasing between the two.

laharl and flonne relationship tips

In English, Laharl calls himself "The great Laharl" and the like, instead of "ore-sama" like in Japanese. In addition to the volcano Theme NamingLaharl's name means flow of mud from a volcano and the guy who fathered him is named after a real volcano as a matter of fact, Laharl's name is the only demon part of the volcano Theme Naming that is not named after a volcano. This makes sense because of how Laharl is in comparison to his father. In the novels, Laharl's mother used to wear a scarf that is very similar to his own.

It's never stated that he inherited the scarf from his mother, but knowing Laharl, it's probably not a coincidence. He would have most likely become this had his mother still been alive. Her death had a huge impact on him; he went beyond mourning her death by denying the very emotion that symbolizes the bond between them, love, and he falls ill every time someone just mentions the words she used to preach to him. His default expression is a coy smirk.

He has 13 different moods that he drasticly swings between. Justified since such drastic mood swings are perfectly normal for a teenager. Not an extreme example, because all of the moods have recognizable causes and they are of a wide spectrum, not just extremes. Does it look like he can lift his own BFS? Some weapons he can carry would probably weigh more than he does. My Eyes Are Leaking: I didn't know I could shed tears.

The character notes in the World of Disgaea artbook even declare that he has a Napoleon complex. His reaction to Gordon firing a raygun at maximum power in the novels? However, he can still be injured by high-powered and magic-imbued weapons.

In the games, Laharl is Made of Diamondeasily shaking off physical abuse from Flonne and Etna, even heavy abuse after a few hours nap, without a single scratch and talking like he did not even feel pain. He also has been shown to be able to be in the vicinity of his own planet-busting attack as of Disgaea 2: When Flonne tells him she is dying from the loss of her pendant and asks Laharl for help, his response is he does not care and he would not mind using violence against her even in this weak state.

She provokes him to help her nevertheless. Despite his claims to the contrary, he isn't particularly evil, and he never does anything truly heinous, but he denies it adamantly.

Nobody Touches the Hair: Laharl is a sensitive about his hair. You never do figure out what that embarrassing picture was about. An Odd Place to Sleep: Laharl sleeps in a coffin, despite not being a vampire. Though being just reminded of his father makes him change his mind about killing Hoggmeiser and stealing all of his stuff; that is a lot of positive influence wielded by the guy he supposedly hates. Also, Krichevskoy does not appear to believe Laharl when he claims he hates him in the flashback, he seems to simply dismiss it for an act to appear demonic and that Laharl will have to grow out of it one day.

Thursday lampshades this when he and Gordon find his mother's picture stashed in his drawer in Disgaea Infinite. Laharl has made punishments for the Prinny squad, which are put to use if the Prinnies screw up. Number 1 is the least severe punishment and number is Negative Salary. Single-handedly made mincemeat out of 2, spaceships. And in the field, his exclusive skills do huge damage over large areas, and with a good equipment set-up and some healing items, he can solo entire maps until the post-game Difficulty Spike.

One Of The Girls: Is perfectly happy with being around Flonne and Etna, and shows no interest in finding some male friends to hang out with, though it generally stems from not caring much about gender differences. When Laharl gets his hands on Super Rare Pudding in Disgaea Infinitehe expresses its deliciousness with extreme delight and even has a hallucination of himself walking on a road of puddings in space!

Justified because he had been starving himself to fully enjoy the pudding all day long. When Laharl lost his mother is unknown, but the negative, though unusual, impact it had on him follows him in plain sight like a shadow. Laharl loves video games according to Prinny 2. The intro for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories also has him watching a TV playing the intro.

Most promotional art will usually depict him with a sword and his stats and weapon proficiency seem geared toward this. In-game, however, he's decent with any melee-type weapon and bows. Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality: Only hinted at, but he is completely thrown off by The Talka girl just saying she is going to the bathroom, and the slightest hint that Flonne or Etna thinks of him more than a friend. This is how Laharl wanted to deal with Mr.

He becomes this if you beat him during the story mode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories or if you get his ending in Zettai Hero Project. According to the Prinnies, he tends to complain about his food tasting bland. No bigger than 4'5'' cmbut is the strongest demon in his own Netherworld nonetheless.

Cameo appearances also put him at the higher end of the Overlord power spectrum. Laharl has a picture of his mother hidden in his room. Prehensile Scarf Pretty Little Headshots: Laharl gets shot in the head by Etna at the start of Etna Mode; we never get to see the wound, but the lack of severity of it is magnified by the fact that Laharl simply sleeps it off.

Laharl's most prominent flaw. Being an Overlord, like his father, is the aspiration Laharl burns the most for. He sets out to make an even greater legacy than his old man. Really Years Old: Disgaea D2 is pretty much about him growing into this. When the Krichevskoy Group insists the current state of the Netherworld is due to Celestia's intervention and Flonne and Sicily refuse to believe them, Laharl, showing a surprising amount of patience, tells everyone that he has to investigate the situation first before coming to any conclusions and will retaliate against Celestia should it turn out that the angels are behind everything.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: Despite their hair colors, he's the red oni to Etna's blue oni.

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He initially refused to pay his vassals because that would involve spending his allowance. Also frequently confiscates Etna's desserts for his consumption. Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: Laharl trains everyday to surpass his predecessor according to The World of Disgaea, and is very capable and powerful, but he is incapable of performing mundane tasks and providing for his own needs, like food.