Lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

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lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

Kim Jong Kook . Also one of the TruGary episodes and Kwang soo was trying to Her face in a couple episodes later looks genuinely put off at Kwang Soo when One of my favorite spy episodes, where Lee Da Hae drives Yu Jae by the hammer when answered wrong for the quiz game but Jongkook. Everyone Answers Correctly Quiz (전원정답 퀴즈) [Episode 48] - Members must . In episode 64, it was called Horrific Couples Hide and Seek (공포의 커플 Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji- hyo. In episode 68, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin were assigned to be spies. . Kim Jong Kook literally threw everyone trying to dance with Goo Ara; Lee Kwang Soo's . In their first challenge, each couple was given a quiz.

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One person is left out, and will have chance to get a partner later on. The partners then travel to the first mission venue, the male partner must piggyback the female partner and buy three pencilsthen head to the designated location and sharpen the three pencils in fifteen seconds later changed to twenty seconds, then thirty seconds. If they fail, they must go buy the pencils again. The partners then travel to the next mission venue.

At this time, the single member will switch with a male partner who chooses a Eliminated card. The next mission is for teams to order food and finish it, then must dance to make the corresponding price in amount of steps on a pedometer within fifty steps above. The partners then travel to the landmark and play Horrific Partners Hide and Seek. They are handcuffed in paper rings and are eliminated if the handcuff is broken by the seeker, who is the single member.

The seeker wears a bell and wins if they eliminate all the partners. In episode 56, the partners must eliminate each other by taking the other partners name tags. The members and guests find and become partners for this race. One person is left out and becomes partners with a staff member for a mission.

The partners play the first game to receive an advantage or disadvantage for the final mission Horrific Partners Hide and Seek. The male partner must piggyback the female partner and race across to get a pale of water, carry it on the male partners head, and return first. The first place partners will receive an advantage a smaller name tag.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

After the first round, the partner who finish first each round first two in round three will be excluded from the next, until one team is left.

The losing team will be disadvantaged and will receive a giant name tag. The partners then proceed to play Horrific Partners Hide and Seek. During the opening, the members unknowingly play Find the Guests with the guests hiding within the staff members with a time limit of ten minutes. After finding the guests, the guests choose who they want in their team. The teams then receive two hundred Running fifty more for the members who found the guests and choose a car; of the three cars, one is low on fuel.

The teams then travel to the first mission venue, the members must fit into a tube and find and buy three of the best five vacation items.

They may only buy three items at a time and must use Running to purchase the items. Then teams travel to a restaurant, purchase a sea urchin or octopus set, and assemble and eat the food in the order given by a haenyo. The teams then travel to the next mission venue, purchase a type of boat tubes, raftinflatable boatmotorboattravel to a yacht to receive a tube, then return to the dock and remove all the air from the tube and put it in a plastic bag in five minutes.

Then teams travel to the next mission venue, and choose a method of transportation train then walk across a bridge, train directly to the venueand must use their feet to gather at least g of dirt. Teams then travel to the final venue, find the finish line and grab the flag to win. The members believe they are just coming to eat breakfast.

The guests will receive an advantage 70 Running in the next mission if they succeed before the members finish breakfast. The Running from the teams the day before are divided among its team members, they now play as individuals.

The members bet with all their Running who will win this mission. The mission is to find hidden words and complete a phrase. The words are actually hidden beneath the name tags, and the members must eliminate each other to retrieve those words. The member who wins this mission will receive all the losing members Running, but members who guess the winner correctly will double their Running. However, there is a spy in each team that will attempt to sabotage missions by preventing the teams to succeed in their first attempt.

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The teams travel to the first mission venue, they must untangle a swingride down a slide three times, complete three revolutions on a bar, then throw and flip a "ddakji", all in fifty seconds. The teams will receive a briefcase in the order they succeed, however briefcase 1 which contained the "Spy" tag is excluded if they do not succeed in the first attempt. Briefcase 2 contained name tags, leather glovesand walkie-talkies. Briefcase 3 contained name tags with tails attached, rubber glovesand cordless phones.

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Briefcase 4 contained triple-sized name tags, mittensand megaphones. The teams travel to a restaurant and choose a word. The teams then travel to the next mission venue, they must correctly say a tongue twister in relay within thirty seconds.

Teams then travel to the landmark Old Seoul Station and must eliminate the other teams using what they received from the briefcases. However, it is the spies who need to eliminate all other members. Only the winning team will be able to keep the money earned. Teams travel to the first mission venue Great Wall of China and complete various missions.

There are eight gateways that teams may need to go through. Beginning at the first gateway, if the team completes the gateway mission, they do not need to continue to the next gateway and may return for the next mission.

If they fail the mission, they continue moving to the next gateway, which is also farther along the Great Wall, until they complete a gateway mission.

Gateway Mission 1 is Chinese Jegichagiteams must kick the jegi thirty times. Gateway Mission 4 is Everyone Completes Race, a race where the first place and third place times must add up to less than twenty-five seconds.

The other gateways were not reached. Teams then return to choose a briefcase with money inside. Teams then travel to the next mission venue Shichahai and must buy certain Chinese foods stinky tofusugar sculpturelamb skewer ; tanghuluzha jiang miansuanmeitang ; scorpion skewercotton candycong you bing. Teams then travel to the final mission venue Beihai Park and must pour water into a cup over someone's head reaching a line, drink the water, then slide the cup across a table past a line but not fall over the table.

Finally, teams must use a paddle boat to cross a river and grab the finish flag. The winning team is given the opportunity to double their winnings by choosing a fortune cookie.

The members who finish first will receive an advantage and the last member will receive a disadvantage in the next mission. Song Ji-hyo, who secretly entered the country the second day, has stolen the prize money earned from the Beijing Race.

The members do not know who stole the money. They must find who the culprit is within them and remove their name tag. The culprit, with the help of an accomplice who cannot remove name tagsmust eliminate the members.

If the culprit can eliminate all the members, they will receive the money. Three teams are formed with two couples each. The teams travel to the first mission venue and must ride a bicycle together, have a picnic and feed each other finishing all the food, then pack up the picnic basket correctly and ride back to the starting point in three minutes.

Then the teams travel to the third mission venue, couples must sing a song and achieve a chosen score, if they fail the other couple of the team will receive the punishment.

Finally, teams must travel to the final venue and grab the finish flag. The members who did not find their name tags from the Dice Race were given name tags with only their last name Mr.

The teams travel to the first mission venue in Eunhaeng-dong, Daejeonand must find three citizens who looks similar to a Running Man member Lee Kwang-soo; Gary; Kim Jong-kook and jump rope thirty times later reduced to twenty together. Then teams travel to Sintanjin Rest Area, and must buy dotorimuk noodles while carrying one member, choose one of ten utensils, and eat it without their mouth touching the bowl in one hundred seconds.

The teams then travel to Everlanddressed in animal costumes and try to attract the highest number of people, without speaking, to their designated station by a certain time.

Finally, teams leave for the final mission venue in the order they placed in the previous mission, and must grab one of two Leave Work flags to win. The losing team is punished with "overtime" by greeting guests on a cruise. Teams travel to the first mission venue, Sagang Market, and while wearing giant skirt together, must go buy certain items and return to be quizzed on the surroundings of that shop, until they are correct.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

For each mission, the team who finishes first will receive 15 Running Brass Coins, second 10 coins, and third will receive 5 coins. The teams then travel to Gungpyeong Village, and buy items for the Water Gun Race using the Running Brass Coins earned, then proceed to eliminating the other teams by wetting their name tag.

Their mission is to force the members to successfully complete the missions listed below for acquiring items. If the team fails, a hint will be given about the spies. At the final mission venue, they must eliminate the members by spraying a special ultraviolet solution on their back, which can only be seen through an ultraviolet camera. However, what the members and spies do not know are that there are two guests acting as the real spies.

The guests must eliminate all the members, but they can only eliminate them in the order they were sprayed with the ultraviolet solution. Therefore, the spies are not actually eliminating the members and are not actual spies, but unknowingly accessories to the real spies. The members must eliminate the guests by taking their wristbands. When travelling between mission venues, they must walk together with arms around each other's shoulders. After completing the two missions, the members travel to the final mission venue, and must find the balloons filled with hints to the secret of the guests.

However, if they pop the balloons without hints, the number of balloons will increase, with the guests hiding in the crowd bringing the balloons. The last member standing Yoo Jae-suk arrives at the landmark later and is welcomed by a recording of Choi Min-soo explaining the situation. The landmark is all locked up and there is only one way to escape, a car in a garage.

The garage and the car are locked by a combination lock. The four-digit combination is on four of the members. The other two members have a "danger" on them. The first danger gives Yoo Jae-suk a grasshopper hat to wear. The second danger sprays Yoo Jae-suk with a perfume.

Yoo Jae-suk has four lives name tags and must find the four digits, save the six members, and escape the landmark before Choi Min-soo eliminates him four times. Each time Choi Min-soo eliminates Yoo Jae-suk, he wears an extra bell. The confined members are given a mobile phone to communicate with each other. When they are saved by Yoo Jae-suk, they wait in the car for him.

The first two people who answer incorrectly at each venue are eliminated.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

The last member standing will receive an advantage for the final mission. A guest is designated as a spy, and must find the other unknown spy and complete the final mission. Teams are decided in Gangnam Station of Shinbundang Line with 1, 1, 2, and 3 members respectively. The teams then travel down the line and one team gets off at each stop where a guest is added to their team excluding the first one-person team.

Teams now have 1, 2, 3, and 4 members. The first mission is to find and answer a mobile phone in Jeongja Station in thirty seconds to receive the first hint. Teams who fail the mission do not receive the hint.

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Teams then travel to the next mission venue Yuldong Park and must bungee jump to reach the mobile phone for the second hint. The teams then travel to the next mission venue and have a meal. The members are then quizzed on questions relating to the meal or what the members ate. All members must answer correctly within thirty seconds. Finally, teams travel to the landmark KT Buildingwith the first team arriving receiving the last hint.

The final mission involves no teams and it is the spies versus the remaining members. The members must eliminate the spies. The spies must find each other, find the secret name tag, and bring it along with their name tags to the final venue. Teams travel to the first mission venue Gwangjang Marketand must choose five areas and buy a speciality product from each area while carrying the queen. The teams then travel to Itaewonand must find a designated foreigner later changed to any five foreigners and swap the speciality product they have for something.

Teams then travel to the next mission venue Geobukseon Ferryand the items they swapped are weighed. The coins are then used to gamble and try to earn more by successfully playing games x2: Teams then travel to the final mission venue Gyeonghui Palacewith the first team arriving receiving twenty Running Brass Coins and second receiving ten coins, and must eliminate the other teams by taking their name tags, which are worth ten coins each, within ten minutes.

At the end, the team with the most Running Brass Coins wins. Teams first travel to the first mission venue Sohothe first part of the mission requires one member of the team rides one of the Central—Mid-levels escalators while one member is piggybacking the other member and give the escalator-riding member a Speed Quiz. They must answer three questions correctly before the escalator ride is over. The second part of this mission requires one member to run up to a bar while two members ride the Central—Mid-levels escalators there.

The one member then rolls a die three times later two to determine what drinks are added to a " cocktail ". The two members then must drink the cocktail and guess what drinks were used. When teams complete a mission, they have a choice of one of three Dragon Medals with a chain made in gold, silver and bronze.

Depending on the choice of the medal, the team travels to the next mission venue Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal ; Victoria Park. The next mission is the former World Music mission, teams must listen to Hong Kong movie theme songs and sing it correctly.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quizzes

The teams then travel to the final mission venue, Langham Placebut then change venues to Langham Place Hotel due to overcrowding by fans. At the hotel, the teams must find the secret agent holding the Golden Ball among three hundred fake agents. Teams then travel to the fourth story of Langham Place to learn that only one of the nine medals is real and receive the mission for the next day in Korean for the first team, English for second, and Cantonese for the last team.

The game is now played individually. The next morning, a "True" sign is hung on the door of the person with the real medal. The members then check-out and choose an envelope containing different locations. Each member performs different missions to earn the location of the final mission venue Haha: Find a citizen and sing one verse of K-pop ; Jae-suk: Take a picture of the hint in the panda pen ; Kwang-su: Take a picture of the hint while riding on the roller coaster ; Suk-jin: Find the voice of the correct bird; Jong-kook: Train the dolphin to shake hands, dance, and slide; Ji-hyo: This motivated them to develop their own signature dance moves.

The dancing challenge in this episode is extra funny because the guests were willing and able to go crazy with the members. The result is probably the most hilarious dancing sessions I've ever seen.

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So many crazy things happened. Ha Ji Won knows that Running Man has a reputation for bending sports rules because it is a variety show and not the Olympics. In this badminton game, they used grocery store product racks as the net. In badminton, when the shuttlecock hits the net, it is still live. The game only stops when the shuttlecock gets stuck in the net. With a very wide net, the game is naturally affected. Running Man members took advantage of the situation by creating further chaos with their whining and complaining.

Ha Ji Won furthered the situation by acting all cute towards her opponents. The Running Man members graciously played along by acting all shy and missing their shots. Imagine how they reacted when 6 pretty girls appeared on the show. In this episode, the members were each paired with a girl. In their first challenge, each couple was given a quiz. If they gave the right answers, they were allowed to pick a special prize.

He gets along with everyone and admits and has proven that he is a real fan of the show. In fact, he has mentioned several times that he wants to be a regular on the show. When he was first a guest on the show, everyone was expecting a shy and timid Park Ji Sung but barely several minutes into the show, he was already bantering with the rest of the members.

The funniest part was when he took over as MC in Thailand. He knew the drill and did very well. Everyone was surprised at how comfortable he was. It was probably that moment when everyone knew he would become a regular guest. Undressing Lee Kwang Soo Episode Sometimes, even simple, innocent gestures can be turned into crazy funny situations by Running Man. Lee Kwang Soo, fortunately or unfortunately, is the subject of one of these situations.

In EpisodePark Bo Young appeared wearing a shirt with no jacket.