Line and staff relationship definition math

line and staff relationship definition math

Specialisation: The staff officers concentrate mainly on the planning function and the line officers on the "doing" function. By this method, specialisation is. In line organization structure, there is a clear hierarchy with the managers supervising their subordinates. In staff structure the managers are not within the direct. Aug 12, Line and staff relationship are most two common terms used in business. Here the brief about them.

Line and Staff Organization is a continuation of the line organization and it is far more of a complex structure than the original line structure. According to this type of organization structure, supportive and specialised activities are provided by appointed staff supervisors and staff specialists who are attached to the line of authority.

Command authority always remains with the line executives in the organization and these line executives are given advise, guide and council by the staff supervisors. Personal assistant is a staff official for any top executive. The manager is directly responsible for a particular employee or in other words a manager who is an immediate superior to an employee in the management chain.

He manages the main operations of a business and reports to higher ranking manager. A person who manages the staff of the company is simply known as Staff Manager.

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

The staff manager is mainly responsible for heading the revenue consuming department which gives information to the line managers and works as an advisory or support system to the line managers in the organization. What is a line function?

A line function is any type of daily operation which is included directly in the process of an organization such as Manufacturing, Purchasing and Selling. What is line authority and staff authority?

Line Authority is the most important and fundamental authority within an organization. It mainly reflects the superior-subordinate relationship.

line and staff relationship definition math

This entitles the manager to control their immediate employees or subordinates to create a pure form of superior-subordinate relation. A finance vice president can request his subordinate managers to provide him with the financial reports of the different departments of the company. In staff authority, the managers create a relationship of support and advisory with the line managers.

Staff managers have the right to provide useful information to the managers for further improvisation of the operations in the business. The role of the quality control manager staff manager is to provide information and advice to the production manager line manager by assessing the quality of the products which are being produced offered by a particular manufacturing company. Conflicts between Line Executives and Staff Executives Arguments of line executives against staff Arguments of staff executives against Line 1.

Lacks the practical knowledge 3. Imaginary structure of such an organization may be as under: An organization structure which is composed of both line executives and staff executives is termed as line and staff organization.

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An imaginary structure of such a type is shown below; The Nature of Line and Staff Relationships A more precise and logically valid concept of line and staff is that they are simply a matter of relationships. Line authority gives a superior a line of authority over a subordinate. It exists in all organizations as an uninterrupted scale or series of steps. Hence, The scalar principle in the organization The clearer the line of authority from the ultimate management position in an enterprise to every subordinate position is, the clearer will be the responsibility for decision-making and the more effective will be organization communication.

line and staff relationship definition math

In many large enterprises, the steps are long and complex; but even in the smallest; the very fact of organization introduces the scalar principle. It, therefore, becomes apparent from the scalar principle that line authority is that relationship in which a superior exercise direct supervision over a subordinate authority relationship being in direct line or steps.

The nature of the staff relationship is advisory. The function of people in a pure staff capacity is to investigate, research, and give advice to line managers. Benefits of Staff There are many advantages and benefits out of the use of staff.

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A few of them are: Handling complex managerial functions The necessity of having the advice of qualified staff specializes in various areas of an organization can scarcely be overemphasized, especially as operations become more and more complex.

Assisting in decision-making Managers are now faced with the necessity of making decisions that require expert knowledge in matters like environmental issues, strengths, and weaknesses of the organization, so on and so forth. Relieving an over-burdened top executive Staff specialists devote their time to think, to gather data, and to analyze them on behalf of their busy superiors. It is a rare top level executive, who has the time, or will take the time, to do those things that a staff specialist can do so well.

An escape clause for staff specialists Staff specialists only propose a plan; others must make the decision to adopt the plan and put it into operation.