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In its season 2 finale, 'The Blacklist' revealed more of Elizabeth Keen's history. the tapestry regarding Liz and Red's relationship, seemingly blowing up Reddington, a.k.a. "The Concierge of Crime" is actually Liz's father. Eisendrath: Tom was coming home to tell Liz all about the suitcase and what it more scenes with James Spader and showcasing that relationship? hired him to do a job, he disobeyed him, broke his trust and that was that. Liz's exact relationship to Red is pretty much the only truly important mystery in . I haven't forgotten that he admitted to altering her memories, so I wouldn't trust.

I felt a lot like an audience member, I think. Well, I feel like what they should know is that the mythology of the show has never been the whole show. We move forward with Red at a very different place because of the war with Kaplan in season 4, wrapping up with Red completely broke and all of his connections in the criminal underworld have been diminished. We take that natural relationship that we already have with our dedicated audience members, the ones who watch it religiously, who will be interested to go along with these characters on the next chapter of their journey.

How do you think this will change Liz going into next season? When it comes to playing Liz, I really roll with the punches, so I try not to anticipate very much because I really know a week ahead of schedule what is going to be happening in her life and in her story. I can tell you where Liz is coming from: Having learned that Red is her father, she has a new sense of her own genetic makeup and the potential for a certain kind of behavior, a criminality, so I think that awareness will give her freedom to behave in different ways.

Can we really trust these DNA results?

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It all finally clicks into place for her. What do you say to that? I think I caught wind of a little bit of that fan fiction world, yeah. It would be offensive to adopted kids to suggest that a paternity test is more important than the adoptive father who raised you, and who you have a bond with. So all along, I have seen the father-daughter issue as somewhat of a moot point and sort of like a fun thing to theorize about while you watch characters that you actually enjoy watching doing fun and exciting things in a very strange world full of these nefarious criminals.

We saw Dom Brian Dennehy return in the finale. Ever since then, it got complicated because Kaplan did put her new closest, most familial relationships at risk when she put the task force under investigation. Edit Elizabeth and her husband, Tom Keen, oversleep on the first day of her new job as an FBI profiler and are woken by their pet dog. She is then taken to the Post Office where she meets Red. In their first conversation Red shows how much he knows about her, and tells her that Beth Ryker is going to be kidnapped by Ranko Zamani.

Liz has to convince Agent Donald Ressler that the information is valid. Before going to collect Beth, Elizabeth calls Tom to tell him that she won't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment. She then collects Beth from her ballet class.

While they are being driven to a safe house the convoy is ambushed and Liz is forced to let Beth be taken when she is overcome by tear gas. She then returns to question Red, and he tells them about two more gang members, who he can trace in return for better conditions.

Elizabeth returns home, to find decorations declaring "its a girl" implying that their adoption application has been successful.


She is so happy that she does not initially notice that Tom is tied to a chair and has been tortured. As she approaches him Zamani appears with a gun and questions her about how much she knows of his plans. Liz truthfully answers him, and he mentions Red. Zamani stabs Tom in the stomach to prevent Liz following him when he leaves.

Once Tom is in hospital Elizabeth storms into Red's hotel room and questions him about the attack on her husband, dissatisfied with his reply she stabs him in the neck with a pen. It is Elizabeth that discovers Red's escape from hospital. Later Red calls her to ask for more details about he encounter with Zamani, and she realizes that Zamani is going to release a chemical bomb in the zoo, using Beth to deliver it.

She rushes to the zoo and finds Beth with Bomb strapped to her. She keeps Beth calm while the bomb is defused and taken by a Ukrainian sent by Red. At home she finds that she cannot remove Tom's blood from the carpet, so pulls it up and discovers a secret floor storage area containing a box. In the box is a large sum of money and several passports in different names, each with her husband's picture. Edit She is given a polygraph examination by the FBI in an attempt to determine whether any prior relationship exists between her and Reddington.

After the train crash she once again talks to Red, Red agrees to meet his contact in a restaurant in Monteal and she attends as his dining companion, When Red goes walkabout, she is with agent Ressler when he finds Red in the van. She goes with Ressler to warn Floriana Campo about the attempt on her life, Floriana will only agree to change the venue of a fund-raiser, not cancel it.

She attends the fund-raiser with Red, and chases the assassin when he spotted by Red. While Ressler chases him on foot, she commandeers a taxi and, since she is in radio contact with Ressler, is able to stop the assassin with the taxi.

She then checks on Floriana and leaves the hotel. On the way home she is told that Red had hired the Freelancerso rushes back to the hotel. The door to Floriana's room is now guarded by Dembe Zuma alone, She enters and Red tells her of Floriana's double life. Floriana denies the charges, but she calls Red "Raymond" arousing Keen's suspicions.

Floriana then starts to choke and Red reveals that she has been poisoned. Liz performs an emergency tracheotomy using a pen allowing Floriana to breathe.

Red says that he will give Liz the antidote if Floriana admits her guilt. Floriana nods her guilt and Liz snatches the antidote syringe from Red. She asks Red what would have happened if the antidote had been given in time, to which Red responds that there was no antidote as he walks away.

Liz goes home and searches Tom's clothes from when he was shot, finds a USB key containing a testimony recorded by him about her, for the adoption agency. Edit She test fires the gun she found in the box retrieving both bullet and cartridge. Liz leaves Tom Keen with their friend Elliewho is going to take him to his physiotherapy session while she is at work. She meets Red at his hatter, where he tells her that he has been contacted by the mythical spy killer Wujingrequesting that he decodes a message identifying an American agent.

Liz does not want to help as this will endanger the agent's life. Red counters that if he doesn't decode the message someone else will. At headquarters she requests a ballistic report on the bullet and cartridge, then the combined efforts of Meera and Ressler convince her to involve herself in the operation to capture Wujing.

As part of her equipment she is given a tracker that looks like a nicotine patch, and decoding box supplied by one of Meera's contacts and a USB key containing a mirroring program. Once in the bunker she realizes that she has no satellite access, so while Red distracts everyone she installs her mirroring program on Jin Sun 's computer. Using the supplied decoder she is able to decode the message.

When Wujing's alarms are triggered by the contact initiated by he mirroring program and he starts beating Jin Sun she wants to intervene, but is prevented by Red. She is visibly shocked when Red shoots Sun, and when he tells her that he will do anything to keep her safe.

After Wujing drops them off, she places her tracker on the side of his car. In Red's limousine she asks Red "Why her? When she asks if he knew her father, Red replies that the answer is complicated. Liz receives the ballistics report, but it has been redacted into worthlessness.

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She goes home to Tom's welcome home party. Edit She sneaks into the FBI evidence facility, but her lack of official access is discovered before she can do more than see the outside of the evidence box for the homicide associated with the gun she found in the box.

Still now she has a place - Angel Station; and a date - 23 June At the meeting Red tells her that the defendant in trial that she will be attending has contacted him requesting a new identity. She tells Red that the case is airtight.

At court she is watching the proceedings when a juror has a seizure. She escorts the eye witness out of court, assuring him that things will be OK, then hands him over to the US marshals. A short while later Ressler tells her that the juror was poisoned, and the two of them rush to the witness room to find no witness and a dead US marshal. The FBI trace the vehicle used to remove the witness's body to a motel room where she calls Red and implies that he had something to do with the witness disappearing.

Red denies all knowledge, but when she says that Lorca is responsible for hundreds of deaths, Red asks if the room has a bath and then tells her to check the plug hole.

She checks and tells Red she smells chemicals. Red says she'll need a plumber. Liz returns home and to distract herself from the fate of her witness, starts an internet search on Angel Station, however, Tom Keen interrupts her before she can complete it, and recognises the date, because they had taken a romantic break that day, with photographs stored on the computer and assumes that she was looking at them to cheer herself up. Next day she is interrogating Lorca with Meera and tells him that the FBI have told Homeland Security that he is money laundering with terrorists and unless he give them details about The Stewmaker they'll hand him over to them.

Lorca replies that he is more afraid of the Stewmaker than of Homeland Security. She is part of the detail escorting Lorca to his new prison, when the detail is attacked and she is kidnapped. She is handed over to the Stewmaker and transported in the trunk of his car to a secluded rural area.

Once he removes her from the trunk she uses her training and tries to engage him in conversation, attempting to establish a rapport and to make him see her as an individual.

Once inside the cabin the Stewmaker tells her that he sees this as part of his evolution and apologizes for what he is going to do to her, as he has been told to make her suffer. He injects her with a drug that will paralyze her, but before the drug takes full effect she manages to escape. Unfortunately the drug begins to affect her and she is easily recaptured. Just before the drug takes full effect she tells the Stewmaker that he has made a mistake, because she is looking behind him, the Stewmaker turns round, straight into a right hook from Red.

Red wheels Liz into the other room away from the chemical bath, and she listens to him talk to the Stewmaker, before hearing him pitch the Stewmaker into his own chemical bath. Red replies "By saving your life. In the morning he tells her that he has booked an ultrasound scan with the mother of their child.

At the Post Office she meets with Ressler, and he is questioning her about he connection to Red when she receives a call from him. She goes to meet Red in the house that he is currently living in.

Red tells Liz of the Courier, a middle man who always delivers his cargo. He cannot be bribed or stopped. Furthermore, he will kill both of his employers in the event of a double cross. He is the perfect example of the black market's policy of trust through fear and violence. Liz is initially skeptical that Cooper will sanction a black operation against the "UPS driver" of crime; but when Red mentions that the amount involved is 20, dollars, Cooper sanctions the operation.

The then pursue him by car, and finally on foot when they capture him.