Lord and lady capulet relationship with god

lord and lady capulet relationship with god

Everything you ever wanted to know about Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, for thirteen-year-old Juliet's hand in marriage, Capulet puts him off, citing Juliet's About that wife, anyway: Lady Capulet is probably much younger than he. Enter LADY CAPULET and NURSE. LADY CAPULET and the NURSE enter. LADY CAPULET. Nurse, where's my God forbid! Where's this girl? What, Juliet!. Juliet's Relationship With Her Parents in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Lord and Lady Capulet have a distant, but affectionate relationship with their.

She makes Juliet really frustrated because she is being teased by the nurse. She teases Juliet, and has little regard for her feelings. She enjoyed herself because she is power over Juliet, which she never gets. She says that if the Nurse has enough breath to say she is out of breath, she has enough breath to deliver the news, and that delivering the news would take less time than making excuses for not delivering it.

Then Juliet asks for just one little word. She shows more sadness for the death of Tybalt than the banishment of Romeo.

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This is natural because Tybalt is part of the family. Shakespeare uses the Nurse in the Scene to create confusion and to allow the audience to see the love of Juliet for Romeo. In this scene we see how much distress has the Nurse put Juliet in. Juliet has a conflict of emotions; she is out of her mind.

lord and lady capulet relationship with god

For a moment her words reveal her ambiguous feelings about Romeo. Juliet follows this metaphor with a dozen more, all of which express shock and amazement that Romeo could look so good and be so bad.

Here the Nurse is also used as a messenger from Juliet to send Romeo a ring and tell him to come back to Juliet.

lord and lady capulet relationship with god

The nurse was the only person that Juliet could turn to for help and comfort. At act 3 scene 5 Juliet gets threatened to marry Paris and she need the Nurse to help her to persuade her parents. She is in an impossible situation, she is already married to Romeo and the Nurse knows that. From this point Juliet turns against the Nurse from this point she changes. The nurse is no longer the person to whom Juliet can turn to.

Juliet is angry and let down by the Nurse. The nurse was being realistic when she was telling Juliet to marry Romeo which contrasted with Juliet romantic vision of her love.

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As Romeo is banished, he cannot provide a good home and family for Juliet while Paris can and Juliet does not break her bonds with her family.

For all her upbringing of Juliet, she is unable to understand her true feelings and fails to read her intentions when she apparently accepts Paris.

lord and lady capulet relationship with god

At this point the audience would be shocked from what the Nurse has advised Juliet to do and would feel angry toward The Nurse. But as wee see the Nurse reaction towards the death of Juliet after drinking the potion we see that she really does care for Juliet.

When the audience discovers that the Countie Paris wishes to marry Juliet, we first see Lord Capulet putting him off, telling him to wait because she is too young. At his great feast, he speaks well of the party-crashing Romeo, the son of his great rival and is able to keep the peace when Tibalt demands satisfaction for this insult.

There is an acknowledgment of his role as a leader, due to his age and authority. He sends his wife to their daughter to make the case. Herein we have a glimpse as to why this concerned father is made out as the baddie in this youthful love story.

This is the first time we see Juliet and her father interacting, and he cannot understand why his daughter is not agreeable to his plans. Of course, she is unaware of how he has been protecting her up to this point.

How, will she none? Is she not proud? I am too young, I pray you pardon me. Here is much abuse thrown at Juliet by her father. In his eyes, Juliet has no idea what machinations he has been dealing with on her behalf.

The only thing that is in your dirty mind is money.

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You never think before you take action. The world should be fair, you can't control the whole family.

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Do you consider your own daughter, Juliet, as a machine for you to make money or continue your family tree? You definitely need to be more considerate of her. She should not have to act upon your thoughts.

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She is supposed to have the right to choose her own life style. I really don't know what to say to you.

lord and lady capulet relationship with god

Why would you not let your daughter choose her love, you horrible man? I know that you might think that she is still too young to make her own decisions, but you have to let the bird out of the nest. She will make some mistakes and she will learn from them.