Luffy and hancock relationship advice

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luffy and hancock relationship advice

Only Luffy can call her by name. Sure he rejected her marriage proposal but I reckon after he becomes Pirate King he'll come back for her. There is no better. No Romance Allowed This tells us about Hancock and her current condition after Luffy left . Nevertheless, she knew it was a good advice. besides, luffy and nami are like brother and sister, their relationship's too platonic like rukia/ichigo, sakura/naruto and mostly goku/bulma. out of.

This even extends to her own children, as she was intent on killing her daughter Lola when she ran away from a marriage that could have made Big Mom Pirate King. Celestial Dragons are often known to take multiple partners.

After the vows, the marriage will officially be sealed with a kiss of oath, although in both of those cases the kiss and marriage never happened; the couple will not be considered married until the kiss is performed. During Sanji and Pudding's wedding ceremony, the two of them were together before the ceremony started, which is uncommon in many real-world ceremonies. Doves seem to be a common theme as well, as many of them were seen flying by when Shanks attended a ceremony.

Sometimes controversy will arise if two people are known to be married, as king Riku Dold III worried would happen if his daughter Scarlett was known to have married the former gladiator and criminal Kyros.

Thus, Scarlett had to fake her death and relinquish her royal status, and she and Kyros lived in an uninhabited area in order to keep their marriage a secret although the citizens already knew, and accepted without saying aloud. In those cases, the married couple will reside on either of the bride or groom affiliated territory, and the parties will be considered allies. Some example are Big Mom marrying off her children to increase the strength of her pirate crew or to satisfy her personals desires.

Marriages that are forced particularly by the World Nobles could lead to a life misery for the subservient spouse, as they have no right nor love to their superiors, serving more of a trophy or servant than an equal, and could easily be discarded if the dominant spouse loses interest.

Furthermore, these dominant World Noble spouses may practice polygamy having multiple spouses simultaneouslyfurther showing lack of affection or loyalty for one particular spouse while disregarding their personal feelings. Such a husband is Charloshaving twelve wives before discarding the first five out of disinterest and attempting to force Marie to become one of his concubines in their place.

So far, no marriages have ever been seen to end on mutual terms, though have ended with abandonment, as seen when recurring background character Sam 's wife was stated to have left him.

Hey, why Sanji hasn't woken up yet? Perhaps he needs more blood?

Luffy Rejects Pirate Empress For marriage

Luffy was a weirdo for sure, but he was unpredictable. Perhaps it was hint of treasury something?

luffy and hancock relationship advice

His pale face was looking around. He cried sadly, hugging him. Sanji-chin, you lost almost all your blood in your body! So, there was Luffy in the Fishman Island. He would still busy saving the mermaid princess and the whole Ryuuguu Kingdom for a while. His blood thirsted for adventure and nothing might stop him.

luffy and hancock relationship advice

When he was busy over there, Hancock was facing her current pregnancy update: It's still the early eight months…" Hancock sobbed, holding the bed-cover tightly. Her face was pale. Try to breathe deeply and regularly, can you do that? She quickly called her doctor and nurses, asking for help. Both Sonia and Mari were away in the Grand Line, sailing with her pirate ship. She had none besides her, except the annoying Elder Nyon. It was you and him—asking for more.

I'm certainly out of topic. She would throw curses, swearing, and much more to redeem the sickness. The pain was too much too handle and she would blame anyone without control.

Yeah, she would blame anyone except Luffy. I can see the small head there! She would rather have another war or fight with another shichibukai than give birth.

Monkey D. Luffy/Personality

She kept on screaming and screaming. There was no end to her pain. That was killing and tormenting. She wanted to die. Oh, Luffy, I wish you're here with me… Then, she heard the loveliest sound. The baby was finally born. Elder Nyon walked closer. Her face was full of happiness. She shrieked happily, "it's a beautiful baby girl, just like you.

luffy and hancock relationship advice

Thank God, there is no trace of her father in her sweet face…" "What the hell are you talking? You have a darling little girl, who wouldn't be problem since she looks different with young Straw Hat. Everyone would hunt her down if that happened. She was definitely beautiful like her. The only differences were she had black eyes and had a bit wavy hair like her father, Luffy. She was a sweet little angel, Hancock acknowledged.

Luffy would be so happy when he came here. We have a baby, Luffy. Well, I hope you consider marrying me after seeing our daughter? Hancock envisioned a grand wedding in the isle of Women. She would wear a pretty white dress and Luffy would wear a black tuxedo. Their little baby would be there, next to her waiting in the aisle.

Everything would be perfect… They would life happily ever after for eternity… Then, Hancock felt another force. She almost dropped her baby when the pain came again, harder than before. She almost collapsed when the pain came faster. She howled, screamed, and did anything she could. What is going on here? Please keep on breathing, slowly and deep…" Belladonna said.

She had predicted that her queen was having twins. Yes, her queen would have twins. Another screaming heard in the room, creating a sacred phenomenon. There was another baby, with the same face like the previous one, same black eyes and hair. Yet, there was something different. It was a boy. It was a baby boy. She stared at the blank faces of her people. Look…" Belladonna showed the baby's naked body to its mother, who looked at him with adoring eyes. It was the very first time in the Kuja Kingdom to have a baby boy.

Everyone couldn't say any words until the babies screamed, demanding their milk from their mother. Now I'm capable enough to kick you down from the window," Hancock warned her, holding her babies. She was so glad to finally hold her cute babies. Oh, aren't they cute? You could infect them with your ugly face. Poor dear old Elder Nyon, they thought pitifully. Elder Nyon ignored Hancock rude words and smiled when she realized Hancock twitched her lips when her baby sucked its milk out of her.

Her queen started motherhood. Her little girl, who was always cry long time ago, was a mother now. How amazing, she realized. Now that was a question. In another place in deep sea of Fishman island, Luffy noticed something warmth inside his chest.

He couldn't explain what that was, but it made him confused. He took the camera from his pocket, looking at that odd thing. I didn't miss anything, right? Why I'm feeling so happy yet bitter now? Luffy turned his eyes, looking at those little fish boy and little mermaids, who were playing happily in the rock field. They resembled something, he thought. Have no time for sentimental thoughts, haven't I? I must save the princess! The Gorgon sisters were so happy when they met their new family members.

They looked up the babies in disbelief. Those babies were healthy and gorgeous, just like Hancock. They hugged Hancock and kissed their old sister. They had asked to Belladonna about the earlier baby born and Belladonna said it was fine.

luffy and hancock relationship advice

Nothing was wrong with that and both the parent and babies were in good condition. Mari asked whether she could carry the baby with her, petting her like the cutest thing in the world. She is destined to be the next queen. Take a look at her arrogant smile.

No Romance Allowed Chapter 2: Hancock and Luffy's babies?, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

Mari sighed, hoping Luffy would come and help Hancock raising the babies. At least that over-exaggerated man could share his low-profile and nice traits. Oh, isn't she so cute…? Sonia gasped in second. There is never a baby boy in here! At least for the whole century!

Tell me, do you get new information about Luffy? She had always thought that Luffy's crews were all men. She hadn't expected to hear Luffy had also woman in his ship. She could be patient these months for having that thought in her mind.

Now, Luffy is having woman in his ship? They could steal Luffy's heart anytime! What is she doing here waiting passively for him? She wanted to get him no matter what! Elder Nyon appeared from nowhere, saying, "you can't go anywhere you like, Hebihime. You've got responsibilities now. At least you must wait until those babies are big enyough and you may follow young Straw Hat as you wish.

Elder Nyon was thrown again from the windows. I'll follow Luffy, no matter what.