Maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

The Fosters Interview: Maia Mitchell On Callie's Relationships In Season 3

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

Source: Pinterest (Maia Mitchell and David in The Fosters) David Lambert was said to be in a relationship with Kaya Rosenthal. Aww Maia Michelle and David Lambert, live these two together!!! Brandon . Brandon & Callie Maia Mitchell, David Lambert, Brandon Foster, Dylan O'brien. David Lambert is an American actor known for his role as Jason Launders in the Disney XD series ‘Aaron Stone’. He is also famous for his recent role in the ABC Family original series ‘The Fosters’. David Lambert’s Biography/Early Life.

Her current age is Her father is Alex who worked as a taxi driver.

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She has a younger brother who is called Charlie. Tumblr Maia Mitchell Maia was a talented girl right from her childhood. She learned to play guitar when she was small and has portrayed roles which required this skill to be displayed in front of the camera.

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

She was a student at the Trinity Catholic College, Lismore. She used to take a lot of part in school plays and also in the local theaters.

David Lambert Bio, Relationship With Maia Mitchell, Girlfriend, Siblings

Jack Kelly is an emerging Instagram star. She was seen in many of her school and college plays. She was also a stage performer in the theater. During these performances, she was noticed by the talent agencies and picked up. She got her first big break when at the age of 12 she was cast as Brittany Flune in the children TV series on Australian TV which was called Mortified.

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

This was aired from 30 June to 11 April in 2 seasons and for a total of 26 episodes. She got credit for her acting talent and was later cast as Natasha Hamilton in the Australian TV series Trapped and in its sequel which was named Castaway. Are you allowed to talk about that at all?

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

Things go south, south of the border. That was so much fun to shoot. Callie and Brandon have really had conflicting storylines, so it was really fun to work with David again for a while, too. Speaking of drama… how worried is Callie about Sophia these days? You threw me with that. Do you see parallels between the relationship with A. There absolutely are parallels. She really does sympathize with that, and she identifies with it. It literally was her situation, in the pilot, when she was first introduced to the Fosters.

She is constantly around people that are so supportive, and so encouraging and loving, but, you know, having someone actually go through the same thing is a whole other level of connection and understanding that is kind of undeniable for both of them.

The Fosters Maia Mitchell and David Lambert Tease the Season 5 Premiere

Can you talk about how the relationship between Callie and her brother is now? The relationship between Callie and Jude right now is a little tricky. Jude is really trying to mend things with Donald, and trying to make that relationship work.

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship

In our last episode, you saw Callie really reject that, and then have to come to terms with it. Those relationships are really tricky.

maia mitchell and david lambert relationship