Marcus fenix and anya relationship

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marcus fenix and anya relationship

Post Gears of War 3 prompt- Marcus and Anya. off of, simply because Marcus and Anya's relationship is very under appreciated in my opinion. with all those people previously watching, that Marcus Fenix allowed his walls. I have a feeling this question as well as questions like did Dizzy die?, Where did the Locust Queen go?, and what role does Adam Fenix play in this game? will. Anya first met Marcus Fenix during this visit, and became attracted to him, and . to her that he knows of her relationship with Marcus and instead of charging her.

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Dom, the dying wish of Carlos Santiago that Marcus swore to protect until the Hell unleashed from the locust could finally win over from the COG, dead. Adam, Marcus' father that he was imprisoned for, dedicated his life to an unknown factor and misunderstood species that even now, the members of Delta squad can't swallow down, dead.

And it all happened so soon, she thought. Her heart panned at what she feared could be the future of Marcus. It just was unbelievable that even after all these years of fighting and pushing forward, that this was all he was left with. Anya's stomach curled just thinking about those false promises she fed to Marcus.

There was finally tomorrow. A tomorrow without locusts hordes, giant riftworms, night-stalking kryll and a looming threat of Queen Myrrah to hunt down the Collation of Governments. All of it was gone and tomorrow would be another day where nights wouldn't render sleepless and lancers and gnashers wouldn't have to lunge around covers in a fight or flight of shoot or be shot.

Who was she kidding though? Stranded that still hated the COG would be on their ass the minute they let their guard down. Nightmares than many gears, and no doubt Marcus would have, disrupting what could be restful sleep, and the whole business of repopulating Sera.

She broke the link between their eyes and let her head drop. She would never be a mother and Marcus, a father? These kinds of thoughts are the ones that are crushed. It isn't a dream, it's reality. The truth of the world that all the remaining souls lived on wouldn't be an easy one, and would looking forward to the next day really be enough?

Marcus Fenix

She didn't want to find out. She couldn't bare to witness those eyes brimming with emotion again, in fear that when she looked up, they'd be gone and she'd never see them again. Just like the jail cell bars slamming down on whatever ounce of humanity Anya fought for Marcus to keep alive. Marcus grabbed her chin and forced the bob of blonde hair to peel away and expose Anya's face again.

His thumb softly caressed the side of her face and the bottom of her lip. We're here and there's a tomorrow. Reminiscing in the feeling of him on her skin, no matter how little the affection was. Don't break down on me," His voice lowered and his eyes downcast.

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Marcus Fenix really did have angels looking over him. The sand managed to get in between her armor in uncomfortable places and she shook her leg to hopefully rid them off of her fatigues.

She was a part of Colonel Victor Hoffman 's convoy of commandeered civilian vehicles that was en route to the House of Sovereigns to rendezvous with Corporal Minh Young Kim. Nearing the House of Sovereigns, she was contacted by Kim, who advised her to divert the convoy because the House of Sovereigns was a red zone. Anya responded by saying that the whole city was a red zone. However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust.

One of the Gears acquired the Hammer of Dawn from the convoy's van, killing a Corpser.

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After defeating the Locust incursion, Hoffman chose Kim to be his and Anya's escort. Anya then insisted they get inside quickly, and Kim unlocked the door to the entrance of the House of Sovereigns, following Hoffman and Stroud inside.

Victor Hoffman ordered the recall of all units to the Jacinto Plateauwhich she found odd. She suspected something was going on, and became worried about Marcus and Dom's safety. He told Anya not to visit him, so she wrote to him twice a week for the four years he was in prison. In the letters, she admitted her love for Marcus. However, he never got more than a couple of the letters due to a guard burning the rest and his return letters. After a while, she started grieving for Marcus, believing him to be dead.

She tells Dom that despite the regulations, all she wants is Marcus and shows worry that he had never openly returned her feelings or even stayed a whole night to which Dom tells her that Marcus loved her and never stayed to protect her from terrible nightmares he has. At one point, Chairman Prescott reveals to her that he knows of her relationship with Marcus and instead of charging her for having a relationship with an enlisted soldier, he offers her support and personally delivers a letter from her to Marcus which causes him to look into why they're not getting each other's letters.

When the guard tells him the truth and calls Anya a "bitch," Marcus nearly beats him to death for insulting her and warns him not to do so again.

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When the Locust put the Slab under siegeAnya is the one who answers the senior warder's call and asks him to tell Marcus she loves him. The guard tells her Marcus asked him to tell her the same even though he really didn't, but Marcus, after learning of this when he laments not being able to tell her, thanks the guard for this.

marcus fenix and anya relationship

Lightmass Offensive Beginning of the Offensive "Even the best of us do terrible things sometimes. And we don't know why. Prescott wanted to rescue and conscript the prisoners to help assist in the Lightmass Offensiveand ordered Anya to contact the closest platoon and order them to rescue the prisoners and arm any they saw fit to.

marcus fenix and anya relationship

Anya quickly contacted Lt. Schachter and gave her the orders, and shot Prescott a look of thanks for his efforts to keep Marcus alive. Hoffman then began issuing orders in preparation for their counterattack against the Locust, telling Anya to contact Lt. Paynethe developer of the Lightmass Bomb, then sent Anya everything she needed to brief Kim. A few minutes later, Schachter contacted Anya, and she patched her through to Hoffman.

Anya listened to Hoffman and Schachter talk about the situation at The Slab, and was horrified to learn that Marcus was not with the other inmates or warders when they had been rescued. Schachter wanted to return to the prison upon learning of Marcus' presence there, but Hoffman ordered her to fall back since her platoon would not be able to fight through an entire Locust battalion that was closing in on the prison. Anya did her best to keep calm as Hoffman asked her if the RV with Kim was set up, and asked if her tech data was ready.

She refused to look at him as she informed him that it would take five more minutes for the data to print off.

She followed him silently to the hanger bay once she gathered the necessary materials, and spotted Dom heading for Hoffman when they arrived. Hoffman ordered her to board KRand she looked back to see Dom talking with Hoffman as she boarded the King Raven.

She spent the next few minutes agonizing over what would happen to Marcus, but when Hoffman boarded the Raven, he casually remarked that Dom was a disobedient asshole. Anya was surprised and asked what he meant, and Hoffman informed her that Dom had just taken Jacka spare set of armorand an extra Lancer with him on a mission to The Slab, and that he would need to be given latrine duty for a week when the war was finished.

He then patted Anya on her arm and remarked that he was not proud of himself for some of the things he had done, and she told him that the best of them did terrible things and did not know why. Hoffman agreed, causing Anya to tell him that she meant Marcus, not him, but Hoffman told her that he meant himself. Anya was surprised and excited to see Marcus again, with Dom having been successful in rescuing him from The Slab. They looked at each for the first time in four years, but their reunion was cut short when Locust forces attacked the Gears.

To Marcus, this reunion meant a lot as her reaction told him she'd waited for him rather than move on like he'd insisted. After the first wave was defeated, Anya suggested to Hoffman that they leave before more Locust arrive.