Mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley by Alison Weir

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

On the night of 10 February an explosion devastated the Edinburgh residence of Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. A scene from the film on Mary, Queen of Scots starring Vanessa her half- cousin Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley in a Catholic ceremony. (Yes, he was a cross dresser but he was anything but gay since the Henri III had an incestuous relationship with his aunt Scottish Queen mother Mary of Guise. Only in her English captivity did her French connection regain diplomatic Lord James Stewart, Mary's illegitimate half-brother and one of the protestant leaders, . candidate for Mary's hand, however: her cousin Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley The Gay Galliard, ) in which Mary responded passionately to Bothwell's .

Yet, he never actually went to England or met Queen Elizabeth I. Yes, he was a cross dresser but he was anything but gay since the number of female mistresses he had was unaccountable. Thus, he was more of a cross dressing skirt chaser extraordinaire. They never had a sexual relationship. Also, they never met or were blood related.

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

Oh, and Mary of Guise was a member of an extremely Catholic family in France who were rivals to the Valois royals. This is based on a true story, but she claimed the man was a different guy named Monsieur de Teian.

Marguerite of Valois was a beautiful ivory skin brunette as well as poisonous. However, she probably got by on her fashion sense and personality since she had a string of lovers. Also, she was used more as an unwilling pawn than anything. Charles IX died of arsenic poisoning and was mistakenly assassinated by his family. He died of tuberculosis, not poison.

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

It was her father who was charged with treason which was in when Prince Henri was 4 years old. Queen mother Mary of Guise rode in front of her troops on the battlefield with both legs over the horse.

Oh, and she sent a fleet against the English and rebelling Scottish Protestant landlords with a fleet. Queen mother Mary of Guise was killed by Francis Walsingham. She died in June of dropsy realizing she had it the previous April. Mary, Queen of Scots: Mary, Queen of Scots made decisions based on her emotions.

Mary, Queen of Scots was petite. She was said to be 6 feet tall. Mary, Queen of Scots approved the murder of her husband Lord Darnley.

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

I mean the guy killed one of her friends in front of her while she was pregnant. He was also said to have died under mysterious circumstances. Also, the authenticity of the Casket Letters has been hotly debated.

David Riccio -

Mary, Queen of Scots was abused by her jailer. Her jailer, Amyas Paulet treated her rather well. Mary, Queen of Scots had a Scottish accent. She had been living in France since she was a child and was once married to the French king. It appeared in Scotland in the 19th century. Mary, Queen of Scots was executed for no reason. Mary, Queen of Scots was blonde.

Did Mary, Queen of Scots’ Husband Have a Gay Affair?

She was a redhead. Mary, Queen of Scots was executed by a single swift axe stroke. It took two ax strokes to lop her head off with the executioner using the axe as a saw.

Some said it took three. He was born in Edinburgh castle. Mary, Queen of Scots was pretty right up to her execution. He realised that his own rehabilitation depended on breaking this stranglehold of Catholic ministers round the Queen.

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

All may be reduced to the former estate if the right way be taken. I see no certain way unless we chop at the very root — you know where that lieth, and so far as my judgement can reach, the sooner all things be packed up the less danger there is of any inconveniences.

Given his close association with Mary Fleming, one of the Maries, it is unlikely that he sought at this stage to topple Mary or even to seek her assassination. After the plot had been put together, Randolph wrote to Cecil; I know that there are practices in hand contrived between father and son to come by the Crown against her will. I know that if that take effect which is intended, David, with the consent of the King shall have his throat cut within these ten days.

Many things grievouser and worse than these are brought to my ears, yea, of things intended against her own person. He implied that it was Riccio, who was stopping Mary from offering him than coveted status.

After shouting to gain entry he found Riccio in a nightshirt quailing in a cupboard. This seems highly unlikely, as Riccio would hardly have survived such an encounter, and the King never reported it, even when he needed to justify the murder. Although a sexual liaison seems unlikely, there is no doubt that the King became inordinately jealous of their close association.

Despite their initial friendship, he now believed that Riccio was usurping the position of political influence that should have been his own. As soon as the King had been hooked into the plan, he looked to his Douglas kinsmen to manage matters, and the Earl of Morton and Lord Ruthven made the arrangements.

Both Randolph and Bedford were well aware of the arrangements. Randolph provided Cecil with full details of the plan and advised that Moray intended to arrive in Edinburgh on the day following the murder. Most people seemed to know what was going on. This was not simply a plan to murder Riccio, its objective was to discredit the King and restore Moray and Maitland to authority.

It might even result in the wayward King and Queen being placed under house arrest. He wanted the Crown for himself and wanted revenge. The disaffected nobles were only too willing to encourage the murder.

His youth and inexperience would render him as wax in the hands of the ruthless, power-hungry men who were closing in on him, and as such he would prove their most dangerous weapon. He believed that the Crown Matrimonial would make him the dominant force in his partnership with Mary.

Even without it, the Lennoxes were positioned to claim the Crown for themselves, should Mary die without an heir. Those encouraging him willingly pampered to these ambitions. Yet they would never allow him to govern except as their puppet. Although Maitland had originally orchestrated the plan, he was careful to avoid being in the vicinity when the crime was committed.

This of itself can be seen as suspicious and implies that he was attempting to keep them out of the way. The other conspirators, particularly the King, all named him afterwards for his intimate part in it, resulting in the attainder of his estates. Lady Antonia Fraser has pointed out that, if their objective were only to murder Riccio, it would have been relatively easier to achieve this away from Edinburgh and there were ample opportunities to do so.

Yet it seems that the King was not averse to the consequential death of the Queen and her unborn child. By committing the crime in her presence, there was a realistic expectation of the shock causing her to miscarry, and a miscarriage in mid-pregnancy invariably led to the death of the mother.

Even Randolph understood this objective. The King arranged for the murder to take place at a private supper party held by the Queen at Holyrood. Although the other conspirators would never permit it, he believed that he would be promoted to the throne, if Mary died.

mary queen of scots and henry stewart lord darnley homosexual relationship

They played along with his treasonable plan, as it would provide legitimate grounds for his future deposition. If Mary survived the plot, the conspirators had decided to imprison her at Stirling until her child was born. By implicating DarnleyMoray had every hope of being swept to power. The conspirators did not trust the King and insisted on him signing a bond.

Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley

He assumed full responsibility for this, despite the apparent concerns of Morton and Ruthven. It was also signed by all those taking an active part including Morton and Ruthven. The bond confirmed that the King would be offered the Crown Matrimonial, in return for him pardoning and protecting them and permitting the return of the exiles. He gave assurance that Protestantism would be maintained, despite his public shows of Catholicism. He was completely two-faced.

On the morning of 9 March, the King played tennis with Riccio, presumably to allay any suspicions, and in the evening Mary held a small family dinner at Holyrood in a small room next to her bedroom.

Henry and Mary Stuart - King and Queen of Scots