Mauritius and india relationship


mauritius and india relationship

Our sincere felicitations to Shri Pravind Jugnauth,the Hon'ble Prime Minister of Mauritius on his assumption of the august office of the Prime Minister of Mauritius . History of Bilateral Relations | Influence of the Indian National Movement Diplomatic relations between India and Mauritius were established in Relations between Mauritius and India will further strengthen, with India offering a grant equivalent to Rs billion to support five vital projects on the island.

mauritius and india relationship

Out of this more than 30 percent are from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, speaking Bhojpuri as their mother tongue. Bihari Mauritians are the descendants of Bihari migrants to Mauritius.

mauritius and india relationship

In those early days of Migration, the labourers referred Mauritius as 'Marich'. The Island of Mauritius experienced successive waves of colonisers including the Portuguese, Dutch, French and finally, the British. Its current population is primarily constituted of European settlers as well as African, Indian and Chinese immigrants.

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The French were the first permanent settlers on the Island following French colonisation in Under French rule, the Island thrived and sugarcane cultivation prospered. Slaves were brought from different parts of mainland Africa, including Mozambique and Madagascar.

Later on, the British took over the Island in and following the abolition of slavery inIndian indentured labourers were brought from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India to work in the sugar cane plantations in place of the former slaves.

The Indians brought a radical and permanent change in the ethnic composition of the population of the Island, making up its two-thirds population by The Indo-Mauritians are divided along religious lines between Hindus and Muslims, and Hindus are further divided along class, linguistic and caste lines.

Within a few decades of their arrival, the Indian labourers became, and still remain the largest population group on the Island. Chinese immigrants arrived since the early 's and most of them got involved with trade and the retail sector.

mauritius and india relationship

The different groups of migrants contributed to the diversity of the current population such that Mauritius has become one of the most ethnically heterogeneous nations.

India is one among the most favourite destinations of Mauritian students for higher education. It is also encouraging to note that several Indian educational institutions have also started functioning in Mauritius. We recall how Mauritius had made great strides in economic development by a set of sound policies since the times of Sir Anerood Jugnauth. Today, we are confident that the Hon.

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Prime Minister will carry forward that vision and the Mauritian economy will receive further growth and all round development under his able and dynamic leadership. We all appreciate President Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the first woman elected President of Mauritius, for her work in the areas of biodiversity, traditional medicine and development of small and medium enterprises.

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In Indore and Maheshwar, I have also made an effort to connect traditional medicines with learning of Sanskrit text. Today the concept of Blue Economy as part of the framework of Indian Ocean Rim Association IORA is emerging as a new narrative on productive and sustainable engagement with the vast development opportunities that oceanic resources offer.

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Blue Economy has great potential for sustainable development, particularly from the point of view of the Sustainable Development Goals. Another point that needs to be highlighted is that of Asia-Africa Growth Corridor that our Prime Minister alluded to while inaugurating the recent Annual meeting of the African Development Bank in Ahmedabad.

Indian exports to Mauritius between to were around 0. There are currently eight big Indian public sector enterprises in Mauritius and more than 44 Indian private sector joint ventures registered in Mauritius. India corresponds to India is also Mauritius largest imports partner accounting for India is developing the facilities in Mauritius and these would become critical anchor points for the India in extending its outreach and engagement architecture in the IOR in the future.

The pacts main focus was the island of Agalega, some 1, km north of Mauritius and where India plans to develop the transport infrastructure projects such as construction of a jetty for berthing of ships, rehabilitation and repaving of the runway over a length of feet, installation of a power generation facility, setting up of a water desalination plant and construction of a National Coast Guard Post.

India is currently assisting Mauritius in constructing a dedicated dockyard to cater for the large number of vessels being inducted into the Mauritius Coast Guard.