Melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

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melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

The Relationships Of Stannis Baratheon Pt 1 When Melisandre tells Stannis not to worry about all of the lords of the Stormlands declaring for. The incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister has defined much more of the .. 2 Hurt: Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon. Pick the line that follows the given quote. Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by Nietos.

Some people believe that Robert and Selyses cousin having sex in Stannis marriage bed before he consummated his marriage with Selyse put a curse on Stannis and Selyse.

Whatever you believe it was clear that this was a dick move on the part of Robert. Afterwards Selyses cousin gave birth to Eldric Storm a bastard of Roberts now because he was born from two noble parents and maybe because everyone knew Robert was the father this is the only bastard of Roberts that he officially recongized as his own.

The boy is named Eldric Storm and Robert intended for Stannis to raise him. This is something Stannis considers a grave insult not only to have ruined his wedding but to force your child on him to raise. Eldric Storm is pretty much a younger version of Robert he is good looking charismatic and proud. He is very proud to be Roberts Son and often reminds people who his father is and of Roberts skills as a warrior.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

Melisandre calls for Eldric to be burnt for his kingsblood and he ultimately has to be saved by Davos. In the tv show his role is given to Gendry another one of Roberts bastards.

We see that Eldric has the famous charisma that his father Robert had. He has that gift. He got it from his father, with the blood.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

Robert also gave Stannis the orders to kill the young Prince Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen when he arrived at Dragonstone so Roberts claim to the throne would be secure. However William Darry and other Targaryen loyalists were able to smuggle off out the children before Stannis arrived. Robert was furious about this and blamed Stannis for the children escaping. Stannis took this as a slight against him and believes Robert did this as punishment for Viserys and Daenerys escaping.

Stannis is not the type who forgets a slight against him and 16 years later he is still mad about Robert naming him Lord of Dragonstone.

Now Robert on the other hand claims he named Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone because Stannis at the time was Roberts heir. This was before Robert had any children may have been before he was even married to Cersei im not sure but Stannis was heir to the throne should something happen to Robert for thousands of years the heir to the Iron Throne was given Dragonstone to rule.

This is the view that Maester Cressen takes when he tells Stannis. Yet he had sound reasons Dragonstone had long been the seat of House Targaryen and he needed a mans strength to rule" - Maester Cressen Whether it was meant as a punishment for failing to kill the Targaryen children or Robert needed someone strong to rule Dragonstone is debatable.

However Stannis always saw it as a slight. After the war Stannis is named to Roberts small council and he served there for 15 years. When war broke out during the Greyjoy Rebellion Stannis commanded the royal fleet and defeated the Iron Fleet of the Greyjoys. He was constantly having private conversations with others within the Small Council and he was often seen close to King Robert's side.

Yet, Robert's untimely death caused his younger brother to flee King's Landing and align with another House in order to seize control of The Iron Throne for himself.

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He was actually able to garner a huge amount of support, regardless of the fact that he was behind Stannis in age. What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother? Question 20 King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. What's the name of the one that survived? Pip Davos Gendry The question of succession is a huge factor in the world of Game of Thrones since it affects the status of an heir.

From being the sole owner of a castle stronghold to sitting on The Iron Throne, there's a reason why so much attention is put on the family lineage. People that have children outside of wedlock can have their bastards legitimized by a royal decree but otherwise, they are somewhat of outcasts in society. King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. Question 21 What was the name of his bride?

Ned Stark seemed to be heeding his advice until he realized that Renly meant to sit on The Iron Throne, himself. He aligned with one of the most powerful Houses in Westeros, who supported his claim to the throne. What was the name of his bride? Question 22 What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Loras Tyrell Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly During the early part of the series, there were a number of rumors being openly suggested about Renly Baratheon.

Even while he was at King's Landing, it seemed like everyone knew about his homosexual tendencies. Renly had a lover that seemed to encourage his claim to the Iron Throne and eventually helped him in achieving alliances. Renly Baratheon married into House Tyrell through Margaery but he still continued to have a romance with a male character in the series.

What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Dragonsbane Dragonstone Stormlands During Robert's Rebellion, there were a number of different individuals that had their own part to play in ensuring a victory. While there is often a huge amount of focus on the Lannisters in the way their army was let into King's Landing and then sacked the city. Robert's older brother played a huge part as well. There was a stronghold he needed to hold in order for Robert to triumph. This was a difficult task and much of the individuals nearly starved to death.

What is the name of this affliction?

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

To be killed by a White Walker causes the corpse to rise again as part of the army of the dead, which means that they are lost forever. Yet, there is another affliction in the series that may still have a cure. The interesting part is that the daughter of Stannis Baratheon also had the affliction but was somehow able to stave it off.

He names Shireen as his heir in case he dies. In the Theon Winds chapter Stannis says if he dies the soldiers should continue the war in order to put Shireen on the throne. Your Grace, if you are dead? Justin Massey asked " You will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

On the show of course Stannis encounters a snowstorm and burns Shireen however i cant see this happening in the books at all as Stannis is so far away from Shireen it just doesnt fit. It is more likely shireen gets burned at the wall unfortunately. Stannis and Davos Stannis and Davos relationship began after Davos smuggled in Onions and fish to help Stannis and his soldiers. Stannis offered Davos a knighthood and gave him land nut said due to Davos past as a smuggler he had to have the four fingers of his hand cut off.

Davos agreed on the condition that Stannis would cut the fingers himself which he did. Afterwards Davos becomes Stannis most loyal supporter and probally the closest thing he has to a friend.

Davos is the only person Stannis confides in. Stannis often listens to Davos advice and is one of the few people Who can influence stannis to make a decision. Stannis believes Davos is honest and trusts his advice.

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Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights Stannis sends Davos to try and gain people for his cause. Everything Davos does he does for Stannis even when he is disobeying Stannis orders. He of course advises against killing Eldric Storm for his kingsblood and eventually helps him escape.

He also advises against various other plans that would be foolish for Stannis to pursue like attacking Claw Isle to punish Lord Celtigar for bending the knee to Joffrey after the battle of the Blackwater. Davos is currently heading to or already arrived at Skagos to get Rickon Stark and bring him back to the North so that Stannis can declare him Lord Of Winterfell and get the North to back him.

Stannis and Religion Now while the show portrays Stannis as a Zealot of sorts the truth is hes a skeptic.