Moesha and relationship poems

5 times Moesha Bodoung has courted controversy ▷

moesha and relationship poems

Ghanaian actress, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong, is still holding her top spot when it comes to going braless and nobody has been able to push. Moesha and Dee both don't approve of Hakeem's relationship with Jennifer but .. Hakeem surprises Moesha with a emotional poem and a "promise ring" (in. Moesha from the story Take me Back (90s- early 00s) by ESCROUTTEE There was drama, love and relationships, poetry, empowerment and comedy. +.

This statement angered Ghanaians who tore into her on social media. Moesha Boduong ignores critics; Releases new 'killer' photo 2. Her verse in a poetry song about orgy: For her part in the song titled Me, My Selfie and Eyes which also featured Mzbel, Moesha reacted to those who criticise her for craving for attention with a controversial statement. A section of Ghanaians did not take kindly to her, literally, comparing herself to God. I prefer old men because young ones are womanisers comment: In OctoberMoesha came under fire over comments that she preferred to date older men.

Her statement landed her in some trouble on social media as many, especially the guys, blasted her for what they described as her choice for material things from the older men. I'll win Oscars for Ghana statement: Moesha got many people mocking her on social media after claiming that she will win Ghana's first Oscars award.

According to those who mocked her, as an actress, she had not acted in any major role in any 'serious' movie to even win a Ghana Movie Awards accolade. So her ambition was just not realistic for them. Some even went as far as questioning her 'supposed' acting talent.

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The Robbing Hood Dorian spends a weekend with Moesha, and all the residents in her dorm are robbed except for her who draws a conclusion that puts them at odds. Meanwhile, Myles doesn't appreciate his friends comments about how "good" Dee looks. Arriving Right on Q Moesha and Hakeem hit the first bump in their romance when Hakeem spends more time away from Moesha. But a surprise visit from old boyfriend Q makes Hakeem realize that he could lose her.

D-Money Loses His Patience Moesha is faced with the dilemma of going on tour with Q or staying at home with her family and boyfriend Hakeem. But Moesha and Hakeem have an argument over the fact that Hakeem only wants Mo to stay home so that she won't have to go on tour with Q. Hurt over the fact that her boyfriend Gabe broke up with her, Niecy finds comfort from Hakeem.

But they get caught up in the moment and share a kiss, just as Moesha enters the room. Stunned and hurt, Moesha takes Q up on his offer and leaves with him for New York. Meanwhile, Dorian's involvement with Patience gets him in over his head, forcing Frank to make a tough decision by enrolling him into a boot camp. But when Q's tour interferes with Moesha's future, she decides she'd rather go back to the way things were and return home.

Afraid of the fact that he might lose Moesha again, Q proposes to her. Back in California, Dorian returns home from boot camp and has proven to the family and himself that he has changed his old habits.

moesha and relationship poems

But when Frank immediately approaches Dorian with a contract from boot camp explaining if Dorian doesn't abide by the rules of Frank, he can be permanently removed from the house. Upset that Frank would approach him with the contract so soon, Dorian signs the contract and backs out on Frank's plans to go fishing.

Instead Dorian makes plans of his own to meet with "Nice" to give a "beat-down" to a boy who stole "Nice"'s bike. Also, Hakeem and Niecy are left wondering how Moesha will treat them when she returns home. Bad Company Moesha returns from New York with a secret that she wants to keep from her parents.

Hakeem and Niecy attempt to make amends with her. After learning that Moesha and Q are now back together, Hakeem surprises Moesha with a emotional poem and a "promise ring" in which he hopes that she'll forgive him again.

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Meanwhile, Dorian is still trying to earn Frank's trust when he dates one of Frank's mentors named Cleo who isn't the angel that she appears to be.

Also, Dee prepares to leave for Jamaica for her education-consulting job. After Moesha receives a gift from Japan sent by Q, Hakeem tries to win her back with gifts as well. Meanwhile, Myles thinks he got a girl pregnant by dancing with her. Living in Paradise Moesha can't stand the nasty and rude habits of her suite mates Niecy, Alicia and Brenda.

So she tries to organize a meeting to establish "the rules," but a nearby appearance by the singing group Boyz II Men hurts attendance. Meanwhile, Dee returns home from Jamaica but has to break the news to the family that she's decided to stay in Jamaica full-time to work on her education-consulting job.

moesha and relationship poems

After going out on a date with Jamal, Moesha later stays the night with Jamal; leading to major suspicion between the two. Also, Moesha receives gifts from Q and a video-message from Khalib stating that he misses her and wants to keep in touch with her. Meanwhile, Dorian turns Frank's kitchen into a barbershop.

But Alicia lets Myles believe that she likes him and uses Myles to run errands for her. Meanwhile, Frank and Dorian, on their way to Las Vegas, try to resolve their conflicting issues toward each other.

The Nutty Moesha In this hilarious Halloween episode, while trying to juggle studying, taking care of her family while Dee's away and planning for her Halloween party, Moesha, along with Niecy, starts using energy-raising vitamins to help her with mid-terms, but the vitamins cause some peculiar side effects.

Meanwhile, Dorian becomes a dog trainer for a neighbor's dog named Frisky. But when he can't seem to keep the dog from barking and growling, things get ugly. The Candidate Definitely Not the Cosbys Moesha is looking forward to Q's visit for Thanksgiving, until Niecy reminds her that she needs to tell her dad about her engagement.

moesha and relationship poems

The next day, Moesha spots Hakeem at The Pendulum and tries to apologize for keeping her engagement a secret but he isn't ready to forgive her yet. Frank arrives for his lunch date with Moesha. She breaks the news that she and Q are engaged.

Upset and furious, Frank storms out.

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At home, Dorian and his new girlfriend, Kristen, give Myles a pizza and sneak off to Frank's bedroom. Myles carelessly puts the boxed pizza in the oven to warm up. Frank later arrives home to find smoke pouring out of the oven.

As the smoke alarm goes off, Kristen comes running into the kitchen wearing Frank's robe. Frank scolds Dorian for inviting a girl over to the house unannounced. Dee calls Frank from Jamaica when things calm down and as they talk, it's clear that he feels he's losing control. They wish each other happy anniversary and declare that their family is nothing compared to the Huxtables from The Cosby Show.

As Frank sits on the couch, he indulges into a fantasy about the Huxtables with the members of the family as the "cast. Cliff Frank enters and Vanessa blurts out the secret. Cliff gives Denise a "Cosby" style talk about the cost of rent, tuition. He makes himself a vistory hoagie but is interrupted by Clair Dee before he can take a bite. She encourages him to talk to Theo Dorian about bringing girls into his room.

Theo receives a wonderful "Cosby" talking to, as well. Later, Cliff and Clair are on their way out to an anniversary dinner when the kids dance and lip-synch to a raucous blues song. Frank slowly returns to reality. Moesha arrives and says she's ready to have a serious conversation but first, she and the kids have a surprise. She opens the door and Dee enters. Meanwhile, Frank leaves Dorian and Myles home alone for the first time.

moesha and relationship poems

After an argument between Dorian and Frank, Dorian secretly tries to search for his birth mother. He asks for Moesha's help. After she reluctantly decides over night, Moesha agrees to help Dorian. By helping him, she retrieves Dorian's birth certificate stating his mother's maiden name: Mom Moesha continues to help Dorian search for his birth mother.

Hakeem thinks that Moesha shouldn't go digging up the past or she'll be faced with the possibility of a painful past. She assures Hakeem that she realizes the consequences but wants to continue the search for Dorian's sake. They notify a couple of women by the name of Barbara Lee. After tracking her down and learning that her actual name is Barbara Kennedy, Dorian becomes face-to-face with the woman who abandoned him. He learns that his mother also has a daughter, Reecy, and a son named Ray-Ray.

When they all sit down and have a conversation, Barbara reveals some shocking news involving Moesha's mother, which Moesha can't accept. Angry and upset, Moesha leaves the apartment. Meanwhile, Frank is challenged to a race against Myles's friend's uncle. After winning the race, Frank's celebration is ruined when he learns that Moesha has been searching for Dorian's mother.

That's My Mama Frank comes to visit Moesha at the dorm and confronts her about her attempts of helping Dorian find his mother. She explains to him that they both have to seriously talk. Later, Frank asks Dorian why he hadn't come to him first before seeing Barbara.

Dorian tells him that he didn't want Frank to stop him and that he has his mother to count on now. Dorian visits his mother. When Barbara's sassy sister-in-law, Maya Wilkes, demands that she will not baby-sit for Reecy and Ray-Ray the same night that Barbara is expected to go out for the evening with her husband, Dorian volunteers to baby-sit, but discovers that they are more than a handful. Dorian tells Barbara that he should take his new relationship with her slowly after a few disagreements.

Meanwhile, Moesha and Frank discuss the true facts about Frank's affair with Barbara and his rough marriage with Marguerite What if? Dorian is the perfect son and Moesha is a vagabond when Mo ponders what would have happened if Frank stayed with Barbara.

Scary Marriage A class that calls on Moesha, Hakeem and company to examine gender roles in marriage leads to a disturbing experience for Moesha. Niecy isn't too thrilled about being partnered with Hakeem.

Meanwhile, Dorian comes up with an inventive way to record a demo for his band. Meanwhile, Dorian courts a minister's daughter. Mayhem at the Jam Moesha organizes a campus concert with Hakeem, Niecy, Jerome and Alicia, but when the main act, "Mayhem", is late, Dorian's group "What" takes the stage to appease the crowd. But when "Mayhem" finds out that they've been bumped back, the result turns to a fight leaving Hakeem in the hospital. Later, Moesha realizes that she is still in love with Hakeem.

Creepin' Moesha develops writer's block while trying to finish her paper. So she turns to Hakeem for help in hopes of curing her writer's block. But they develop yet another mutual attraction to each other. Niecy has an unexpected fling with Jerome. Moesha promises Niecy that she will not tell anyone if she can keep her and Hakeem's new-found relationship a secret. Hakeem soon becomes confused about their relationship. Later, Hakeem and Moesha discuss reconsidering their relationship.

Moesha reveals that she still has feelings for Hakeem, but she isn't ready for a serious relationship again probably because she was hurt by him kissing Niecy or breaking off her engagement to Q. Hakeem thinks that if they both feel the same way about each other; why hide their feelings.

Hakeem expresses that he loves Moesha in front of everyone at The Pendulum. She returns her expression with a kiss. Meanwhile, Frank is not thrilled to learn that Dorian is cutting school to go to the beach with his new girlfriend Lenae who is older than him. Graduation Day Paying the Piper Niecy wants to share an apartment with Moesha over the summer because she can't afford the rent.

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Then Hakeem wants Moesha to move in with him since Jerome is going away to clown college. Moesha can't decide what to do about Hakeem's proposal and asks her roommates for advice, which they give freely.

As everyone prepares to leave their suite, they admit they'll miss each other. Jerome becomes too emotional and retreats to the bathroom. Soon after, he returns with a positive pregnancy test in his hand. Elsewhere, Dorian gives Myles a tour around the recording studio when his former acquaintance, Lamont, arrives with his girlfriend, Diamond. Since Lamont helped Dorian out the night he spent in jail, he wants a half interest in Dorian's band, "What!.

Later, Lamont and his sidekick, Big Norm, visit Dorian and reiterate their demands for half of "What!. Meanwhile, Hakeem still wants Moesha to move in with him, but she's not sure because her father is expecting her to return home for the summer. Hakeem assures her that he'll explain the situation to Frank.

That night, Frank and Dee are frantic with worry when Myles fails to return home.