Museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

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museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is a driven man who is running for a fifth term in power but is accused of backsliding on democracy. Mbabazi was loyal, while Museveni was not – Mao. By Admin. As if corruption is one of the goals of the NRM. I personally was disturbed We. During a visit to Nairobi in June by Museveni and his security detail I could not trust myself to wash his car to his expectation,” adds Gen Kutesa, forms the basis of a largely frosty relationship between some senior army Later, when Museveni fired Mbabazi from government, the second deputy.

He added that both Mbabazi and Gen Nyakairima were still serving a Museveni-led government while Gen Sejusa "is out of the country voluntarily. When the contents of Sejusa's letter became public, the army MP was in London on what he called official duty.

museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

However, as the UPDF began to send signals that it would arrest Sejusa, 59, on his return, he eventually asked for political asylum. The army withdrew guns from Sejusa, sent soldiers to search his home and offices, and arrested soldiers who were said to be loyal to the now-renegade member of the UPDF High Command. Eventually, Sejusa lost his parliamentary seat, something he once told The Observer was the handiwork of President Museveni.

Why NRA men hate Mbabazi

Ndebesa reasoned that Sejusa could have been privy to some information on the behind-the-scenes plans, forcing the spymaster to blow the whistle. Analysts say the timing of the criticism was rather curious given that Museveni had trusted his comrade to serve at the helm of the army for about 11 years.

Several young officers were promoted and appointed to understudy the new CDF, in a reshuffle that effectively marked a generational change in the army under Museveni. Nyakairima was appointed minister for Internal Affairs.

Museveni shakes hands with Mbabazi and Besigye during Papal mass

But Museveni declined to retire him from the army as had been standard practice in the past, with former army commanders such as Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Gen Jeje Odongo. Instead, the president got Parliament to approve the former CDF to a cabinet post while still a serving officer.

Earlier reports indicated that Nyakairima had asked to retire from the army and, possibly, run for MP for Rubabo constituency in Rukungiri district. However, Museveni is said to have ignored the request. Ndebesa says that by making such a decision, Museveni had got the final laugh - kicking one opponent of the "Muhoozi project" from control of the army while keeping him shackled by military law. Should Aronda flirt with 'hostile' political ambitions such as those of Mbabazi, for instancehe could be dragged to the UPDF court martial.

With the two senior army officers having been neutralised, analysts have said the final piece in this particular jigsaw could have been to clip Mbabazi's wings, who held two senior positions in government and the party.

Even before Sejusa opened the can of worms that claimed his political and military career, and derailed Nyakairima's, Museveni had tried to get Mbabazi to resign as NRM secretary general. However, Mbabazi refused to budge, saying there was no reason.

After all, Museveni is both president of the republic and chairman of the party. The relationship between Museveni and Mbabazi has since grown increasingly strained, especially after intelligence reports suggested that the prime minister's supporters were working behind-the-scenes to prepare ground for him to ambush the president. Ndebesa argues that because Museveni does not allow any space for challenging his power, he has disagreed with Mbabazi and all the NRM secretary general's predecessors in the Movement system such as Amanya Mushega, Dr Besigye, and James Wapakhabulo - all of whom served as National Political Commissars.

Timing: what Mbabazi has said about Museveni

He has ensured that they become vulnerable or he has removed them in a very bad way," Ndebesa said of Museveni. Nevertheless, although he signed as numberMbabazi went on to describe President Museveni as one of the best leaders in Africa: Mbabazi denied being involved in the said activities although he admitted that his wife was mobilising for him to retain his SG seat. She embarked on that process because she felt that I was unfairly treated at Kyankwanzi. She, on her own, decided to mobilize against the resolutions Let anyone who knows any person that I have ever met… or even among you [MPs]; if I have ever approached you and asked you to support me, come forward.

Predictably, he spent much of the time answering questions about his differences with President Museveni and the Kyankwanzi resolution that endorsed a sole candidacy for the president.

He talked about a meeting he had held with Museveni: My wife explained what has been going on and all these things about me standing for the president.

museveni and mbabazi relationship trust

Museveni said he had not heard anything [concrete] but rumours. Others have been standing. I will remain in the movement. People should not be worried. In the movement, everyone who wants to stand is at liberty. The caucus wrote to me on the sole candidate idea, I forwarded it to CEC. CEC said it took note of the idea of the parliamentary caucus. The president did not say he accepted what he was asked. Recently when I was in a meeting [in Kyankwanzi], I saw young people showing me how to behave towards Museveni.

I sat and listened but wondered.

Uganda: Coincidence of Mbabazi, Aronda Fates and Sejusa Letter -

I have worked with Museveni for over 40 years; there is no problem [between us]. But in those years we have not had the same ideas; imagine two people with the same ideas all the time, there must be a problem.

Our way of working is unique. We agree to disagree. We discuss and agree. My relationship or workings are not known to people. He [Museveni] did not write about this in his book but I will write my own book explaining where we have come from with President Yoweri Museveni.

In the SG election inI got a landslide victory. Ugandans put trust in me because the five people who stood against me did not get even half of my votes. We agreed on how to handle this. We agreed that we get someone in charge of mobilisation [Richard Todwong] to help me. But that Todwong replaced me is a lie. To the contrary, I am the one who suggested his name to President Museveni and we agreed.

In the interview, Mbabazi discussed the politics of succession in Uganda, among other issues. When asked about his relationship with President Museveni and the first family, Mbabazi said: Asked if he would offer himself for president inhe said: That is not how we have behaved in the past…at a leadership level.

I have said that if President Museveni is a candidate inthen of course I will not stand against him. As a disciplined cadre, naturally I will not stand against him.

One — the resolution is requesting President Museveni to offer himself and this line that President Museveni has become a candidate by that resolution is obviously off the mark. Because the president has not responded….