Naruto and sarada relationship quiz

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naruto and sarada relationship quiz

Naruto is one of the most well known, and best written anime/manga series of all time. . Sarada Konohamaru Sai. Eventually towards the end of Naruto: The film centered around his relationship with his father, who was far. Naruto is one of the best-known animes out there, becoming the face She has a significantly close relationship with her family. . He is also the older brother of Himawari, and close friends with Sarada. . Related Quizzes. Despite this, Sarada feels sympathy for Boruto's estranged relationship with his .. pit as well and Sarada deduces the quiz was a sham all along because there .

The problem with this couple isn't their existence, but the fact that they are sweet, kind, and adorable, but are generally uninvolved in the story. They live together and raise animals, but they weren't given a child like many other couples, and are consequently left out. It hurts the show to leave such a sweet couple out of the core cast.

Asuma and Kurenai Asuma and Kurenei were a beloved couple from Naruto, two ninja leaders who fell in love. The couple is very important to Boruto, though, because they gave birth to a fan-favorite character: By the next generation's beginning, Mirai has become an accomplished ninja, a mentor to Shikadai Naru, and a formidable guardian of Hokages. Mirai is serious, dedicated, and loyal.

Other ninjas often want her to loosen up, but her rigid devotion is part of her charm. Mirai simply wants to be the best ninja she can be and make Shikamaru, her psuedo-brother, and her late father proud. She's a stoic soldier with a heart of gold. Her parent's relationship gave fans the gift of her wonderful presence.

Sumire and Magire Sumire is a fascinating and complex character. Magire, instead of being complex, is just creepy. In Boruto, he shows his affections for Sumire by stalking her.


Later, he leaves her creepy notes and attacks her friends. Granted, the second half was under possession, but he still starts off quite uncomfortable. The Naruto series have never been that great at showing unrequited love, as Sakura, Naruto, and many other admirers were intense, overbearing, and uncomfortable.

However, Magire's feelings for Sumire take the cake. While generally well-meaning, he still decides to follow her around and make others uncomfortable. This botched one-sided relationship only serves to make Magire a terrible trope of a "nice guy," and does nothing to develop Sumire at all.

Overall, it only serves to hurt the show. Orochimaru and Science Orochimaru is not the one for romantic relationships.

However, his adoration and devotion to science and his experiments is as close to true love as he'll ever get. As a mad scientist ninja, it's actually quite fitting. While Orochimaru's work has hurt others in the past, it has created one of the best parts of Boruto: Mitsuki is Orochimaru's synthetic son. He's delightful, well-meaning, strong, and an all around great character.

Seeing Naruto and Sasuke on a level of their own is crazy enough.

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When you throw in the Kara a. There have been Easter eggs, clues and downright mysteries surrounding many portions of the show to keep fans guessing. When manga artists have a certain amount of panels to use, they make sure only the most important things go in them.

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One fan has theorized that the continued use of the statues is helping fans to understand the chain of command inside the Ostutsuki and predict who is going to be the ultimate big baddie. Each of the interactions between members is telling, because each of them understands the need for order and control.

However, like any evil organization, not every member is happy with their station and is willing to go to great lengths to see their ambition fulfilled.

Sounds like we have the worst of the worst here, as from a storytelling perspective making sure to show something that petty allows the audience to get it in their heads that Kinshiki is not a good person.

Do I hear fifty? Kashin Koji looks like the kind of person who is bad news, and his organization, The Kara, is just as bad. But many people believe that under that mask is someone we know very well- the pervy sage himself, Jiraiya. Most of the evidence points to the fact that the man summoned a very large frog- something not a lot of ninja are capable of. I personally put stock in this theory.

If most everyone else got to be resurrected, then why not Jiraiya? It would also lend itself well to the idea of the teacher and student having differing beliefs, one being good and the other bad. The idea of two opposing characters being two sides to the same coin is a tale as old as time.

Having the genes of two incredible fighters is a good start, though. His dual-toned hair of black and yellow could have easily been taken from our main characters, as well as his strength.

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From a storytelling perspective, it would also be fairly interesting. Boruto sees how strong and influential both Naruto and Sasuke are. While he is not quite as vocal as his father to prove himself, being the main character of a manga simply means that great powers and responsibility will be heaped on by the end of the series.

With the older generation becoming a thing of the past and the newer generation finding their place in the world, it was only a matter of time before both the heroes and villains become stronger than their older counterparts ever could.

At the beginning we see Konoha destroyed and Naruto being ended by Kawaki. The manga artists will eventually catch back up to the present and the theory will either be confirmed or debunked.

Sarada Uchiha

There are also theories that counter this, arguing that he is not gone. The main idea of this theory is that Kawaki used his powers to send Naruto to another dimension. I for one would like to see this theory come true. They usually come back in other places, so why not here?

naruto and sarada relationship quiz

Comrades Due to her being a very strong kunoichi, Sarada has the respect and acknowledgement of her classmates and comrades. However, her temper causes her to be feared among them and leads to frequent arguments with Boruto, but she is still respected and admired by her friends for her elite ninja skills and intelligence.

After becoming a genin, Sarada gains the affections of many of the boys but she has only shown romantic interest in Boruto. Despite him being Orochimaru's son, Sarada gets along well with Mitsuki and they always look out for each other. Shikadai and Inojin consider Sarada as a good friend and comrade, and are easily able to work together with her.

Chocho considers Sarada as her best friend and shows concern for Sarada when she is going through a tough time, and is one of the few people to understand the family situation Sarada has with her parents. Metal Lee has an infatuation with Sarada similar to the one his father had for her mother when they were younger but Sarada finds him simply as a friend and, while she finds his advances repulsing, she treats him nicely.

Appearance Sarada has a fair complexion, and inherited the onyx hair and eyes of the Uchiha from her father. She has straight shoulder-length hair that parts on the left side of her forehead while tucked behind her ear on the right, framing the left side of her face. Her eyes are framed by a pair of red glasses, which were given to her by Karin. As noted by Naruto Uzumaki, while for the most part she resembles Sasuke, her mannerisms are those of Sakura — especially when angered.

After becoming a genin, Sarada becomes more popular among the boys, as noted by Boruto, likely due to her blossoming beauty. In the epilogue, Sarada's outfit consisted of a pink jacket over a yellow vest, underneath a high-collared white shirt with a red tie, red skirt and black open-toed boots. Abilities Sarada's Sharingan Sarada's abilities are largely unknown, but she is stated to have inherited Sasuke's talent, indicating that she is a gifted kunoichi.

Like her father, she has prodigal skills in shurikenjutsu and wires. Thus, she can control and release it from a single point in her body with precise timing, resembling super strength. By doing so through her fists, she can release it as a tremendous force capable of upturning the area around her.

Sarada has high agility, able to easily avoid a Shin clone's weapons before she awakened her Sharingan. Her Sharingan has one tomoe in each eye. As a genin, she could see through genjutsu. Intelligence From a young age, Sarada demonstrated hints of being extremely intelligent and is considered to be a prodigy. She has a keen talent for observation and analyzing situations, which she uses to come with the most rational solutions.

Like her father, Sarada has critical thinking habits, showing a keen and analytical mind, which aids her in battle to better read an enemy's attack. Similar to her mother, Sarada seems to have focused on her studies in the Academy, but not enough to affect her combat performances, which is seen when she is able to dodge a trap set up by a Shin clone.

She is also known as a proficient researcher, which is shown of her efforts to learn more about her birth by checking hospital records and when Boruto correctly guessed that Sarada read a novel series that was part of the first test of the Chunin Exams while no one else had heard of the series. Post-Part II Epilogue After Boruto asked his classmates to join him in pulling a prank, none of them joined him, but Sarada did follow and observe him from afar, keeping herself hidden.

Later when she arrived home, she told her mother that boys are stupid, but remarked that Boruto and herself had some things in common like their similar feelings towards their fathers. Soon, Sarada becomes depressed that everyone is training with, or spending time with, their fathers while she has never formally met her own father, who left when she was still an infant.

When questioning the validity of her mother's marriage to her father, Sakura gets angry and accidentally destroys the house apparently againcausing her to faint. This discovery leads Sarada to discover the existence of Karin who, like her, wears glasses and has an association with her father, visually disturbing her.

She was later approached by Shizune, who was surprised by Sarada's doubts of her lineage. While Shizune insisted the young Uchiha's doubts were false, Sarada revealed she already knew there were no records of her birth in any hospital in Konoha. When she demanded Shizune tell her about it, Shizune simply stayed quiet with a regretful look like Sakura did, furthering Sarada's doubts. Sarada decided to follow the Hokage in hopes of finally meeting and asking her father for the truth.

naruto and sarada relationship quiz

After the Hokage left, Boruto soon arrived with Mitsuki and a lunch prepared by the Hokage's wife for his trip. While Boruto found the idea pointless, Sarada spoke of how important it was since it was made by someone who loves the Hokage. Sarada is confused by this as her mother told her that her father was the last Uchiha. The fight was soon interrupted by Naruto, who already knew the kunoichi were following him.

With everything calming down, Naruto decided to let the two kunoichi join him and meet up with Sasuke. Wanting to know more about her father, she asked Naruto. He told her about how he was the best in his graduating class, handsome, and popular with the women, which made her happy, but was also sad to hear how anti-social he was.

Finally, she was very happy to hear from Naruto that she inherited both her father's and her mother's positive traits. She became excited to finally see her father again after so long, awakening her Sharingan in the process.

Suddenly, she was approached by Sasuke himself. While initially tearfully happy to see him, Sarada became horrified as the estranged father, concerned it was the enemy and not realising it was his own daughter, drew his sword at Sarada. As Sasuke began his attack, a frightened Sarada called him "Papa", making Sasuke stop upon realising who she is. Sarada, however, began asking many questions to her estranged father, only for Sasuke to simply tell her it didn't concern her.

Heartbroken by her father's indifference towards her, Sarada ran out crying. Later, Naruto went to console the distraught girl, insisting to Sarada that her father was a good man despite his attitude, which failed to cheer her up, causing her to internally call out to her mother.

Moments afterwards, Shin appeared again with his father. Sasuke quickly appeared to aid Naruto against this enemy. As Sasuke quickly faced off against the mysterious man, Sarada watched in awe when Sasuke quickly won the first scuffle, to which Naruto assured her that her father wasn't fighting seriously yet.

The man then introduced himself as Shin Uchiha, shocking Sarada that he had the same name as his son. As Sakura began apologizing for not giving her an honest heart to heart conversation sooner, Sasuke insisted it wasn't her fault. Suddenly, the Sharingan creature appeared again, teleporting both Shin, his son and Sakura.

Sarada asked Suigetsu to help her find out if Karin was her real mother. After running a DNA test from genetic samples retrieved from Karin's desk which was Sarada's own umbilical cord and Sarada's cheek, Suigetsu nonchalantly informed Sarada of her mother being Karin. After scolding Suigetsu, Naruto reminded Sarada that they were leaving to save her mother, only for her to reply in a fit of rage that Sakura was not her mother and that she wanted nothing to do with her.

After a talk from Naruto, Sarada remembered moments with her mother, deciding she did want to save Sakura. Observing her father's power, she concludes that while he may not be the best person, he was impressive.

Upon arriving at their destination, Sarada began wondering how her father really felt about Sakura. Despite her concerns, Naruto gave her a comforting looking, making her realize she only needed to focus on saving her mother first. They ultimately found Sakura engaged in battle with Shin. Sasuke quickly subdued Shin with Susanoo. As Sasuke checked on his wife's injuries, Sarada smiled with delight to see that her parents' love for each other was genuine.

Shin then ordered his clones to distract the enemies while he escaped. Everyone watched in surprise as the clones all attacked him, with one of the clones simply explaining that they outgrew their need of him.

Thousands of Shin clones of different builds and sizes then appeared. Sarada saw through this and quickly crushed the creature. After the battle came to a close, Sarada was embraced by her mother who voiced her relief of Sarada being okay. Sakura explained that she was aware of Sarada's doubts and insisted that she was her mother.

Sarada agreed, adding that the only thing that mattered was that their hearts were connected. Turning her attention to her father, she asked him if he truly believed that he was connected to her mother, which he confirmed by saying that both he and Sakura have Sarada as a daughter, moving the young Uchiha to tears.