Native and europeans relationship

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native and europeans relationship

Europeans carried a hidden enemy to the Indians: new diseases. Native peoples of America had no immunity to the diseases that European explorers and. We look at the early history of relations between European settlers in North America and the native groups that had lived there for thousands of. In the earliest days of New World settlement, relations between the natives and the Large numbers of Native Americans died from European diseases such as .

native and europeans relationship

Those settlers that survived, together with new arrivals, began to cultivate the land, growing tobacco. As more settlers arrived, more Native American hunting grounds were taken, and the Native Americans began to fight back. Any chance of peaceful relations were at an end. Teachers' notes This lesson asks pupils to investigate the early contact between Europeans and Native Americans.

Using primary source diary extracts, pupils are able to understand and appreciate the first encounters between European settlers and the indigenous people of North America.

Pupils are asked to explore both positive and negative aspects of these encounters, which can then be developed further in a number of ways.

American History: A New World Clash of Cultures

This is a contemporary map engraved by William Hole based on descriptions by the discoverer of Virginia, Captain John Smith. The map uses a mix of English and Native place names.

These are extracts from the diaries of one of the Virginia settlers, possibly Captain Gabriel Archer, and show the life of the settlers as well as their interaction with the native Americans. The lesson could form a background to the teaching of the History Scheme of Work Unit What were the effects of Tudor exploration?

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The lesson also covers breadth of study National Curriculum requirements through investigation of a world study beforespecifically indigenous peoples of North America. The final written task offers a clear literacy opportunity, and further links with citizenship and PSHE issues could be made with teacher development. Over the next years, those numbers dropped by 90 percent. They viewed Native Americans as a wild, godless people.

Native American Relations

Europeans wanted to teach them European ways of dressing, eating, living, and learning. Missionaries tried to convert Native Americans to their religions. European settlers often had disputes with Native Americans over land.

native and europeans relationship

The Native Americans, with their swords, knives, and bows and arrows, were no match for European guns. Many Native Americans died in combat. Thousands more died from diseases, such as smallpox, measles, mumps, influenza, chickenpox, and tuberculosis, brought by the Europeans.

The Indians had never been exposed to these diseases and had no resistance. InPresident Andrew Jackson signed a bill requiring Native Americans to move from their tribal homelands to reservations — or land set apart for them. If they resisted moving, they could be killed.

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Soon after, soldiers forced Native American tribes in the Southeast to move west to what is now Oklahoma.