Nepal and japan relationship with china

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nepal and japan relationship with china

The bilateral relation between Nepal and China has been friendly and is defined by the .. Foreign relations of Nepal. Asia. Bangladesh · Bhutan; China; India · Indonesia · Israel · Japan · Malaysia · Pakistan · Russia · Coat of Arms of Nepal. Relation between Nepal and Japan is a unique example in international relations . China was not considered a potential threat because they had no time to be. By Mohan Krishna Shrestha– Located in the Asian continent, Nepal and Japan are two very old countries. Nepal is considered to be the 17th.

The book Embracing the Defeat by Jown Dower provides a full account of such sufferings. On other side, Nepal prides herself as a totally sovereign and independent country never subdued by colonial powers. On common sides, both countries are bind by a strand of true friendship, mutual trust and cooperative spirits. Buddhism entered into Japan in A. Classic example is recorded as Emperor Shomu renounced his royal garbs to become a monk in A.

Buddhism is playing a pivotal role in bringing two peoples closer. There also exists a deep cultural affinity between two peoples. Senior Japanese citizens, while visiting Nepal, become nostalgic remembering old Japan.

Historical perspectives The relation between the two countries is considered to have been opened by the seminal visit of Revered Ekai Kawaguchi in A. Thereafter, he visited Nepal inand Seeing the then situation, he wrote a 57 page lengthy letter to then Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher Rana highlighting the need for imparting education to the people. They left Nepal on 18 April and reached Japan on 17 June and all of them returned to Nepal on 16 September after 3 years studies.

These are blossoming even today in Nepal symbolizing a deep friendship between our two countries and peoples. Since then, our relation has been developing in a smooth manner based on true friendship, deep respect and mutual understanding.

Both people harbor a strong sense of belongingness and respect for each other. Japan, with its painful background, knows well the traumas of being poor.

Now, Japan has become a highly developed and rich country.

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But she has not forgotten her past days. Japan, therefore, valuing the role of peace, stability and economic development, is extending a helping hand, to the developing countries. Many Asian, African and Latin American countries have benefited through munificent economic and technical cooperation from Japan.

Exchange of Visits Our bilateral relations has been nurtured and strengthened by the exchange of visits at high levels. At the Government level, former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiro Mori, for the first time, paid an eight hour visit to Nepal on 25 August and several visits by famous Japanese former Prime Minister late Ryutaro Hashimoto in other responsibilities.

There have been several visits by parliamentarians and other high dignitaries from time to time. From Nepal side, late Prime Minister G. Koirala visited Japan in Other Ministers and high dignitaries also visited Japan from time to time.

Both countries have also started a political dialogue at the Foreign Secretary level to augment different aspects of mutual cooperation. I remember noteworthy words of a Japanese Minister and parliamentarian Mr. Toshihiro Nikai who spoke at a function in Tokyo in saying that in Japan, government and opposition agree only on one agenda: Economic Cooperation Japan started giving economic cooperation to Nepal since Japanese official development aid consists of mainly 3 components: Grant, Loan and Technical cooperation.

Within these 47 intervening years, a colossal amount totaling to 3, billion dollars have been given to Nepal by Japan under these headings. Grant consisted about 58 percent of the total amounts.

nepal and japan relationship with china

Similarly, more than 2, Japanese volunteers have been dispatched to Nepal and more than Nepalese officials have been trained in Japan in different disciplines. Japan has emerged as one of the largest donor country to Nepal in recent years. Hallmark of the assistance is that her economic cooperation has always remained strings unattached.

Japan pledged US dollars million during the International Conference on National Reconstruction held on 25 June and it is understood that Japan has signed agreements for the transfer of the agreed funds becoming the first country to do so among donors. Several important projects have been completed with Japanese economic assistance in the fields of agriculture, aviation, bridges construction, education, health, human resource development, roads, rural development, sanitation, transportation, telecommunication and water supply.

Hallmark projects like Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and Banepa — Sindhuli Highway will remain as symbols of ever growing relations between the two countries. All these projects accrue direct benefit to the people.

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Nepalese people remain grateful for such generous assistance which bears direct impacts on their daily life. Japanese are known for quality works and time bound commitments. These are yet valuable gifts from Japan to be emulated. Nepal — Japan relations is also based on other multi-dimensional aspects. These all areas together are making contributions to solidify our relations. Trade Trade relations between the two countries is going smoothly although balance is always in favor of Japan.

In early s when I was in Japan I met one Japanese businessman who told me that he used to import Lycopodium powder from Nepal. Quality stuff was exported in the beginning, but later on, it was found mixed with turmeric powder. So he discontinued the import. Such malpractice will never be condoned in Japan. Japanese look for quality goods not costs.

Rather high quality goods do not fetch much if the price is low. Without knowing psyche of the Japanese consumers, it would be difficult to do business.

nepal and japan relationship with china

Nepal exports to Japan more than hundred types of goods but traditional pattern has not changed much since many years. Similarly, imports from Japan are also increasing every year and it was Rs.

Nepal and Japan: A Growing Relationship

However, trade balance has remained always in favor of Japan. On May 28,a four-member delegation from Nepal visited Bangladesh and had talks on increasing trade and other relations. The meeting considered the movement of goods between the two countries in trucks transiting through India occupied Siliguri corrider territory. It also discussed the use of Mongla port in Bangladesh for transporting goods to and from Nepal at a concession rate.

To promote tourism, travel agents and tour operators of both countries would jointly coordinate necessary steps. Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Railway is working to find the most convenient route for rail transit to Nepal after India's positive response, according to Bangladesh Railway officials.

They both seek cooperation in the fields of power generation and development of water resources.

Japan–Nepal relations

Inrelations further improved when Bangladesh insisted Nepal should be included on a deal regarding the distribution of water from the Ganges River. Also recently Nepal and Bangladesh had signed treaty that Nepal would sell 10, MW of electricity to Bangladesh once it's larger projects are completed.

However people familiar with the political culture of politics in Nepal remain highly skeptical of such a possibility and instead point to the fact that Nepal is on the verge of losing even more of its strategic autonomy because of the insertion of Indian fifth column - the madheshis, in Nepal's power structure. Bhutan—Nepal relations Relations with Bhutan have been strained since over the nationality and possible repatriation of refugees from Bhutan.

Members of Parliament were among those who were critical of the way that Canada treated its security contractors at the embassy, leading to meetings in Ottawa between Nepalese and Canadian diplomats, including ambassador Nadir Patel. The Nepal-China economic cooperation dates back to the formalization of bilateral relations in 's.

nepal and japan relationship with china

From the mids the Chinese Government has been pledging grant assistance to the government of Nepal under the Economic and Technical Cooperation Program in order to implement mutually acceptable developmental projects. The Chinese assistance to Nepal falls into three categories: Grants aid gratisinterest free loans and concessional loans. These assistance of various kinds would be provided to Nepal via: The Chinese financial and technical assistance to Nepal has been greatly contributed to Nepal's development efforts in the areas of infrastructure building, industrialization process, human resource development, health, education, water resources, sports and the like.

nepal and japan relationship with china

Some of the major on-going projects under Chinese assistance include: Pokhara International Regional Airport Loan With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative on 12 May in Kathmandu between Nepal and China, new avenues for bilateral cooperation in the mutually agreed areas are expected to open.

Nepal expects to upgrade its vital infrastructures, enhance cross-border connectivity with China and enhance people-to-people relations under this initiative.

The major thrust of the MoU is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between Nepal and China in various fields such as economy, environment, technology and culture.

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The MoU aims at promoting cooperation on policy exchanges, trade connectivity, financial integration and connectivity of people. The Government of the People's Republic of China provided substantial and spontaneous support in search, relief and rescue efforts of Nepal following the devastating earthquakes of China has provided 3 billion Yuan on Nepal's Reconstruction to be used in the jointly selected 25 major projects for — period.

China is the second largest trading partner of Nepal. In contrast, import from China has been growing at the rate of 39 per cent per year. Nepal exports products including noodles and agro products to China. Nepal regularly participates various trade fairs and exhibitions organized in China.

Nepal-China's Tibet Economic and Trade Fair is the regular biannual event hosted by either side alternatively to enhance business interaction and promote economic cooperation between Nepal and TAR.

It is an initiative to mobilize the apex business organization of both sides to enhance cooperation between the private sectors of two sides.