Nigeria and america relationship with china

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nigeria and america relationship with china

Nigeria's relationship with China goes back a few years. In America's influence spread around the world leading into the 70s and 80s. China-Africa economic relations have seen a remarkable deepening over the last two decades, as part of a trend of African countries turning. China is investing heavily in Nigeria in both commercial and political terms. This article analyses the relationship between China and Nigeria and suggests ways it might develop in Chinese interest in Nigeria's oil and the American context.

So China has a long way to go before it will replace Western nations as one of Nigeria's main trade partners.

nigeria and america relationship with china

Economics is the obvious driver of Beijing's agenda in Nigeria, but China recently embraced a new foreign policy in West Africa that contrasts with its traditionally passive approach to the spread of Islamic terrorism and extremism in Africa.

As Nigeria is the dominant military force within ECOWAS, a growing partnership between Beijing and Abuja may be expected, and will clearly contain political undertones. Yet several factors threaten the prospects for deeper ties between Nigeria and China. Although Chinese investors maintain a reputation for being less risk-averse than most, the conflict between the Nigerian military and Boko Haram increases political risk for all foreign investors there.

The violence has thus far been contained to Nigeria's Muslim-majority regions in the north; the bloodshed has not yet spread to Lagos.

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If the turmoil spills into Lagos and other southern areas, Chinese investors may well adjust their calculus. While many Nigerians consider China's growing presence to be nothing short of a God send, others have raised concerns about Nigerian sovereignty, bearing in mind the impact Chinese trade and investment has had on other African countries. The Chinese model of importing its own workers to build infrastructure projects, for example, does not sit well with many Nigerians. A number of Nigerians have also voiced objections to the "slave-like" labor conditions in Chinese-operated factories across Nigeria.

Attention was first brought to these conditions when 37 Nigerian workers died after being trapped inside a locked Chinese-owned factory that caught fire in Nigeria's trade unions have similarly complained that the ramp up in Chinese imports have eliminated more thanmanufacturing jobs, primarily in the textile sector.

nigeria and america relationship with china

Much of the bilateral trade is also "off the record", given that many Chinese imports arrive in Nigeria via the porous borders that Nigeria shares with its neighbors.

This exacerbates the already problematic level of corruption in Nigeria. In spite of all this, Nigerian-Chinese economic ties can be expected to continue to grow. China's dependency on Middle Eastern oil and gas is a grave concern for Beijing, given the rising political uncertainty in the region, and rising political risks for foreign investors.

nigeria and america relationship with china

In this context, a deeper partnership with Nigeria, the world's 13th biggest producer of crude oil, provides China with a more diverse set of options for acquiring oil and gas. Despite all the concerns voiced by certain constituencies within Nigeria, most Nigerians recognize that China's growing presence is likely more beneficial than harmful.

U.S.-Africa Relations: A New Framework

Western powers that claim a desire to help Nigeria develop are often perceived as insincere, with their own aid being viewed as an infringement on Nigeria's sovereignty, since it often comes with strings attached. In this respect, China is seen as non-hypocritical and more respectful of the African peoples' aspirations to manage their own affairs without fear of meddling by a foreign power. The Nigerian government also understands that China's growing presence in the country will not inevitably provide solutions to the plethora of domestic challenges Nigeria faces, from grinding poverty to indigenous violent political movements.

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In the end, it accepts that China's number one objective is meeting China's strategic interests. Even though China has always been a major world power, it was always prone to attacks from foreign nations wary of its expansion and might; by Mongols, Japanese and later, the West. Nigeria is one of the global investment destinations for Following its defeat in the Second World war, the Asian power lost most of its influence and power to the victors, the United States and its European allies.

It spent the next few decades through a hyper-communist regime focused on protecting itself and getting it back to its former glory.

nigeria and america relationship with china

By the time China was strong enough to spread its influence, there were few willing allies left. By the end of the cold war, China re-evaluated its foreign policies. The increase in military governments in Africa found few allies in the West, and China presented itself as a non-imperial alternative.

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It funded projects, assisted with weaponry and gave aid to troubled spots. That relationship was further elucidated in when the then-Chinese president, Jiang Zemin visited six African countries and gave a speech at the OAU. With America adopting a more nationalist stance under Trump, the spread of Chinese money, bridges, roads and construction companies is a political decision.

China's Africa Policy Document states, "Sincerity, equality and mutual benefit, solidarity and common development — these are the principles guiding China-Africa exchange and cooperation and the driving force to lasting China-Africa relations. China is presenting itself as the friend who will help them develop, without foisting its ideals, beliefs and culture.

A lot more than China is giving the country in loans and grants.

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On the surface, these are impressive numbers, but the details are troubling. This gap needs to be reduced.