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Model Niketan Madhok, who was in a relationship with Karishma how Vishal also wants to become captain and seeks Niketan's advice. Meanwhile Vrijesh, Sapna and Karishma try to lighten up the mood and Vidya Balan's Best & Worst Marriage Advice Is Something That Every. Niketan and karishma dating simulator talke deteriorates real undergraduate undergraduate inasmuch tgc president don carson about same-sex marriage.

After some discussion, the housemates name Vishal as the one who contributed the least.

Bigg Boss 10/10/12

Rajev is seen having a conversation with Sana in the kitchen area. Rajev brainwashes Sana by hinting how her so called good friend Vishal has turned tables and started becoming friendly with Karishma. Sana gets the point and walks off to the garden area.

Simultaneously Karishma and Vishal are seen lying down on the bed and having an intense conversation! The boys plot how they are going to manipulate the captain election this time. Sana is seen telling Delnaaz about how Karishma and Niketan are planning to stand for captain elections. Delnaaz gets defensive and says that she will also stand for elections if she gets a chance to keep it competitive. Karishma then approaches Mink for advice regarding standing for captaincy.

Mink motivates her and tells her to stop thinking so much and stand for captaincy. Bigg Boss sends in a letter that is read out by Sana.

  • Bigg Boss 6: Karishma Kotak leaves after mid-week evictions

Vishal and Karishma are two lucky contestants who get an opportunity to go luxury budget shopping to an actual shopping mall, outside the Bigg Boss house premises. The housemates are stunned post this never heard before announcement. The housemates buck Karishma and Vishal up and help them prepare for the shopping marathon. In sometime, the rest of the housemates are up and running with their morning chores.

Rajeev and Delnaz were seen with Aashka outside in the garden area. Here Rajeev was seen expressing his concern to Delnaaz by asking her if she slept well etc. Delnaz did not seem to react in the sweetest of ways. Navjot is suddenly warned and called upon by Bigg Boss because he was not wearing his microphone. After a while, Bigg Boss announces that it is time for the nominations to take place. All the housemates assemble in the living area and get ready for their first nominations.

The fifteen participants were asked to make seven pairs of two each, but model Niketan Madhok failed to find a partner.

Bigg Boss surprised everyone when he announced Madhok as captain of the house. This was followed by the nomination process.

Day 45 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Vishal and Karishma go shopping in a mall!

Interestingly, all the teams were asked to nominate one pair from the other six. Bigg Boss asked one person from every nominated team to perform on a Bollywood song.

Captain Niketan Madhok was asked to choose the best performer, who will be safe from eviction. Niketan chose Sana over, Karishma and Dinesh. As a result, Sana and Samapt are safe from eviction this week. Sapna also has a problem with Bigg Boss emphasising so much on singing and dancing. Aashka a common friend to Rajeev and Delnaz is seen providing shoulder to the estranged couple by sharing a light hearted joking session with Rajeev and alongside having heartfelt conversations with Delnaz.

Kashif having sensed some bitterness from Rajeev's side mentions to Aseem that Rajeev has created confusion between him and Karishma which has spoiled their friendship. However, all's well in Kashif's paradise as in the end, the self proclaimed charmer manages to win back Karishma's friendship.

Day 2 also witnessed the first fight between a celebrity and the common man. Kashif accused Urvashi of being rude to him and pointed out that by doing this she was being rude to the entire aam janta.

This got on Urvashi's nerves who point blank denied it by justifying that just because she is a known face that doesn't mean she is not a part of the aam janta.