Nutan and kajol relationship

Kajol Delights With Throwback Pic Of Aunt Nutan

nutan and kajol relationship

Nutan was different from Kajol, though, because she wanted it more. . But as Nutan got older, the relationship became more strained. Rani knew that once she broke the news to her closest cousin Kajol, it would eventually Just few weeks before the wedding announcement, Kajol had Alia Bhatt opens up on her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor: 'It's a very. Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee had two daughters together, Kajol and Tanisha. X Nutan's son Mohnish Behl is a popular TV and film actor.

Nutan still had a fair number of films that came out post marriage, ones that she had worked on before. But bywhen her son was born, there were no new Nutan films out there.

I found a really sweet interview from her husband from shortly after her death. He talked about their courtship, how he was a 32 year old Navy officer when they met and never thought he would get married. But she was so sweet and beautiful and they hit it off right away. She used to love going out in his broken down cars and having movie dates, like any other girl.

And he was happy to wait until she was ready to be married, even if it took years. But after marriage, he used to go with her to watch each of her movies in the theater, to see how they played.

She would just change the way she walked, her expressions, her mannerisms would be different. And no one would be able to recognize her. See, this is what I was saying, Great Actress! After their son Mohnish was born, Nutan really retired. And then came back two years later because the Bandini script was just too good to pass up. Or else because it was two years later. You can take them on set, or leave them with a sitter, or come up with some other solution that lets everyone in the family be happy.

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I could believe either way, that the Bandini script was really that good, or that she was just ready to come back to work and the Bandini script was a good reason to say in interviews. Anyway, she did come back! And kept working off and on for the rest of her life. Again, same as Kajol. Post-marriage and babies, there was a slowing down, but not a retirement exactly. Nutan, Amitabh, and one of her many many FilmFare awards Those later years of her career, the 70s and 80s, they had their share of scandals and excitement.

Most widely reported, Nutan slapped Sanjeev Kumar! Poor Sanjeev Kumar, some day he will get his own post. Nutan was already married and was firm that all the stories and gossip going around about her and her costar Sanjeev were just that, gossip. Which pretty much ended those rumors! In the s I think, it is hard to track downshe sued her for miss-management of her funds. But the separation between them went back further than that, probably all the way to childhood.

Nutan was the oldest, by far the oldest. She had 7 years of being pampered and spoiled. And when the younger children came along, she was less a big sister and more a second mother to them. It sounds like it started out with her and her mother being closer than anyone else in the family, almost co-parents, Nutan providing the gentle love and support to the children, while Shobhna worked and provided the general direction for the family.

But as Nutan got older, the relationship became more strained. I must admit I've had it easy, though. A few months before he died, when he was ill, I got to be close to him. I wish I had spent more time with him. It is one regret and guilt, I can never get over. Not only because I couldn't be the daughter I would have liked to be, but the immense loss that I felt on not being able to spend more years of my life with such a warm, caring and brilliant man.

He could have enriched my life so much. I wasn't proud, but rather pleased about being recognized as Shobhana Samarth's daughter. Once during a school show, a teacher who was dressing me up, suddenly said, you look like Shobhana Samarth. Are you related to her? I suppose this is what Mamma called her "lean phase" My mother even feared that perhaps I had TB.

So at seventeen, despite the fact that I had so many film offers, my mother sent me to a finishing school in Switzerland. The one year that I spent in Switzerland was the happiest in my life. I could play, study, be free and catch-up with what I missed in my teenage years. I did a secretarial course which has paid dividends several times over. I do my typing, accounts, tax matters, every clerical job required to keep my money matters straight. I learnt French, which I can still speak and write.

When I returned to India, I was forty pounds heavier and then began a wonderful phase.

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Somehow I wonder whether this statement is the real Nutan speaking, and not Nutan the well-brought up young lady who says what her mother wants her to say! But even if down deep she must have known that her weight and figure had nothing to do with her acting skills, she was probably pleased of avoiding the candlestick remarks. But Rajnish said, 'if you were a painter or a writer, I wouldn't have asked you to stop your work and I won't, although you are an actress.

Continue, by all means, but do fewer films, choose your roles'. Being a naval officer's wife was a different experience. I hardly socialised or went for film parties. It was just work and home, before marriage. But now, we had naval ship, parties and what have you. Almost every night we'd be out.

nutan and kajol relationship

She also, most interestingly, gives her point of view on the feud which separated her from her busy mother for all that time: I shunned gossip all throughout and even managed to succeed to an extent. Except for two incidents which really caused massive scandals and caused me great pain. One, was the rift between my mother and me, when I took her to court for mismanaging my funds. It was a very hard decision for me to take. Yes, I had expected the reaction: Yet, I had to do it to protect the future of everyone concerned.

Anyway sinceall is well between the two families. Fear and anger show up so lividly in Nutan's eyes that they haunt you long after you have walked out of the theatre. Her face raged with a grand passion and a quiet grace. For this performance, she received an eighth Filmfare career nomination and won her fifth Filmfare best actress award, at the age of She thus became a record holder in the category, having won five awards for Best Actress at Filmfare.

At age 42, she is also the oldest winner of the award. Nutan was perhaps the only actress of her generation to command leading roles in her 40s, with tremendous success. Following this, she starred in Saajan ki Sahelias an ignorant, jealous wife to a husband who knowingly befriends the daughter she abandoned at childbirth. In the remaining s, she played roles in blockbuster films such as Meri JungNaam and Karma Karma was notable for being the first time she was paired with actor Dilip Kumar.

nutan and kajol relationship

Her last film released while she was alive was Kanoon Apna Apna in She died in of cancer. She also gave a stellar performance as Kaliganj ki Bahu in the TV serial Mujrim Hazirher only role on the small screen. Their only son Mohnishwas born in He went on to become a television and film actor.