On and off relationship for 9 years

on and off relationship for 9 years

It's Complicated: 20 Realities Of On-Again, Off-Again Relationships 9. Something has to be different for you to “try again.” It shouldn't just be. This one has a happy ending!) and I had a kind of messy on-again/off-again relationship for close to three years before we finally stopped all. When it comes to long-term relationships, you've probably heard about the seven -year itch. It's basically the idea that long-term couples will fall.

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Ask a Guy: On and Off Relationship – Is it Meant to Be?

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The mental picture I have based upon your letter is of a woman who is currently fairly dependent in orientation. By this I mean that your sense of self is not based upon how you judge your own actions, but rather on what other people particular people to be sure think of you.

on and off relationship for 9 years

This is clear enough in how you regard yourself in terms of how other people view you e. The problem with this way of being is, however, that when you are dependent on how other people regard you for feelings of self-worth, your mood goes up and down like a yo yo every time someone looks at you funny. When your own moods are linked so strongly to how other people are regarding you, you are essentially at their mercy and not captain of your own ship. Psychodynamic psychotherapists call it Anaclitic Depressionand distinguish it from other motivations for being depressed.

The major problem here with this numbing strategy for coping is that sleeping pills can kill you.

8 Great Things About On-Again/Off-Again Relationships

That may be the point, I understand, but I also hear that you are ambivalent about killing yourself. Plus all the awkwardness is gone and you're starting with a foundation of experience together.

The Breakup - 1 Year After Ending My 8 Year Relationship & Engagement

You've already seen each other at your worst and survived it. Usually, your perception of your ex changes after a breakup, and most often negatively. Because let's be real, someone's probably going to be a little crazy or a little rude and everyone is more likely to say something harsh in the heat of the moment.

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When you and your ex are willing and excited to take each other back after going through a breakup, that's a pretty good sign that you'll get through every misunderstanding and drunken fight. You're willing to stand up for each other. When you take someone back who's hurt you before, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do.

on and off relationship for 9 years

Your friends and family care about you -- they only want to protect you. But when they're questioning you, it can get rough and feel like you're being attacked.

Trying again shows you're willing to defend your significant other and align yourself most closely with them. You've seen your relationship be derailed by practicalities before, so you don't underestimate the power of them. You know how important it is to be on the same page and to make decisions together.

Love can't fix everything -- you have to commit to working together. You didn't destroy your chance at a relationship when the circumstances weren't right. Start by getting clear within yourself about what you want as best you can and if you need a change, then talk it out. However, if both of you are taking cues from one another and neither one of you is making any firm commitment then things will continue to stay the way they have been into the future.

I realize you are asking me the question of whether or not I think something is there and if it could work.

on and off relationship for 9 years

I can say that if you talk to him, he will be able to clarify where he stands. It may or may not be an answer you would like, but you would have clarity and you could make a decision. Sometimes relationships can remain ongoing for a long time because nobody says anything.

On and Off Relationship – Meant to Be?

I would have to assume you two know each other well and know the nature of your relationship. Anything that gets said at that point is stuff that each of you have felt and thought about for a while.

I can make a few suggestions about how you can talk to him about this without it turning to an ugly situation: If you want him to be straight up, frank and honest with you, demonstrate it to him through how you talk about it.