Oz and gilbert relationship quotes

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oz and gilbert relationship quotes

Oz: No, it's the first time I come here, one of my colleagues was dubaiairporthotel.info: and dad is looking for her!. Gilbert: Who do you. by Elizabeth Gilbert | Nov 11, During Oprah's speech at the Life You Want Tour, she quotes Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, in that fabulous Your daughter who can't stay in a relationship for more than six months. Oz Vessalius Quote (Pandora Hearts) Pandora Hearts Oz, Sad Anime, I Love. Visit .. for attention. It's the source of jealousy and relationship problems too" Gilbert Nightray is the reason behind all these tears and feels and shiz like that T .

He's also wearing an apron with a baby chick on it.


Gil looks at him and thinks about how Oz looks "cute" and is also against Oz feeding Alice because its not something his master should be doing but rather its a servants job. Gil carries Oz in Caucus Race when he's ill and looks after him a lot. He also disapproves of anyone but him feeding Oz and Oz thinks about how nice and cold Gil's big hands feel when he's taking care of him.

He also acts jealous when Break and Sharon do the Headbutt Thermometer to Oz and muses to himself how "cute" Oz looked in a chick covered apron and contemplating that he's jealous of Alice for having Oz's attention.

Also in the third caucus race story, Alice tells Sharon that Oz and Gil together are walking the large rose garden in the Rainsworth mansion with Sharon thinking that it is a normal occurrence whenever they visit. The drama cds is also dripping with HoYay with the two: In the Volume 22 drama cd, Oz is enthusiastically fanboying Evil-B's story and Gil is thinking of reading it too, especially when Break teases him that they can share their feelings about the book to each other.

oz and gilbert relationship quotes

And after that when Oz is talking about the 'prince' of the slums, Gil freaks out that Oz went to a bad place alone and demands to Oz that he should always accompany him. In the Volume 16 drama cd, Gil visits the Rainsworths at Oz's order in order to find out about Ada's lover, Gils says that he's at ease that Vincent finally talks about somebody else other than "brother this" and "brother that", stunning the others with Reim thinking that Gilbert doesnt realize he's exaggeratingly goes "Oz this" and "Oz that".

Gil demands that Oz will go home to have his bite disinfected after Alice bites his hand. In the drama cd "Welcome to Vessalius academy", Gil held Oz in his arms after the latter was attacked by a chain. In the last guidebook, Jun Mochizuki says that Gilbert stayed single the entire century after Oz and Alice died, claiming he "waited patiently for Oz the whole time. In the second guidebook, the question is posed to several characters what they would wish for if they could have one wish and one wish only granted.

Gilbert replies without hesitation that he would wish for Oz to be happy. An omake has Jun Mochizuki explaining Oz was originally supposed to be a girl named Til cross-dressing as a boy who fell in love with Gilbert, a retired killer. The end of the omake has Oz and Gilbert finding the sketch pages that explain this. Oz is dismayed, but Gilbert just makes this ambiguous comment: Vincent and Gilbert Gil's younger brother, Vincent, is extremely possessive of him. Also, at the end of the omake here where Gil is a teacher and Oz a student we see a picture of Vincent hugging Gil from behind while releasing heart marks.

At the end of chapter 18 Vincent thinks about how cute Gil is. And Vincent even kills various members of the Nightray family simply for their dislike of Gil. In chapter 61, it was shown that he was going to use the Intention of the Abyss to cease his exisitence from the world, hoping for Gil to live a much happier life and for him to be in the sunshine forever.

That is why he was teaming up with the Baskervilles hoping that when they are to capture the Will, that he is able to make a wish for her to grant.

oz and gilbert relationship quotes

If he can't do this, he wants Leo to just kill him so that he will never hurt Gil, and Gil can lead a happy life. In chapter 33 Vincent tells Gil that whatever he does, he does it all for him and at one point puts his hand on Gil's face and puts his face close to his while saying that he'll always be by his side.

Retrace 65 features Vincent saying in response to Gilbert asking why he's working with the Baskerville's and why he's the headhunter: To me there's no one more important than you. I'd do anything to make you happy. In the second omake Vincent shows up to give Gil his favorite cake. Gil asks how he knew what his favorite cake was and Vincent replies while blushing "I know everything about you. Because we are connected by an extremely deep bond. No matter how far apart we are, we will surely return to the same place.

Because that is our fate! No matter what happens I'll always be there to protect you. Retrace 72 also has Vincent worrying about Gil again when he's hurt. When Vincent dies he does so in Gilbert's arms. In chapter 34 Vincent is coming on to Lotti and in the midst of doing so wonders what kind of expression Gil would have if he found out he's in league with the Baskervilles.

He states he would love whatever expression Gil would display. When Vincent is on a date with Ada he thinks about how annoying she is and wonders how Gil would react if he would taint her.

He thinks about how he wants to see his angry expression and informs Ada that he's jealous of Elliot for having Gil's attention. Vincent wanting to give flowers to Gil when he was young and when they're older he jokes about giving him flowers again.

Vincent talking down to the Great Mother for her attempt to sully "his" Gil and shooting at her. Break and Reim Even Break and Reim have their occasional moments. It's most apparent around Chapters and Chapters And in chapter 23 when Break introduces Reim to Oz he links arms with Reim, rests his head on his shoulder and calls him a "very important friend" with a heart in his speech bubble.

There's also Reim's tendency to act like a Tsundere around Break. There's also chapter 34 where Break playfully teases Reim with "You don't have to be so formal, even if it's in front of Miss Sharon! Not to mention he pretty much went batshit crazy when he thought Reim had died.

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And in chapter 62 Break asks Sharon how Reim is doing, indicating that he worries about him. When Break falls unconscious after using his power and before remembering his past he falls into Reim's arms. Reim's tendency to act Tsundere around Break. After Break wakes up following being attacked by the Baskervilles he and Reim bond again.

Break hugging Reim and Sharon close to him when about to die while leaning his head on Reim's shoulder in chapter Reim desperately tries to prevent Lilly from mutilating Break's corpse. Reim also considers Break to be a "very important friend". Elliot and Leo Elliot and Leo also have this too, especially hinted in recent chapters. In chapter 25 Leo clings to Elliot briefly here.

oz and gilbert relationship quotes

And Elliot appears to protect Leo from Lotti's thrown knife. And appears to shield him again in chapter And in chapter 38 tells him to step back so that he can protect him from a crazy Oz. In chapter 39 Leo expresses concern for Elliot when he has bad visions. After Elliot has his visions he wakes up to find Leo was watching over him and had loosened his collar by unbuttoning a few buttons to help him relax. In chapter 45 Leo gets close to Elliot and straightens his tie for him.

When they're at the tea party we see Leo clinging onto Elliot's arm at one point. In chapter 49 Elliot is shown worrying about Leo. In chapter 50 Elliot thinks its a shame that Leo hides his face behind his hair because "his eyes are such a beautiful color".

And in chapter 50 Elliot and Leo get into a fight and Elliot has a flashback where he remembers when he chose Leo to be his servant. You are what I've always been looking for. Someone I can speak to openly. My friend and equal. Also, Leo tells Oz about Elliot: We are completely different but that's part of the reason why he's so important to me. Even, for example, if it is you [Oz] or even myself.

oz and gilbert relationship quotes

And Leo really wants to apologize to Elliot, and vice versa. Elliot's last words were "I'm sorry, Leo. That is probably why Also, Leo flashbacks to the time he spent with Elliot and states that even though they often argued Elliot would always return to him and Leo began to increasingly enjoy their interactions. And during the flashbacks Leo wakes up from a bad dream to see Elliot by his bedside implying that he watched over him.

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Leo by far appears to take Elliot's death the hardest, blaming himself entirely for Elliot's death and losing his sanity in the days that follow. And on Elliot's side, he attacked a monster to attempt to save Leo. And then there's the fact that his headhunter trigger was someone acting harshly towards Leo.

True, this was largely due to humpty dumpty's influence, but Elliot himself's facial reactions to his brothers talking about killing Leo too were devastated. Elliot and Oz There's also a little between Elliot and Oz, although it seemed more prevalent in previous chapters. Elliot and Oz have a textbook Meet Cute: One non-fujoshi who wasn't familiar with the series, upon seeing the relevant pages out of context, asked if it was an actual Boys' Love comic.

Elliot subsequently rescues Oz while talking about how he's sworn to protect everyone important to him, and even breaks him out of a Heroic BSoD. It ends up in Foe Yay territory when it turns out they come from Feuding Familiesand Elliot tries to deny that Oz could be the person he's supposed to hate, just because he doesn't want to dislike Oz. In chapter 26 Elliot appears to get pissed off when he sees Lotti attack Oz and tries to attack her.

And smiles at him. And tells him he'll never let him die. In chapter 35 Elliot and Oz meet again and the text at the end says "Meeting again in an unexpected place, is this fate!? Also, Oz tells Elliot while smiling hugely "I'm very happy to meet you again, Elliot! And in chapter 38 Oz says Elliot really is gentle and must care about Gil which Elliot again denies.

In chapter 40 Oz's father appears and expresses his contempt for Oz and Elliot gets pissed off. In chapter 42 Oz rather nervously tells Elliot that he just wants to be friends with him.

In chapter 62 Oz states he feels really sad after Elliot's death. One translation of the guidebook has the following: Though all they did in the beginning was bicker, Oz spoke [to Elliot] about the true feelings that he could not even say to Gil. And learns to cherish yourself and the way you relate to people " Other And then there's Jack and Glen Baskerville, tragic "best friends".

And then there's the whole thing with Jack and Gil. For example, in chapter 38 Jack calls Gil his "small cute little servant". And in episode 14 when Gil points his gun at Jack, Jack gently places his hand on Gil's arm and his other hand on Gil's face.

And even with Jack and Vincent. Jack and Vincent aren't really foes. Vincent seems to idolize Jack probably from the fact Jack gave him and Gil a home after finding them on the streets.

Jack calling both Gil and Vincent "cute". Jack and Glen had been best friends even when the latter was still Oswald. Even the Glen at the time, Revis, could see the Ho Yay between the two!

Jack was often scared of Oswald early on. Your college roommate who needs to stop letting men use her. You boss who needs to learn how to meditate. And so on, and so on and so on and so on… The fact is: All those people may indeed need to make exactly those changes. Obviously, their lives would be better for it.

Any fool can see that. But it's not your domain. And meanwhile, you're leaking energy, when what you really need to be focusing on your own power, your own life which is hard enough to manage, and has its own set of problems that really require your full attention…as any fool can see. I have been guilty of this forever. I have a history of getting deeply, profoundly, aggressively over-involved in other people's energy fields — losing sleep and peace over my worry and judgment about other people's lives.

Getting involved where I have no power. Neglecting my own growth and development because I'm too busy minding somebody else's business. Making myself sick with anger or disappointment or sorrow or frustration over how somebody else has behaved. Often destroying relationships because I go around messing where I have no right to be messing. Gilbert was pulled into the Abyss with the rest of Sablier during the Tragedy of Sablier, only to be released around years later.

Gilbert became a valet to the Vessalius family after his release, more specifically - Ozbut left after being manipulated into helping the Baskervilles drop him into the Abyss. Gilbert was convinced to join the Nightray family by Xerxes Break after this, making it his life's goal to save Oz from the Abyss by forming a Legal Contract with Raven. Recently, Gilbert had rejoined his old master - Oswald after he took over Leo's body, and shooting Oz as he ordered.

Feeling guilty about this, Gilbert had Raven burn off his left arm, breaking his contract with Raven and reforms it as an Illegal Contract.

However, as he was formally adopted by the Baskervilles years ago thus having a 'legitimate contract' as a Baskervillethe arms on the clock won't move and he won't be sucked into the Abyss as the other illegal contractors have been. Gilbert is currently an enemy of Pandora and the Baskervilles for saving Oz from his execution by Oswald's hand, thus returning to Oz's side as his valet. Contents [ show ] Appearance Gilbert has black hair of longer-length which he often has styled in an untidy manner thus earning him the nickname 'Seaweed-head' from Alice and golden eyes.

Ten years prior to the plot, when he was still a child and a servant of the Vessalius dukedom, he wore a blue outfit resembling a sailor boy's clothes, as well as black boots. Currently, he wears a collared shirt with some buckles on it, a cravat over it, a pair of white gloves, black pants with a strap around his right leg - close to the hip - which holds his gun.

He also has a black coat, black boots that are pointed at the tips, and a black hat given to him by Ada which he treasures greatly. He also has a curved gold earring cuff on his left ear.