Parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

15 Times April And Andy From 'Parks And Recreation' Were The Cutest Couple Ever

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

Leslie and Ben or April and Andy: Two cute couples, but which one fits your relationship best?. Parks and Recreation is a delightful comedy following Leslie Knope, Andy and April are a loved up yet totally immature couple, and their. Chris traeger Parks And Rec Memes, Parks And Recreation, Parcs And Rec, Chris Andy, April, & Leslie Andy And April, Parks And Recs, April Ludgate. Open.

Andy and April's Fancy Party

See if you can get this fact about Andy right by picking the correct answer from the options below. In this guise, he goes about investigating minor mysteries as if they are threats to national security. But what is the name of Andy's alter ego? Though still a loveable goofball, he was also a no-hoper slacker - who had somehow landed himself an awesome girlfriend. This relationship didn't last past season one, as the characters were so wrong for each other. But can you recall which of these women Andy was in a relationship with at the beginning of the show?

Catch Your Dream The Pit September Andy developed a lot throughout the show but from the beginning he was the lead singer and songwriter for Mouse Rat, though the band changed their name a few times in the early days.

Parks and Recreation - The Future of Andy and April

Janitor Leslie's Assistant Shoeshine Guy It wasn't until season two, when Chris Pratt was bumped up to regular cast member, that Andy finally got a job along with the rest of the characters at Pawnee City Hall. It wasn't a particularly glamorous job but it got Andy's foot on the career ladder and it resulted in a lot of hilarious comedy moments. But what was Andy's first job? Kyle Larry Mark Speaking of this job, you might remember that one supporting character would often come to Andy for his services in the years that he fulfilled this occupation.

The joke was that this character was always mistreated by Andy but he still kept coming back for more abuse. This guy was probably even more of a punching bag than Jerry - yeah, even Jerry! So what was the name of Andy's unfortunate customer? In one classic Andy scene, he starts talking about what his favourite foods are before working out that they all have something in common, which must make that his ultimate favourite food.

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

Do you remember what that particular foodstuff is? Eagles Colts Titans Andy is established early on in the show as being a big football fan, who idolises a few of his favourite team's players. He even wore the team's shirt to his wedding. At one point, Andy achieves his life's dream of playing with his football heroes as part of a group bachelor party.

But can you remember which of the following football teams Andy supports? Chris Ron Jerry For his and April's surprise wedding, Andy asks one of his co-workers to be his best man By the time the ceremony begins, Andy has a whole gang of best men, which makes the guy he asked first feel annoyed and underappreciated.

But which of the following characters did Andy NOT ask to be one of his many best men? He works really hard at it and, when he finally applies, he comes really close - but in the end his childlike personality is just not a good fit for this profession and he doesn't get accepted.

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

But what was this job that Andy didn't manage to get? It was a dark, dark day when he passed away but Andy was able to sooth the town's sadness with a super-catchy rock ballad. It became the most iconic Mouse Rat song and is pretty much the anthem of the whole show. But what was the song called?

Rescued from the local pound, the pooch only has three legs but generally seems to be a very lively dog who receives a lot of love from his owners and their friends.

I hope your mind is now blown.

Which "Parks and Recreation" Couple Is Your Relationship More Like?

But do you know the name of the Ludgate-Dwyer's dog? Pick the right answer from the options below. Andy Radical Johnny Karate Bert Macklin Beginning in season six, Andy starts performing as a children's entertainer - and proves to be incredibly successful at it. It makes sense - he is an overgrown kid himself. When in character at these kids' parties, he adopts a fake name, which was at first given to him by co-worker Craig. But can you remember which of the following was that name?

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

London New York Indianapolis Also in season six, Andy got a huge promotion when he was chosen to run his own non-profit organisation The only downside is it meant he had to stay in another city for three months. In real life, Andy's temporary absence from the show happened so that Chris Pratt could go make Guardians of the Galaxy. But where was Andy in this time? This comes to a head when he shows that he will literally do anything for her when she sets him a thankless task to do but he still does it.

What does Andy have to do to win April back?

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

It means a cushy life for him, as he gets to do nothing else but play his guitar and watch TV. But exactly what sort of accident happened to Andy that caused him to break his legs like this? Lasers Women's Studies Law In season four, Andy decides to expand his horizons by belatedly attending college.

As he doesn't particularly have any goal in mind, he just picks whatever course at the drop-in day grabs his interest. At the end of the semester, Andy manages to pass the course - though we're not sure he actually retains anything he's learned. But what was Andy's course at college? At the party, Leslie discovers Andy and April plan to surprise everyone by getting married that night. Leslie spends most of the party trying to dissuade them, since they have been dating less than a month and have no place to live.

However, Ron believes it is not Leslie's place to interfere with their decision. Tom Aziz Ansari is thrilled when Andy makes him his best man, but his excitement lessens when Andy also asks Ron, Chris, and several others to be his "best men". Tom tries to throw an impromptu bachelor party and give a speech to make himself the "best" best man, but fails each time. Although Leslie plans to object during the ceremony, she cannot bring herself to do it and comes to accept the marriage.

22 Pieces Of Relationship Advice From Parks And Recreation

Andy and April officially become husband and wife. Afterward, Ron explains to Leslie that she did not object because deep down she knew that Andy and April would get married no matter what, and that there is no correct way to do things when it comes to matters of the heart, using his own two former marriages as an example. During the reception, April privately tells Leslie how much she appreciates her, flattering Leslie. Andy makes a speech to the guests, where he calls Tom his "best" best man, much to Tom's delight.

He tells the crowd that life is short and he and April simply did what made them happy. Taking Andy's advice, Leslie asks Ben to stay in Pawnee, and he surprises her by revealing that he has already accepted Chris' job offer.

parks and recreation april andy relationship quiz

In a subplotAnn Rashida Jones goes to a singles mixer where she is extremely uncomfortable. She runs into Donna Rettawho at first views Ann as competition, but then offers her advice after witnessing Ann's awkward flirting.

When Ann hears about Andy getting married from Leslie, she considers going home, as she and Andy dated for several years. Donna tells Ann to forget her past and enjoy herself in the present.

Ann ends up having a good time at the mixer and gets several phone numbers. It is referred to simply as "Fancy Party" in some publications. Parks co-creator Michael Schur said they wanted to avoid the "standard-issue TV romance plots: They decided the two should get married after dating for only a short time because it was funny, it made sense with the characters' personalities, and it raised the stakes for future stories involving the two.

What if they just make a rash decision and get hitched? At this point in the series, April and Andy were separated and had not yet reconciled.