Phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

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phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

A page for describing TearJerker: Phineas and Ferb. Examples from The Movie go here. Several songs throughout the series: "Little Brothers". Even if it is . The fourth and final season of Phineas and Ferb first aired on Disney Channel on December 7, In a July article on The Daily Beast, Povenmire said they were finishing up 20 episodes that have yet to air. , 7, "Sidetracked", Robert F. Hughes & Sue Perrotto, Kaz, Kim Roberson, Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft & John . Two months later, it's another normal day: Phineas and Ferb wake up; . Woman: That man is causing such a scene, it make me feel free to break up with you.

This was also his last television appearance. Thaddeus and Thor " is partly as comically ridiculous as any other Doofenshmirtz backstory, but at the same time very sad. Yeah, he got Love Handel.

The part where Perry leaves. The normally stoic Perry looks almost driven to tears when he is forced to relocate and leave his family behind. Candace desperately searching for Perry all over Danville because she thinks it's all her fault Perry's gone. The fact we know it isn't her fault at all makes it worse. Perry Lays An Egg Doofenshmirtz: And broke my fragile, ounce utterly-too-human heart.

Upon being replaced by a more advanced robot, Norm says, "Now I know I have a heart Probably the biggest thing in this regard is when Khaka Peu Peu comes towards the end, and he is forced to abandon her sadly, where Isabella's cries of "don't leave me!

In fact, this is probably the only episode where Isabella actually openly acts distant towards Phineas, and it's great seeing them resolve their issues at the end. Nerds of a Feather "Ducky Momo is my Friend". Most of the song is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarmingbut the end says that, while Candace still loves Ducky Momo, and loved him throughout her childhood, she is made fun of because she is now a teenager. This is made sadder due to the fact that it is true in real life. Still loving something that you loved when you were a child would get you mocked and teased when you get older.

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And towards the end of the episode she doesn't even get to keep the Ducky Momo collectible she went to the convention to find. Oh, oh, but now the world just points and laughs at me here The hidden girl who risked so much to be here Showing my face is a no-no But Ducky Momo's still my friend! Season 3 Magic Carpet Ride Doof finds out that Roger took 20 years to re-make his painting, and that he felt bad for ruining it.

This is mostly a Crowning Momentof Heartwarmingconsidering how much of a Jerk Ass Roger normally is, but it becomes a tear jerker when Doof accidentally ruins it again. Then Doof gets so depressed that he tells Perry to do anything, as he doesn't care anymore. Doof is sitting in the middle of his lab next to the remains of his latest Inator, hugging his knees and crying. Really takes the fun out of all the other battles, seeing this poor man defeated for the millionth time by a small animal and crying all by himself next to the ruins of his latest creation.

The fact that he spends the rest of the episode gleefully convinced that Perry has had a change of heart and wants to be partners only makes it worse. A Real Boy Norm. Just try not to feel terrible for that lovable 'killer robot man' during this episode.

Especially at the end, when it looks like Doof is about to apologize to him. Given the show's and Doof's track record, you know what's coming, and it's simultaneously hilarious and heart breaking to hear "There's someone I always have considered family, and that person is At least he took it well Let's Bounce Doof gets hit by his own Truthinator, which causes him to say "Secretly I'm very lonely.

Doofenshmirtz and Perry's relationship

This sounds funny, and, for the most part, it is. That is, up until the song. The first annual L. Pageant of Evil is being hosted, and the first event is about hurting an elderly woman's feelings.


It's hard not to feel sorry for the old lady. Meapless in Seattle This list has featured a break up between a bully and nerd, a girl who loves a duck, and a bully losing his fish. They can make you cry over a balloon popping. Note that said balloon has a creepy-looking Uncanny Valley face, and that still doesn't make it any easier to see it go.

Upon thinking that everything is done for, Candace records a tearful farewell message for her mother on her phone. Yes, it is a reference to The Blair Witch Projectand yes, what she says does become a bit oddbut it is honestly, one of the most emotionally charged things she has said since her "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted".

phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

Boot of Secrets Candace works so hard to get a rare Ducky Momo collectible at the swapmeet, though Doofenshmirtz's latest invention causes the final item to trade with the man with the collectible becomes new again instead of rusty.

The saddest part is that it wasn't anything that could affect the show itselfand fate just felt like being mean to her. Especially harsh if you actually collect plushies or figurines.

Moments like this can be too close to home. Perry having to stay behind to go on a mission while the Flynn-Fletcher family goes on vacation. Especially sad is Phineas' disappointment in not being able to bring Perry along.

Part Two Continuing the trend of odd subject: We have a depressing soulful song about Candace The opening of the song is especially sad in context of Candace's character: Makes it even more depressing when you can relate to this song. Having people telling you what to think and being stressed out by society is the major issue teenagers are having these days.

It really makes you want to live with monkeys! And when the real Candace asks it why it decided to save her, it simply replies, "No Jeremy robot for me. To elaborate on Doof's breakdown: He constantly repeats "It's all my fault!

At the beginning, Buford briefly lets slip how much he depends on the others' friendship.

phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

He's afraid that without them he'll turn into a 'cat kid' the kid equivalent of a cat lady. Basically, he's sure that he'd go nuts without them, because no one else would ever hang out with him. Again, Buford is one lonely kid.

This Is Your Backstory Yes, its a clipshow. A clipshow of Doofensmirtz's highly depressing life, where the true horribleness of his childhood, high-school years and love-life nearly makes him succumb to true evil Balloony dies for real. Made worse by the fact that it's only mentioned as an offhand remark. Season 4 Happy Birthday, Isabella After Stacy finds out that Perry is a secret agent, you can see he's upset about having to erase her mind.

Oh, come on, he's warming up to the idea. Why are you causing trouble in Canada, Doofenshmirtz? Well, you see, I'm part of a U.

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I come up with a scheme, This other Canadian guy comes up with a scheme, and we switch. I do his scheme and he does mine. You gonna eat those fries? Anyway I've got a little math quiz for the both of you. If a train carrying Precious Albert the Moose left British Columbia at eight o'clock in the morning, going eighty mile per hour, what time would it arrive at the Canada Day celebration?

Because I've tied up the conductor, and taken control of the train using my remote control Train-Operator-inator! Right now we are all headed to my scheme exchange partner's secret fortress.

Lyla reaches for the fries again Hey cut it out, those are mine.

phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

Seriously, I can get the waiter over here if you want to order own, but please? This evil exchange partner of yours, what his name? I think his name was Sir Railing, or Doctor Stairway, or something. Of course, my nemesis. Can I put some gravy on those?

Seriously, leave my lunch alone. Anyway, after Professor Banister gets the moose, it's going to ruin Canada Day, or you know, whatever. You know what's really crazy? How good these fries are. I am not kidding, leave those alone. I just don't understand it, why do you take my lunch, when you're in the dining car you can have you're own lunch.

Oh it makes me crazy when people pick at my food. Lyla winks at Perry, and Perry understands Seriously, why is your hand out like that? I am seriously going to lose it.

Perry takes a fry Aw, now you're both doing it!? Oh no, even taking them but just squishing them! I can't take it. Doofenshmirtz stands up and screams loudly Get your own lunch! Everyone on the train looks at Doofenshmirtz Woman: Everybody in the car begins screaming and yelling Waiter: I can't stand being a waiter!

Very clever, you've completely dismantled my societal convention trap. Doofenshmirtz runs off Lyla: Let's get that "n-ator"! It's pronounced "-inator" Doofenshmirtz runs down another car, but trips Doofenshmirtz: To the tied up conductor You did that on purpose!

phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

Alright Doofenshmirtz, end of the line! Ah, train metaphors, so that's how it-- Perry and Doofenshmirtz fight over the -inator, which flies out of their hands Lyla: It hits her Ow!

Perry grabs the -inator Lyla: Let me se- I know how to- just give me- The -inator flies out of their hands, and Doofenshmirtz grabs it Doofenshmirtz: Perry kicks Doofenshmirtz down Lyla: I don't know, I think he's warming up to it. That's the Canadian side of the train! Perry drags Doofenshmirtz over a bit to the American side of the train, then punches him Doofenshmirtz: You know I think I"m going back to the Canadian side. Oh no yo don't, I'm on the American side now, you can't touch me.

Perry throws a punch Canada. Lyla does the same 'Merica. Perry hits him Ow! Oh, it's on now. As they all fight Ha, take that. This is for William Hull, and the War oflook it up kids. I've got him P, cuff him. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Lyla, Perry and the Conductor rise from behind the seats Ooh, Sorry. The bathroom door is shown closing Lyla: Open up big guy. Oh, oh sorry, I didn't realize you had to uh.

You know what they have in here, they have those tiny soaps, they make my hands look so big, it's like I'm a giant. Perry and Lyla enter the bathroom, only to see Doofenshmirtz is gone, and the window is open Lyla: I can't believe it! He left the seat up! I'm up here Perry the Platypus! Perry climbs up to get Doofenshmirtz Lyla: She climbs up as well, and they begin to chase Doofenshmirtz Lyla: The train take a sharp turn, and Lyla looses her balance, hanging on by just one hand.

Perry grabs her, and they both fall off the train Lyla: An old time-y handcar! I've got an idea, come on. P, what are you doing?

phineas and ferb sidetracked ending a relationship

This is a handcar; there's a trick to it! Look, if we're going to catch the train, we're going to have to work together. We've gotta get in sync, develop a rhythm. Watch, I'll show you. Don't push up, just push down; I'll push down on my side. The music starts going even faster Lyla: Ah, I see a little platypus smile there! Now we're cookin' with gas! It's better when we work together! Doofenshmirtz walks over You know the train doesn't seem to be stopping at any of the scheduled stations.

Is that a fact?