Planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

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planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

Planet of the Apes () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more What's the deal with the technology of the apes? What exactly happened at the end?. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes may thrill audiences this weekend, but it likely won't spark the long-running debate that has surrounded 's. In , acclaimed director Tim Burton released a new version of Planet of the . fan of the original Planet of the Apes, Fox commissioned Rifkin to write a sequel. .. Burton commented, "I have a relationship with both of them, so that decision.

Stan and his son made a demo reel of improvisational stuff in the makeup under the direction of Chris Columbus. An ape astronaut from another planet crash-lands in New York harbor, launching a virus that will make human beings extinct.

Susan Landis, who works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alexander Troy, an Area 51 scientist, and a team of pilots and scientists use the ape's spacecraft to return to the virus' planet of origin, hoping to find an antidote. They find an urban ape civilization, led by 'Lord Zaius', where apes armed with heavy weapons hunt speechless humans. Dodge, a Jamaican astronaut, suffers the same fate as the original's Landon, while male astronaut Stewart didn't survive the trip.

Landis and Troy discover the antidote and return to Earth, only to find in their year absence that apes have taken over the planet. Once again it was met with a lot of enthusiasm.

The following Summer, Cameron's version was reportedly planned to fit in with the existing continuity of the original Apes movie arc, drawing elements particularly from the first film and its sequel. It is intended for the new film to open the same way as the first, with the exact same footage of Taylor aboard his spacecraft.

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The ship still crash-lands in a lake but the lake is no longer in the middle of a desert - it is now sitting alongside a research facility. The story soon shifts to thirty years later, when five time-traveling astronauts from the 's arrive at the research facility.

The facility, mostly burned out, has been abandoned. The astronauts hike across the Forbidden Zone. A spooky hooded sniper stalks the astronauts and manages to kill one.

Caesar 's role in the development of this new ape society has given the chimpanzees more dominance. Science has been allowed to flourish, which makes the planet more technologically advanced than it was in the first film.

But the balance of power is more uneasy and tensions are dangerously high among the different ape factions. The gorillas, whose aggression hasn't been stifled by chimps and orangutans, long ago slaughtered the small population of mutants living in the underground ruins of Manhattan. Air travel has allowed other types of apes to come to Ape City. Gibbons care little for science, religion or war - they are the artists and playboys.

A descendant of Caesar, a bizarre mix of chimpanzee and gibbon, has been voted prime minister of Ape City although he doesn't see himself so much as an elected official as a royal heir. He is a perverted, insane egomaniac, pretty much a simian Caligua. The survivors of the astronaut crew befriend an eccentric old orangutan, who tells them he had met astronauts before. He tells them that one of these earlier astronauts - 'a real gun nut' - took the best looking human babe and dragged her off with him into the wilderness.

Taylor has kept busy with the local women and has sired a large brood of intelligent humans. Landon is the religious leader of a savage community. Dodge has managed to become lobotomized but there's a little twist to how this has happened.

They're there, and they're as potent as ever. On the other hand, I've always thought it would be very sensible to continue the canon and I can't imagine why nobody's done so. It's saying they're going to go find their life, and develop their colony, and their own culture. Taylor and Nova mating are going to produce an unusual offspring.

So, that's where they need to start.

Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: A Franchise Through the Centuries

It would be good to see them thirty years later and actually see their children grown, and Taylor is really in charge of this development. However in December, Fox rejected Hyams as director and Cameron, disillusioned, quit the project. Schwarzenegger also ended his association with the movie around this time. China Beach, Apollo 13 initially turned down the chance to write a script, but changed his mind "when I found out I could have an extensive amount of creative control".

Michael Bay was reported as director, but soon turned down the director's position to helm Pearl Harbor. In an initial treatment dated 4 AugustWilliam Broyles gave considerable attention to the alien planet setting; " Ashlar " is a planet warmed by twin suns in a galaxy beyond the Crab Nebulae.

Originally wooded, it is now largely deforested. Legends say it was settled by apes and humans who came from beyond the suns a thousand years ago, led by the humans Moses and Daena and the apes Abraham and Zophie. They sent 'The Guardians' - a faction who rebelled against Moses - into exile on the spaceship Wadza to wander in and out of the worm-hole that had brought them there, and they limited the use if technology to ensure peaceful co-existence of the species.

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Derkein was once a republic but the 'Ramula Rebellion' established an empire. Its patron goddess is Tara, a human who suckled the twin chimp founders of Derkein after a Great Migration but, as with the wolf in Roman legend, humans are both worshipped and killed by the apes of Derkein, reduced to the roles of slave and gladiator.

Garuda is separated from Derkein by the desert of Og, the river Gamesh and the land of Cham, inhabited by hermits, sorcerers and outcasts. The "Clonfert Confederation" lies to the south of Derkien across the river Liffey, inhabited by a collection of barbarian human tribes.

Other territories exist on the planet but pay homage to Derkein. Emperor Mithras disappeared two years ago while trying to recover the body of his son Migal, who had been slain by the Clonfert humans. Together, the Centurions invade Clonfert and capture human leader Kirubi with the help of Kirubi's treacherous brother Nica and Leo Davidsonwho crashed to the planet during the battle.

Leo had been separated from his ship, the Oberonand captured by the Wadza, but with the help of the sympathetic Zervan had escaped in a pod to the planet surface. After his victory Thade is crowned Emperor of Derkein, but jails his old friend Baldar and plans to marry Ari himself, for political reasons.

Daenaa beautiful human slave, arranges for both Leo and Baldar to escape jail and flee to Garuda, where Leo pretends to be the returned Moses and convinces the government of Garuda to invade Derkein. In the subsequent battle Baldar kills Thade and goes on to marry Ari, and together they rule Derkein. Leo returns to the Wadza and discovers that his destiny is to return to Earth.

planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

Travelling through the worm-hole he arrives on Earth long after he had left, and finds that apes have taken over. He leads a group of migrants back through the worm-hole, arriving at Ashlar long before his first visit. He is, in fact, Moses.

planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

The script focused on the film action and revised some of the background information outlined in the treatment. Opening aboard the Oberon on 12 0ctoberthe crew characters that Leo interacts with have different names than in the finished film.

After losing the chimp test-pilot PericlesLeo again encounters the space-ship Wadza, but it has a less significant role in his journey. Now, the founders of civilisation on the planet were the human David, who is still revered by humans, and the ape Semoswho is the preferred deity of the apes.

planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

They guided the Wadza from the stars to Ashlar years earlier in the Great Migration. Kirubi remains the leader of the human tribes of Clonfert, but now Daena is his daughter, and Gunnar is her intended husband. Leo arrives on the planet as the Clonfert humans are defeating the Derkein apes in battle, but Thade proclaims Leo's ship as a sign from Semos and turns the tide, sending the humans fleeing past Leo as he climbs from the crashed pod. By order of Kirubi, Daena flees to Garuda taking the space-pod with her, while Kirubi, Gunnar and Leo are captured and taunted by Kirubi's treacherous brother Nica.

The victory parade through Derkein resembles a mixture of ancient Rome and the Nuremberg rallies, with painted tableaux showing the army crossing the Liffey river into Clonfert.

King Mithras of Derkein is dead, but his daughter Ari has refused the crown, believing that the power corrupted her father. She prefers that the Senate should rule Derkein as a republic, but she agrees with Baldar, the Senate and the priests that Thade should be named king until order is restored and the threat from the Empire of Kronos is overcome. In captivity in Derkein, Gunnar is sent to his death fighting in the gladiator arena, but Leo and Kirubi are soon joined by Zervan, the court jester, and Baldar, who have fallen out of favour with Thade.

Separately, Ari and Daena each seek the help of network of underground resistance activists, who in turn arrange for Parmenio the gladiator to help all four escape their cell. Kirubi sacrifices his freedom in order to allow the others to flee. On their way to Garuda the group encounter the dragon-like Glurks, who kill Parmenio. Thade then appears and captures the outlaws, forcing Ari to marry him, and executing Kirubi in front of the others. Nica then helps Daena and Baldar to escape, but is killed by Thade as a result, while Zervan and the newly-arrived Pericles rescue Leo.

Baldar then kills Thade and marries Ari, who is proclaimed queen of Derkein. Leo finds a holographic recording of his older self, advising his younger self to return to Earth, enjoy more adventures, and to eventually lead a migration from Earth to Ashlar.

Leo ultimately leaves, travelling alone in Pericles' space-pod. To make it even more ironic, his character has the same name as Zaius, the orangutan who tried to stop Taylor from being free in the first film.

planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

Before Zaius dies, he says about humans, "Damn them. Damn them all to hell! God damn you all to hell! Davidson arrives on an alternate Earth where the Abraham Lincoln statue is now an "Ape Lincoln" statue with a plaque that says it is in memory of General Thade. Davidson is then surrounded by police officers and firefighters who are apes.

planet of the apes mark wahlberg ending a relationship

According to Helena Bonham Carter, "Thade beat him there. Davidson was sent back to the Earth of 3, years earlier, but Thade, although leaving much later, ended up earlier than Davidson.

The reason this happened is that the order in which someone exits the electromagnetic storm is the reverse order of whoever entered it. In other words, it's an inverse relationship. This is the reason the Oberon crashed on Ashlar before Davidson did and Pericles landed after Davidson. One theory is that Thade arrived on Earth somewhere in the 19th century. There, he staged a revolt among the apes, not unlike Semos once had done, making the apes once again the dominant species on the planet.

So when Davidson arrived years later, he found his own planet conquered by the apes, and a monument erected in Thade's honor. Another theory is that Thade arrived after the Oberon went through the electromagnetic storm in and that Davidson actually returned on 26 Octoberthe last year seen on the chronometer.

Rather than an alternate timeline, Thade would have led the apes of Earth without changing the past centuries and had the Lincoln monument changed in his honor during the or so years before Davidson's return. This explanation would explain why Washington still looks the same as it ever did. It has been suggested by some that Davidson may have landed on a future version of Ashlar that appears similar to Earth. However, the planet that he lands on at the end of the film does not appear to have two moons, and given that Davidson set a course for Earth's location at the end, it would be unlikely that he'd end up on another planet.

It has also been suggested that Davidson landed on a different planet, neither Ashlar nor Earth, that is ruled by apes. If this is so, then the reason that their Washington D. Another very unlikely theory is that the anomaly took Leo Davidson to an alternate universe where Earth is ruled by apes, and the Thade in that universe is not the Thade from Ashlar, but a version of him that lived on an alternate Earth.