Polyamorous relationship pros and cons

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polyamorous relationship pros and cons

I would like to know what people who have dealt with polyamory think the pros and cons are. If you see something I don't have in the list below. Jun 9, Polyamorous and monogamous relationships have their perks and downsides. It is all about the choice you make. There are pros and cons to every type of relationship. So, what exactly are polyamorous relationships? And, how can you know if polyamory is right for you?.

A poly lifestyle accepts that one person can't be everything to someone else.

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

It allows you to love, without needing the object of your affection to meet all of your imagined expectations. It's a fact that we see our love interests differently in the early stages of attraction. The realization that our Prince Charming isn't quite the prince although he may still be quite charming can destroy a relationship.

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

An open approach to relationships can encourage you to be real with your partners, and let them be real with you. Multiple partners means that you have a stronger support network.

Our Polyamorous Relationship Rules and Boundaries

If you get sick and need someone to take care of you, you have multiple people to call, and you don't have to lean on only one person who may have their own problems to deal with. Polyamory doesn't mean "many sexual partners", it means "many loves.

Polyamory: Pros and Cons

But having an open attitude can free you to become deeper friends with people of the opposite sex, something you might be scared to do if you are in a conventional monogamous relationship, because you fear that your friendship might become something deeper and threaten your romantic relationship. Knowing that someone supports you and loves you no matter what might let encourage you to be more open and receptive to loving and caring for other people. Our society suffers from a "scarcity" mentality.

We think that love can only be a certain way, and there's not much of it to go around. We save ourselves for the perfect person, because we are afraid of squandering our love and our lives on someone who's not perfect. A family member is in trouble or passes away. Having multiple partners to bring chicken soup or vent about your boss with or cry on their shoulders can offer incredible emotional and physical support. And when living together, combining incomes and extra help with household chores and raising kids can make life much easier for everyone.

However, it can be very unpleasant to experience on both ends! Balancing schedules and parenting duties when kids are involvedprocessing emotions and relationship dynamics, and striving to meet diverse expectations can sometimes make poly feel like a Cirque du Soleil act. As a result, secondaries often pay a heavy toll when their partners do not acknowledge them publicly.

Pros and Cons of Polyamory

Adding polyamory as a dating criteria reduces this pool of potential partners considerably, especially in less populated areas and locations where there is widespread intolerance of alternative lifestyles. And men tend to have an even harder time finding poly partners than women, which often leads to imbalance and frustration within open couples. In poly relationships, there is both more change and more people to negotiate with, which makes boundaries and expectations an ever moving target. You may develop a deep intellectual connection with someone that makes your old partner seem dull in comparison.

Or a new partner takes your sex life to a whole new level and you are no longer interested in the vanilla sex or lack of sex you had before. This can be scary for the original partner, especially when it seems their worst fear is being realized by their partner being lured away by a [younger or more beautiful, intelligent, compatible, etc.

Pros/Cons of a polyamorous relationship : polyamory

OR, it can be an opportunity to appreciate and accept our differences and perhaps even to explore new ways of relating to those we love.

For a few months we just dated and everything about the relationship was open. At some point we decided not to sleep with other people if we were going to have sex.

About four or five months in we decided that we would move in together where she was moving for her new job and that in order to avoid complications w. I had just graduated and would be looking for a new job.

We both understood that it was highly likely that I would have to move away, and we both somewhat assumed that the relationship would end when this happened.

polyamorous relationship pros and cons

I always left open the possibility that we might try to work something out regarding my job when that time came around. I get the feeling that she did not, either due to thinking that I didn't think that was a possibility or not wanting that herself. Either way, we're currently content with just spending our time together, despite the unreliable future. Although the job thing is likely to pop up in the next six months.