Prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

He's travelling with the King's party when he's shipwrecked with the other passengers on Prospero's island. The thing to know about Gonzalo is that he's a really. READING QUESTIONS How did Prospero and Miranda come to be on the island? What do Antonio and Sebastian want to do to Alonso and Gonzalo? Ariel stage a masque, or symbolic pageant, celebrating betrothal and marriage ( IV.i). The Tempest Questions and Answers - Discover the community of Prospero uses Ariel's magic to safeguard Gonzalo and the King of Naples. . lost his daughter Claribel to marriage, and now, shipwrecked on a deserted island.

Analysis Prospero tells Miranda their history as a way to inform the audience of this important information. In addition, the audience needs to know what events motivate Prospero's decision to stir up the storm and why the men onboard the ship are his enemies — several share responsibility for Prospero's isolation. By sharing this information, Miranda — and the audience — can conclude that Prospero is justified in seeking retribution.

At the very least, Prospero must make Miranda sympathetic to this choice. It is also important that Prospero gain the audience's sympathy because his early treatment of both Ariel and Caliban depict him in a less than sympathetic light.

Ariel and Caliban are both little more than slaves to Prospero's wishes, and, in the initial interactions between Prospero and Ariel and Prospero and Caliban, the audience may think Prospero callous and cruel. He has clearly promised Ariel freedom and then denied it, and he treats Caliban as little more than an animal. The audience needs to understand that cruel circumstance and the machinations of men have turned Prospero into a different man than he might otherwise have been.

But Prospero's character is more complex than this scene reveals, and the relationship between these characters more intricate also. During the course of the story, Prospero repeatedly asks Miranda if she is listening. This questioning may reveal her distraction as she worries about the well-being of the ship's passengers. Miranda is loving toward her father, but at the same time, she does not lose sight of the human lives he is placing at risk.

The Tempest: Scene-by-scene questions and answers

However, his questioning is equally directed toward the audience. Prospero also wants to make sure that the audience is listening to his story, since he will return to the audience in the Epilogue and seek their judgment. It is clear from Prospero's story that he had been a poor ruler, more interested in his books than in his responsibilities.

Prospero, therefore, is not entirely blameless in the events that occurred in Milan. Antonio could not so easily seize power from an involved and attentive ruler. This information mitigates Antonio's actions in seizing his brother's place and is important because this play is not a tragedy. In order for the comedic or romantic ending to succeed, none of the villains can be beyond redemption or reconciliation.

It is equally important that Prospero not be beyond redemption. Prospero must be heroic, and this he cannot be if he is perceived as vengeful. Ariel reassures the audience as well as Prospero that the ship and its crew have been saved and the passengers are safely on the island. No one has been hurt or lost at sea.

prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

What does Stephano think Trinculo and Caliban together are? What is their plan, and what happens to it?

prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

To what extent would you call this plan revolutionary? What role does Ariel play in III. The Harpies are characters from classical mythology who punish a bad king by always destroying his meals with their filth.

What role do the Harpies play in III. Why is Gonzalo the only character who doesn't see and hear the speech given by Ariel in the form of a Harpy?

prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

What is Prospero's major admonition to Ferdinand and Miranda? Why do you think he is so concerned about this? For the benefit of Ferdinand and Miranda, Prospero has Ariel stage a masque, or symbolic pageant, celebrating betrothal and marriage IV.

Ceres, goddess of the harvest and fertility, and Juno, goddess of marriage, as well as Iris, the goddess of the rainbow associated with covenant or contractall have speaking parts. Why isn't Venus invited to the wedding masque? What makes Prospero interrupt the masque? How does Ariel get the best of the low-life plotters? Does Prospero plan to continue to practice magic when his plan is brought to completion V.


Who first asks Prospero for forgiveness? Who might you expect to ask Prospero for forgiveness? What does Miranda mean by the phrase, "Brave new world" V. Prospero presents himself as the civilized discoverer of a desert island, with Caliban and Ariel as its not-quite-human inhabitants.

Ariel's account of his part in the storm, and the bewitching of Ferdinand are examples of the Supernatural. The love of Ferdinand and Miranda for each other is an expression of Romance. What description of the island does Gonzalo give?

What does Ariel do for Gonzalo? He prevents Gonzalo from being killed while asleep by Antonio and Sebastian, by singing in his ear and waking him. LinesScene i.

The Tempest

What is the dramatic purpose of this humorous scene? To contrast with the tragic; it temporarily relieves the mental and emotional strain of the spectators of the drama. The final result is to make the tragedy more effective by means of contrast. What task does Prospero impose upon Ferdinand? The task of removing and repiling several thousand logs. Compare the love scene of Miranda and Ferdinand with that of Romeo and Juliet; in what are they alike; how do they differ?

The love scenes of Miranda and Ferdinand and Romeo and Juliet are alike in that all four fall in love at first sight; that their fathers are enemies; that both girls are very young and childlike; that they profess their love at once.

The scenes differ in that Miranda does not recognize her feeling for Ferdinand because she has never heard of such a thing as love; while Juliet recognizes her feeling for Romeo at once, — her mother has already discussed marriage with her. The love of Ferdinand and Miranda adds brightness and light to the play while that of Romeo and Juliet bursts forth with a passion which portends tragedy.

prospero and gonzalo relationship questions

Give as good a description as you can of Caliban.