Putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

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putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said he is proud that he and President Dmitry Medvedev have managed to build an effective working. Gallery: Putin and Medvedev together at work and at play. Transcript for the FRONTLINE film Putin's Way. in— abuse of power, abuse of his official position, involvement in relations with organized crime, .. NARRATOR: Tests showed that the bags contained an exclusive military explosive called hexagon. .. NARRATOR: In , Putin moved Medvedev aside and took back the.

In his biography, Putin called it utter nonsense, totally insane. No Chechens were ever charged. Others arrested were convicted in secret trials, and still others in trials tainted by allegations of forced confessions. People who tried to investigate the apartment bombings in many cases ended up dead— Yuri Shchekochikhin, Sergei Yushenkov, Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya. Sergey Markov is a political analyst and often speaks for Vladimir Putin.

There have been a number of credible investigations that have concluded that this was the work of the FSB and could not have happened without the knowledge of Mr.

It was no credible investigation which shows that that had been done by FSB. All this propagandistic, quasi-investigation, just using tricks and so on. I already heard about this story about the FSB exploded the building in Moscow maybe hundreds of times.

And all these people free? There were three attempts in the Russian Duma to investigate the events in Ryazan. Mikhail Trepashkin was asked to help with one of those Duma investigations. A week before he was due to report his findings, he was stopped by the police.

Why are you putting that in my car? Trepashkin was sent to prison for two years. He came out and again spoke about his investigation of the apartment bombings, and was arrested and jailed for another two years. Well, the apartment buildings saved the Yeltsin system.

putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

They saved the corrupt division of property that took place after the fall of the Soviet Union. They cost thousands of innocent lives, both Russian and Chechnyan, by starting a new war. His first act as president was to grant his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, immunity from prosecution. Case numberthat corruption investigation in St.

'He's more popular': Medvedev defends Putin's latest presidential bid

Petersburg, quietly went away. It was explained to us that criminal investigations are not pursued in relation to the president. Investigator Zykov says he still wonders how things might have been different had he been allowed to continue with his case. People would respect civil law because everyone would understand that if the president can be prosecuted, then in essence, our officials would understand that the law has to be protected.

As it now stands, Russia has no law. In the early years of his presidency, there was hope that Putin would live up to his billing and take Russia on a path closer to the West— democratic, liberal and capitalist.

Under Putin, they hoped for even more business and new legitimacy. On the left, the richest of all, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

Khodorkovsky was concerned about a new U. At the same time, bycorruption was already the key method of state governance used by the bureaucrats, and bureaucrats started to demand the kind of money that was impossible to hide. One had to make a choice, build companies that are open and list them, or do business Russian style— in other words, pay bribes, receive privileges, but remain within a closed system.

We decided the question was worth discussing. Khodorkovsky asked if he could speak frankly and made the case that it was time for Russia to change its ways. That is 10 to 12 percent of GDP.

putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

As I understand it, what you are essentially doing with the television cameras running was accusing the president of Russia of running a corrupt state. Yes, I did accuse his inner circle and him of creating a model that uses corruption as its backbone, and he told me that we, too, took part in creating that model. Putin reminded him that his oil company, Yukos, was facing tax problems.

putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

It has settled its tax problems. But how did those problems arise in the first place? It was a veiled threat. Of course I did. But I thought he would choose the European model.

And I was not the only one thinking that because it was obviously more beneficial for the country. Khodorkovsky was also perceived as a political threat. He had been funding opposition parties and spending money to promote democracy. The meeting in the Kremlin had sealed his fate.

'He's more popular': Medvedev defends Putin's latest presidential bid

He was arrested, his oil company dismantled and divided among Putin loyalists. Today, he lives in exile in Switzerland and has no doubts about the system Putin put in place.

A model like this does not exist, so he started to slide towards at first mild totalitarianism, and then an increasingly harsh totalitarianism. If the situation develops further, he will reach a full totalitarian model. In reality, every authoritarian system is a kleptocracy. Some early evidence of that kleptocracy and how it worked was found inwhen police raided the offices of a small company called SPAG in a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany. Author and journalist Jurgen Roth has written extensively about the raid, which targeted money laundering in several countries allegedly by St.

In this report, they mentioned the SPAG as a company who has close links to criminal organizations, the so-called Tambovskaya mafia in St. And so they— it was money that was being— being laundered in Germany.

Laundered in Germany through investments in real estate. He only stepped aside when he became president. It was a political affair. They must inform at this time Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Schroeder get informed, or would like to be informed about this investigation. Why he would like to be informed? It was so high level. To this day, Gerhard Schroeder and Vladimir Putin are close friends who celebrate birthdays together. What happened to the investigation in the end? It finished without any result.

Schroeder has never publicly addressed the case, but their friendship provoked a scandal in Germany in Gerhard Schroeder epitomizes the scandal in Germany.

In his early days in office, Putin went on a charm offensive towards the West. He believed he was committed to the best interests of his country. Putin was trained in the KGB to deceive foreigners. He has a very sharp eye for human weakness. But boy, does he do it. Early on, British prime minister Tony Blair was charmed by him. And as with Germany, their two economies would become even more entangled. It fueled massive corruption, and much of that money was flowing into London.

The City of London, which has made a huge amount of money out of laundering Russian money over the years. The city is ultimately [unintelligible] of the British economy, and it runs on Russian money. Valery Morozov is a Russian construction magnate who now lives in exile in London. His company has done projects for the Kremlin, most recently on the scandal-ridden Sochi Olympics. But finally, he says, the corruption under Putin had gone beyond what he could live with.

Yeltsin was bought and supported by criminals. So he changed immediately the whole system, but not changed— he made it different. He made it in order. It is a system. So the system is a system of mutual support and tribute. If you are on a list of possible people who might be approached to be a member of the Duma, for example, you have to pay for your seat. Same thing all across all sectors. Sergei Kolesnikov is another Russian tycoon who lives in exile. He fled to Talinn, Estonia. He has intimate knowledge of how the system works and how, he says, corruption goes right to the top.

Russia: Untangling the Putin-Medvedev Relationship

So every businessman dreams about giving presents and gaining protection. A business put money into a charity— in this case, Pole of Hope. And it was Medvedev, say various sources, who proposed replacing, a string of long-serving regional governors. Ultimately only one of the governors left, but only because other authorities were afraid of removing the rest. And while Medvedev did clear candidacies for the gubernatorial replacements with Putin, they would not have emerged without Medvedev's prompting, says political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin.

Other Medvedev efforts have had mixed results. His anti-corruption package reached the Duma in severely truncated form, and his plan to publicize the incomes of top Russian officials was defeated. The wealthiest person in the government proved to be First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov—or rather, his wife—even though Shuvalov is not among the top ten in the Moscow government building known as the White House in terms of income, says a government source.

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In foreign policy Medvedev has been even less of a factor, making no personal decisions aside from last summer's sign-off on the G8 statement on Zimbabwe. There wasn't much point as it turned out: Still, a dearth of decision does not mean a dearth of ambition.

putin and medvedev relationship quizzes

Officials say that Medvedev, undeterred by the initial failure of his agenda, is trying again. And this time, he's doing it without support from the top. In a recent burst of activity, Medvedev pardoned 12 people, gave a wide-ranging interview to opposition weekly Novaya Gazeta-his first with a Russian newspaper-and met with liberal economists from INSOR [the Institute of Contemporary Development] as well as with human rights advocates. On April 21, a Moscow court unexpectedly ordered the early release of Svetlana Bakhmina, a mother of three and former lawyer for Yukos, the oil company formerly owned by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the onetime oligarch who famously clashed with Putin and now resides in prison in the Russian city of Krasnokamensk.

Because, say sources, Medvedev want to distinguish himself without pitting himself against Putin. The approach seems to be working. It is unknown, for instance, what Putin thinks of the judicial changes that Medvedev has launched, but they are in high gear, sources in the Kremlin and in the establishment confirm.

Medvedev's agenda includes improving judicial transparency and allowing judges to be appointed for life rather than requiring them to be reconfirmed by the Kremlin every three years—a proposal that is widely expected to be adopted.

Shortly in the aftermath of the conflict, Medvedev formulated a 5-point strategy of the Russian foreign policy, which has become known as the Medvedev Doctrine.

On 30 Septemberthe European Union —sponsored Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia stated that, while preceded by months of mutual provocations, "open hostilities began with a large-scale Georgian military operation against the town of Tskhinvali and the surrounding areas, launched in the night of 7 to 8 August Before this, Russian officials, such as the Finance Minister, Alexei Kudrinhad said they believed Russia would be safe, due to its stable macroeconomic situation and substantial reserves accumulated during the years of growth.

The economic situation stabilised inbut substantial growth did not resume until Instead of launching the reforms, the government and the Presidency had to focus their efforts on anti-crisis measures and handling the foreign policy implications of the war. Medvedev made space technology and telecommunications one of the priority areas of his modernisation programme In the economic sphere, Medvedev has launched a modernisation programme which aims at modernising Russia's economy and society, decreasing the country's dependency on oil and gas revenues and creating a diversified economy based on high technology and innovation.

Medvedev said the money from privatisation should be used to help modernise the economy and the regions should be rewarded for finding their own sources of cash. In MayMedvedev established the Presidential Commission on Innovation, which he will personally chair every month.

The commission comprises almost the entire Russian government and some of the best minds from academia and business. Russian police reform Medvedev made reforming Russia's law enforcement one of his top agendas, the reason for which was a shooting started by a police officer in April in one of Moscow's supermarkets. Medvedev initiated the reform at the end ofwith a presidential decree issued on 24 December ordering the government to start planning the reform.

In early August a draft law was posted on the Internet at the address http: