Rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

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rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

Toshiro Hitsugaya is the short captain of the tenth division. Rangiku Matsumoto is his lieutenant. His Zanpakuto, Hyorinmaru, is an ice. Rukia, Crystal, Ikkaku, and Yumichika went inside, leaving Rangiku And I don't think that either of them are ready for a serious relationship!. reason 1. she had a thing for gin they were quite close. they were also the same age they both loved each others quite alot she was cring after gin died. you can.

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My captain and I are so close, we're practically family. What can you tell us about his real personality? What is he like behind closed doors? Well, everyone thinks he is a cold hearted robot, but in reality, he is such a little sweetheart! He's really adorable and cute.

rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

He also loves cuddles! That was why I was so shocked to realise how much he'd grown up since I found him wandering helplessly around Junrinan. I'm really happy for him! In fact, it was my idea in the first place to lock them in that chamber.

I think it's really paid off, I just hope I get a thank you for my efforts. We have received reports that you knew he was straight, even before his interest in Rukia; would you care to explain how you knew about his sexuality?

It all started when I was looking in his bedroom for some reports and I discovered a certain magazine that I had seen once in the human world. It was full of pictures of naked women and tips for sex. My poor captain was so embarrassed, he even tried to blame it on our Head Captain. No, of course not! To answer the question of how I knew he was straight, let's just say 'women's intuition', and of course, how could any man have me for a lieutenant and be gay?

Rolling his eyes and sighing, Toshiro hoped that the cover up would be enough to sway people from the truth.

rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

It's a nice change. The captain was surprised the newspaper had managed to get so many submissions in overnight, but as he looked down at the artists, he noticed most of them were SWA members. Most of the artwork was terrible, but some of it was kind of hot; Toshiro made a note to keep this copy of the Seireitei News. In all honestly, he was nowhere near as furious as he should have been.

rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

He just couldn't bring himself to be that angry, especially not when he was in such a good mood from the night before. Even waking up had been fantastic; Rukia had looked so peaceful and cute asleep, he'd tried not wake her up.

He'd managed to get as far as pulling on his kosode and had his hakama pants up to his mid thighs when he'd turned around to look for his obi but instead was greeted with the all too sexy image of Rukia's ass. It was mostly covered by a thin sheet but Toshiro knew what was under the cover. The way her back curved in bed, almost pronouncing her shape, was beyond sexy.

rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

He didn't know how long he'd been staring when Rukia awoke, her mouth twitching smugly when he still couldn't take his eyes off her.

She hadn't even said anything, just making a small gesture with her hand to beckon him back to her side and Toshiro was there instantly, clothes sliding back off as he slid under the sheet beside her.

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This though makes him very vulnerable since everyone knows this and it can be taken advantage of. Hitsugaya always protects and cares very deeply about those close to him. You can see this in his relationship with his vice captain Matsumoto Rangiku.

She is very easy-going and would normally be a type he hated, but they are actually quite close. He spent his early life living together with his grandmother and his childhood friend Hinamori Momo. Hitsugaya was feared by everyone in the district except for Momo and his grandmother, and he was considered as a person who was cold as ice. He pondered a lot about this since he hadn't done anything at all to them.

One day Hinamori was chosen to be a Shinigami Death God and left the district. This departure made Toshiro very lonely. He bumps in to her, falls to the ground and she yells at him for "not being a man and crying about it". Later that night Toshiro had a very realistic dream with a huge, serpentine dragon calling out to him. Well Nnoitra uses it to torture others, and blackmail with. Eventually 6 gets pregnant with 10's child but convinces 10's it's theirs. When the child is born it looks suspiciously like Pikachu.

How does everyone react when 1 blabs out the entire scandal? You're answer must include dialogue. Ulquiorra knew it was something he should'nt say but he did it for entertainment because he's just messed up like that. Ulquiorra suggested "Since Szayle expriments on himself and Ichigo had sex with him Icigo passed something onto Hanataro causing you to give birth And for it looking like Pikachu Ulquiorra thought Szyale should'nt be talking considering the fact that Szayle has been gettin' it on wit Yllforte.

He decided to Ichigo when he got bored again. They know an apocolpyse is coming near, or that teenage horemone's can be a bitch. Grimmjow is pissed that it's happening in his room.

The couple are devastated and blame one another.

rangiku and toshiro relationship quizzes

They began to have affairs, 8 has an affair with 4, but 9, who is mentally unstable, has an affair with a spoon. Their beautiful child, 2, grows up to be 1's little bitch-whore in all the commotion, then Jesus magically comes down and slaughter's 2's family for being too retarded. He goes back up to heaven, in peace. Later on 2 discovers that they are pregnant, then goes on a never ending quest to find the father amongst ,5,6,7,10 and finds out from 10 who is a world renowned genealogist that 1 is actually 2's brother!

And 1 is the father of 4's child! Say that did happen Aizen wouldn't have an 'affarie' with Grimmjow persay. He would rape him. So you mean Gin is fucking Nnoitra?

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I see mental disabillity written on that choice. God come's down and kill's Toshiro's family. They were gonna die anyway. God goes up happly knowing he killed a god wanna be. Toshiro escapes and finds his new ability.