Riker and troi relationship quiz

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riker and troi relationship quiz

Relationships and romance have been an integral part of Star Trek from .. However, Riker and Troi made an effort to keep their relationship. Take the Quiz: Star Trek: Nemesis. Star Trek: Nemesis Lt. Commander Data ( Brent Spiner) sings a song at Riker and Troi's wedding reception. Who wrote it?. the biggest fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation by acing this quiz? William Riker is arguably the second most primary character in Star . With whom was Deanna Troi involved with in an on-again-off-again relationship?.


Which show was it? Question 15 True or False: However, he spent the rest of his time being a stand-in for the viewer as he learned the ins and outs of serving on the Enterprise. Question 16 What year did The Next Generation premiere? They just used the newest one, Star Trek: Discovery, as a way of attracting subscribers to their new exclusive Netflix-style streaming service.

Star Trek is arguably CBS's greatest asset. However, TNG didn't come immediately after the original show, which was a staple of s culture when it was on the air. TNG came quite some time later.

riker and troi relationship quiz

What year did it originally premiere? Question 17 Which crew member's mother had an unhealthy obsession with Captain Picard? Romance is common in ongoing TV series, since they present infinite possibilities for the writers.

Over the course of The Next Generation's run, Picard enjoyed romantic relationships with a number of different women. Question 18 With whom was Deanna Troi involved with in an on-again-off-again relationship? This opened her character up to all kinds of possibilities. Deanna Troi made later appearances in episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and in the series finale of Enterprise.

The actress who played her was in Best Picture winner Crash. Question 19 Which part of Picard is artificial thanks to a bar brawl in his youth? The Next Generation episode "Tapestry," Picard is taken back to a pivotal moment in his youth. It was a watershed moment. In Picard's life, there is everything that happened before that incident and everything that happened after it.

It's very important, and that's why, in season 6, he returned to it. During the episode, we see Picard get stabbed by a Nausicaan. In what part of his body did they stab him? Question 20 Which are the only two characters to appear in all episodes of the series? Crusher Picard and Dr. Only two characters appeared in all episodes of Star Trek: Which two are they? Question 21 What is the name of Data's brother?

When Voq was finally awakened, he caused great tragedy in order to hide his identity. Yates also proved her devotion to Sisko when she knowingly turned herself in for a smuggling crime rather than damage their relationship. A romance that can survive one partner arresting the other has to be a strong one. They continued their relationship even when the Prophets warned Sisko that it would bring him sorrow. They got married and were expecting a baby at the end of the series when Sisko sacrificed his life.

Their healthy, budding marriage and family raised the stakes on Sisko's sacrifice, as he knew the life with her and his child that he was leaving behind. Their dynamic made Sisko's sacrifice one of the most tearful goodbyes of the franchise.

Ezri and Bashir Dr. Bashir had longed after Jadzia Dax for a large portion of the series, but they were ill-suited for each other.

When Dax returned to the station in the new host of Ezri Dax, it created an awkward situation between Ezri and all of Jadzia's old flames. Ezri eventually got together with Bashir with fairly little lead-up to the pairing.

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Although Worf and Ezri had put aside any possibility of romance between them, Ezri and Bashir's relationships still somehow felt like a betrayal to Worf, who was still grieving the loss of Jadzia. The relationship also seemed based on lingering feelings between Bashir and Jadzia, not involving Ezri as her own person. As it was, it merely undermined Jadzia's character by inserting Ezri into Jadzia's life instead of developing Ezri.

riker and troi relationship quiz

Picard and Crusher Picard and Crusher had numerous obstacles to overcome in their series-long romance. Those obstacles only served to make their relationship the most tantalizing slow burn in Star Trek.

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From the beginning, their dynamic was complicated. Picard had been friends with Crusher's late husband and had not seen each other since his demise, allowing them both to explore their grief and guilt over their feeling for each other. Picard had the additional complication of being captain, meaning Crusher was under his authority. They held off their relationship to keep their mission at the forefront of their lives, but they remained close confidants with an undeniable deep connection.

Even as TNG decided to reveal they married and divorced, it showed they remained good friends after their romance dissolved.


Their trust and friendship made it easy to root for them, and it gave both characters a safe space to explore uncomfortable emotions. T'Pol and Trip There's no doubt that T'Pol and Trip had some measure of chemistry on the show that ultimately led to their pairing. However, the writers never took the time to develop a deep bond between the two.

Their relationship comes up rather suddenly in season three. When it does, it showed that Enterprise was more invested in Jolene Blalock's cleavage than the emotional connection between Trip and T'Pol. Most of their romance seemed based on physical attraction, a little shallow for a late-series romance between established characters.

Over time, they did develop more of an emotional connection, but then it turned depressing. While a human-Vulcan relationship would have been an interesting exploration at this point in Star Trek's prequel history, it was wasted with a lack of development and a melodramatic storyline. Their romance wasn't a straight line. It was often awkward and messy with important things left unsaid.

Kira and Odo were steadfast friends, and their romance began with Odo's unrequited love for Kira. Over time, Kira's feelings for Odo grew until they finally became a couple in the last season.