Rikku and gippal relationship questions

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rikku and gippal relationship questions

Gippal is an Al Bhed and leader of the Machine Faction in Final Fantasy X Editing · Frequently asked questions · Help search abandoned Djose Temple with a connection on Bikanel Island where people can excavate the desert. At the temple Gippal meets Yuna, Rikku and Paine who want to go digging at the desert . we're on a forum of a fictional game asking questions about stuff that We hardly get any back story on their relationship at all so it's pretty. Now, Rikku and Gippal are my favourite couple from X But I always I always thought the teasing was just apart of their relationship. It's just.

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Do you think Maester Seymour seriously needed a hair cut? Do you use a special conditioner for your hair? Those kind of questions. He didn't mind, but he kind of wanted to go back to sleep some time this morning.

Holding her close to him, Rikku lent her head on his shoulder, eyes fluttering open and closed occasionally. Kinda need you advice over here! Rikku gave an appreciative smile and looked at Gippal ready for him to ask whatever it was he needed her for. You have known her for what two years!

She thought for a minute then looked up to Baralai who was frowning at the Al Bhed that sat opposite him. If he knew Paine, Gippal would be bruised for a couple of weeks or so. Gippal looked up at her and grinned.

She frowned and shook her head. Well her frown was facing more up than down so therefore a smile.

Why does rikku deny any past relationship with gippal in ffx-2?

Paine came and sat next to her friend, trying to find a spot so they wouldn't be so close. Gippal was kind of starfished out on his office floor after all. She would have to call Baralai and try and ask him about this strange behaviour. She lent back on her arms, eyes closely examining Gippal,Taking in everything from his one eye to his lilac coloured shirt.

It was becoming a more regular thing she thought about daily. What would Rikku say anyway. I know she and 'Lai are together but she must still harbour some feelings for Gippal. I know that they were talking about him the day 'Lai was round and caught me singing.

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I still need to remove respect points for that. Through the Crimson squad Baralai had taught him a bit about speech. Baralai was always the smooth one. Always planning what he said, thinking first. Always getting the reaction he desired. Baralai never said or did anything unless he knew what the outcome was. He planned his life like you would plan a hiking trip and then along comes a gust of wind, or in this case Rikku and turned everything upside down for his own good.

Paine didn't reply at first.

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She was mad and confused but she also wanted to find out the same question and was very close to giving Gippal the answer he so greatly desired. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of anxiety. Gippal looked over to the crimson eyed warrior to see her deep in thought.

Dare he steal that precious moment. He sat up and lent over his desire. Gently, she opened her deep red eyes and stared at Gippal. Those eyes, they had the softest look on them he had ever seen.

rikku and gippal relationship questions

He closed the gap between them slowly and Paine lent further in too. He finally sought what he was seeking,her soft and warm lips met his rough ones. Who would have believed that girl with such a harsh appearance and nature could have such softness and love.

As Gippal used his 'gift' of charm on the dear Paine the only sound that accompanied them was the faster beating sound of one heart, beating in time to the other. She lent in further to his hug and finally, the first time for a very long time, she Paine.

Warrior ice queen felt complete. Gippal was first to break away to see if he had won his prize. He prizes himself on his skill with machinery, telling his comrades no one can use a machina weapon like an Al Bhed. Skip section Gippal had always wanted to be a Crusaderthe military branch of Bevellebut being an Al Bhed he was not eligible as Al Bhed do not follow Yevon.

rikku and gippal relationship questions

When he heard the Crimson Squad accepted all comers he wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. On a training mission in the Sanubia Sands Gippal met his teammates: Throughout their time as teammates the four learned much of each other and shared many laughs and pondered over their futures.

The only survivors of the Crimson Squad. On the final mission to become members of the Crimson Squad, they, and many other applicants, were sent to the Den of Woe to investigate a strange happening. Inside the aspirants turned against each other and Shuyina spirit who possessed the entrants to the cave, took over Nooj and he pulled his gun on Baralai. Gippal raised his weapon to Nooj's head and Baralai raised his to Gippal's head as they were taken over by the spirit.

Paine broke apart the triangle and Shuyin's spirit left Gippal and Baralai, but secretly lay low inside of Nooj. They exited the den and met up with the officials who told them they were now Crimson Squad members, their first mission being to guard Maester Wen Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen. As soon as they turned, however, the guards attempted to shoot them.

Paine, still recording, had her camera on as Nooj, again possessed, shot Baralai in the back. When Gippal heard the shot he turned and was shot in the chest. Nooj turned fire on Paine. All survived but were separated thinking Nooj as a traitor.