Ronaldinho and messi relationship goals

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ronaldinho and messi relationship goals

Ronaldinho: The Truth Behind Messi Relationship famously provided the assist for Messi's first competitive goal, but left the Catalan giants in. Ronaldinho has opened up on his close relationship with Lionel Messi. Messi scores sensational goal during Argentina training session. Many people have claimed that Ronaldinho was not a good role model for superstar Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona, but the Brazilian has now.

It was about the symbolism and the integration.

ronaldinho and messi relationship goals

Gatherings with the senior guys were frequent away from football, too. The group of Brazilians would go out for dinner together at least once a month, and Messi soon became a regular. The jibes about his Argentine roots were pertinent, but all part of the fun.

Ronaldinho Reveals Truth About Relationship With Messi

He had responsibilities of his own — enormous ones at that. But their synchronicity in all walks of life was starting to become undeniable, and in the summer ofthe ears of a city perked noticeably.

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After a mixed debut season in charge of the club, Frank Rijkaard was on the verge of guiding Barcelona to their first trophy win since In round 34 of the campaign at home to Albacete, with the score at a tenderMessi was called upon in the 88th minute. The Camp Nou was tense. That was until Messi and Ronaldinho combined. His next action was to pick the ball out of the net; victim one of an eventual footballing massacre.

Same combination, same result. Messi did too, as he set off towards the corner flag in celebration, only to dart back in the direction of Ronaldinho. While sidelined from the league, he was unusually still allowed to play in Europe under the guise of UEFA.

Ronaldinho makes a surprise visit

And so he did, where he and Ronaldinho continued to blossom in spite of what had been going on. He was the best player in the world by this point, and Messi was becoming one hell of a support act. Messi missed the final through injury, despite his best efforts to prove his health.

While the team celebrated their triumph in Paris, Messi sat alone in the dressing room. Ronaldinho, Motta and Deco went to find him shortly after, Champions League trophy in tow. Life was good at the top — or so it seemed. Ronaldinho was the best player in the world and he played for the best team in the world.

Ronaldinho: The Truth Behind Lionel Messi Relationship

His off-field antics began to take a toll on his performances. Long nights of ill-advised partying resulted in him missing training sessions regularly.

And when he did turn up, a trip to see the massage therapist was his choice of work. For all of his good work in restoring the club, Rijkaard was a goner. With bated breath and a heavy heart, Joan Laporta soon visited the Brazilian at his house to deliver the news. He would be sold to AC Milan. But despite the impasse, Messi recognised the decision as well — he knew a new chapter of his story had to be written. Ronaldinho would not be there forever. It was time to move on.

When it was all said and done, he had scored 38 goals for his new manager.

ronaldinho and messi relationship goals

Even more extraordinarily, they were treble winners. Just as Guardiola had requested, Messi became the focal point of the team, and simultaneously set in motion a career which may one day be remembered as the greatest ever.

Ronaldinho reveals the truth about his relationship with Lionel Messi at Barcelona - Mirror Online

Eidur Gudjohnsen, meanwhile, became convinced that Ronaldinho was capable of defying the laws of physics. In truth, there were innumerable examples of his outrageous ability. Indeed, Ronaldinho became a human highlight reel; an entire generation watched Barca games just to see what he could, and would, do next. Because of a scheduling dispute in the lead-up to an international break, his Blaugrana debut, against Sevillakicked off at five past midnight on September 3, In spite of that, 80, supporters still flocked to Camp Nou to see their new Brazilian superstar.

Not one regretted that decision. Barca drew the game but Ronaldinho had brought hope back to Barca. In time, he brought trophies too. During that two-year spell, Ronaldinho was at the peak of his powers, as motivated as he was magical. Consistency coupled with genius saw him attain a level of play that only the likes of Alfredo di Stefano, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi could be said to have equalled.

Ronaldinho admitted afterwards, "I will never forget this because it is very rare for any footballer to be applauded in this way by the opposition fans. Messi, despite his numerous masterclasses in Madrid, is still awaiting his, which is sadly indicative of the current era. Ronaldinho, though, transcended the traditional lines of tribal warfare.