Schindler and goeth relationship definition

Amon Goeth and Oskar Schindler

schindler and goeth relationship definition

David M. Crowe's book Oskar Schindler: The Untold Account of His Life, Wartime and it is unlikely he experienced a defining moment, such as seeing a girl in a The scene in the movie Schindler's List with Oskar Schindler. Itzhak Stern (25 January – ) was a Polish-Israeli Jewish Holocaust survivor who In , he was engaged to Sophia Backenrot, although the marriage was postponed until after the war. Despite Stern being Jewish and Schindler being a member of the Nazi Party, Schindler was friendly to Stern. Later, Stern. Amon Goeth was a monster: terrifying in his banality and executing the worst atrocities . This scene sums up how every bit of human instinct has been twisted .

I saw this girl. This girl was, wuff, very good-looking. They cast a spell on you, you know, the Jews.

When you work closely with them like I do, you see this. They have this power, it's like a virus.

schindler and goeth relationship definition

Some of my men are infected with this virus. They should be pitied, not punished. They should receive treatment, because this is as real as typhus. I see this all the time. It's a matter of money, hm? As if I don't have enough to do, they come up with this? I have to find every rag buried up here and burn it. The party's over, Oskar. They're closing us down, sending everybody to Auschwitz … as soon as I can arrange the shipments, maybe 30, 40 days.

That ought to be fun.

schindler and goeth relationship definition

I worked too hard. It says, "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire. We don't do that. We're here to pray. I'm a policeman now, could you believe it? That's what's hard to believe … it's a good racket, Poldek. It's the only racket here.

Look, maybe I could put in a good word for you with my superiors … come on, they're not as bad as everyone says. Well, they're worse than everyone says, but it's a lot of money, a lot of money. Others[ edit ] SS officer: This storm is different.

This is not the Romans. This storm is the SS. It now belongs to a certain SS officer … aren't you supposed to be able to help? The SS beat me up. They would have killed me, but I'm essential to the war effort, thanks to you.

You can't have him. He's on the list. If he were an essential worker, he would not be on the list … it makes no difference to us, you understand. This one, that one. It's the inconvenience to the list. You can work them all night if you want. Your factory policies, whatever they've been in the past, they'll continue to be, they'll be respected.

They don't have a future. And that's not just good old-fashioned Jew-hating talk. Winston Churchill on radio: Yesterday morning, at 2: The German war is therefore at an end.

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But let us not forget for a moment … Rabbi Lewartow: Every worker has signed it. Amon Goeth was arrested while a patient in a sanatorium at Bad Tolz. He was hanged in Krakow for crimes against humanity. It grows there still. There are more than six thousand descendants of the Schindler Jews. Dialogue[ edit ] Schindler: There's a company you did the books for on Lipowa Street, made what — pots and pans?

By law, I have to tell you, sir, I'm a Jew. Well, I'm a German, so there we are. A good company, you think? I know nothing about enamelware, do you? I was just the accountant. Simple engineering, though, wouldn't you think? Change the machines around, whatever you do, you could make other things, couldn't you? Field kits, mess kits, army contracts. Once the war ends, forget it, but for now it's great.

You could make a fortune, don't you think? I think most people right now have other priorities. I'm sure you'll do just fine once you get the contracts. In fact, the worse things get, the better you will do. Oh, I can get the signatures I need — that's the easy part. Finding the money to buy the company, that's hard. You don't have any money? Not that kind of money.

You must have contacts in the Jewish business community working here. Jews can no longer own businesses. That's why this one's in receivership. Ah, but they wouldn't own it.

I'd pay them back in product. Something they can use. Something they can feel in their hands. They can trade it on the black market, do whatever they want. If you want, you could run the company for me. They'd put up all the money.

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I'd do all the work. But what, if you don't mind my asking, would you do? I'd make sure it's known the company's in business. I'd see that it had a certain panache. That's what I'm good at, not the work, not the work — the presentation. I'm not sure I know anybody who'd be interested in this. Well, they should be, Itzhak Stern. Tell them they should be. Do you have any idea how much a shirt like this costs?

Nice things cost money. I'm going to need some other things too as things come up … Pfefferberg: This won't be a problem. For each thousand you invest, I will repay you with two hundred kilos of enamelware a month, to begin in July and to continue for one year — after which time we're even. Not good enough … Schindler: Look where you're living.

Look where you've been put.

schindler and goeth relationship definition

No, it is not. That's why we're here. Trade goods, that's the only currency that'll be worth anything in the ghetto. Things have changed, my friend. Did I call this meeting? Stern you wanted to speak to me. I've made you a fair offer. Fair would be a percentage of the company. How do we know that you will do what you say? Because I said I would. Do you want a contract?

To be upheld by what court? I said what I'll do, that's our contract. The standard SS rate for Jewish skilled labor is seven marks a day, five for unskilled and women.

This is what you pay the Reich Economic Office, the Jews themselves receive nothing. Poles you pay wages. Generally, they get a little more. It's less than what I would pay a Pole … that's the point I'm trying to make.

Why should I hire Poles? My father was fond of saying you need three things in life. A good doctor, a forgiving priest, and a clever accountant. The first two, I've never had much use for them. But the third … [Schindler raises his glass to recognize Stern, but the accountant doesn't respond] Schindler: Just pretend, for Christ's sake.

I'm trying to thank you. I'm saying I couldn't have done this without you. The usual thing would be to acknowledge my gratitude. It would also, by the way, be the courteous thing. I could try to read this, or I could eat my lunch while it's still hot. Better this month than last? Any reason to think next month will be worse? The war could end. Three hundred and fifty workers on the factory floor with one purpose … to make money — for me! I can tell you that.

Oskar Schindler, they'll say. He did something extraordinary. He did something no one else did. He came here with nothing, a suitcase, and built a bankrupt company into a major manufactory. And left with a steamer trunk, two steamer trunks, full of money.

All the riches of the world. In every business I tried, I can see now it wasn't me that had failed. Even if I'd known what it was, there's nothing I could have done about it, because you can't create this thing.

And it makes all the difference in the world between success and failure. I somehow left my work card at home. I tried to explain them it was a mistake, but … I'm sorry, it was stupid. What if I got here five minutes later? Then where would I be? The entire foundation has to be torn down and repoured. If not, there will be at least a subsidence at the southern end of the barracks.

Subsidence, and then collapse. And you are an engineer? My name is Diana Reiter. I'm a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Milan. Ah, an educated Jew … like Karl Marx himself. I'm only trying to do my job! Ja, I'm doing mine. Sir, she's foreman of construction. We're not going to have arguments with these people. Shoot her here, on my authority.

schindler and goeth relationship definition

It will take more than that … Goeth: I'm sure you're right. Take it down, repour it, rebuild it, like she said. I respectfully report I've been given orders to clear the bundles from the road so there will be no obstructions to the thoroughfare. There's no one here. Dresner] Come with me. I will put you in the good line. Do you know the saying, "An hour of life is still life"? You are not a boy anymore. I'll say a blessing for you. I go to work the other day. Nobody tells me about this.

I have to find out, I have to go in. Every day that goes by, I'm losing money. Every worker that is shot costs me money. I have to find somebody else.

I have to train them. We're going to be making so much money, none of this is going to matter. Scherner told me something else about you. That you know the meaning of the word "gratitude". That it's not some vague thing with you like it is with others.

You want to stay where you are. You've got things going on the side, things are good. You don't want anybody telling you what to do. I can understand all that. You know, I know you. What you want is your own sub-camp.

schindler and goeth relationship definition

Do you have any idea what's involved? Forget you got to build the fucking thing, getting the fucking permits is enough to drive you crazy. Then the engineers show up. They stand around, they argue about drainage, foundations, codes, exact specifications, parallel fences four kilometers long, twelve hundred kilograms of barbed wire, six thousand kilograms of electrified fences … I'm telling you, you'll want to shoot somebody.

I've been through it, you know, I know. Well, you know, you've been through it. You could make things easier for me.

What I don't understand is that you've been working since I think what, about six this morning, yet such a small pile of hinges. Herr Kommandant, I beg to report that my heap of hinges was so unsatisfactory because the machines were being re-calibrated this morning. I was put onto shoveling coal. So, what can I do for you? They say that no one dies here.

They say your factory is a haven. They say you are good. My name is Regina Perlman, not Elsa Krause. I've been living in Krakow on false papers since the ghetto massacre. My parents are in Plaszow. Their names are Chana and Jakob Perlman. They are older people. They're killing older people now in Plaszow. They bury them up in the forest.

Look, I don't have any money. I — I borrowed these clothes, I'm begging you — please, please bring them here. I don't do that. I ask one thing: That's what I ask and that's what I care about … such activities are illegal.

You will not entrap me, Miss Krause. Cry and I'll have you arrested, I swear to God. People die, it's a fact of life. He wants to kill everybody? Great, what am I supposed to do about it?! Is that what you think? Send them over to Schindler, send them all. His place is a "haven", didn't you know? It's not a factory, it's not an enterprise of any kind, it's a haven for rabbis and orphans and people with no skills whatsoever.

You think I don't know what you're doing? You're so quiet all the time. I know, I know. Are you losing money? No, I'm not losing money.

That's not the point. What other point is — Schindler: It's dangerous to me. You have to understand, Goeth is under enormous pressure. You have to think of it in his situation. He's got this whole place to run, he's responsible for everything that goes on here, all these people; he's got a lot of things to worry about. And he's got the war. Which brings out the worst in people. Never the good, always the bad.

But in normal circumstances, he wouldn't be like this. He'd be all right. There'd just be the good aspects of him, which A man who loves good food, good wine, the ladies, making money- Stern: He can't enjoy it.

Boyevski told me the other day. Montage of Goeth murdering prisoners as Stern describes it Somebody escaped from a work detail outside the wire. Goeth lined up everybody from the missing man's barracks. He shot the man to the left of Byevski, the man to the right. He walked down the line, shooting every other man with a pistol.

Why don't you build yourself up? My first day here, he beat me because I threw out the bones from dinner.

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He came down to the basement at midnight and he asked me where they were — for his dogs … I said to him, "Why are you beating me? I know your sufferings. I have accepted them … one day, he will shoot me. So Amon Goeth, whose name is synonymous with evil for a whole generation of Americans, was actually working with the Jews to become rich during World War II.

However, it is doubtful that Goeth was stealing food from the Plaszow camp when there was a jewelry factory there as well as a furniture factory and a custom tailor shop. Pemper told author David Crowe that: When Goeth realized that he was being investigated by Dr. Morgen, he sought permission from Wilhelm Koppe in the central office in Oranienburg to execute Wilek Chilowicz, who could have testified against him. Based on this report, Koppe sent a secret letter to Goeth giving him the authority to carry out the execution of Chilowicz and several other OD men.

The execution took place on August 13, ; Goeth was arrested exactly a month later and charged by Dr. Morgen with corruption and brutality, including the murder of Wilek Chilowicz and several others. The office in Oranienburg did not have the authority to give an execution order; an execution could only be authorized by the Gestapo in Berlin. Oskar Schindler had a lot in common with Amon Goeth, including the fact that both were Catholic and both were arrested by the Nazis for engaging in black market activities.

Both were out to get rich from the war-time economy in Poland. Schindler was an ethnic German living in what is now the state of Moravia in the Czech Republic. His trial took place between August 27, and September 5, His crime was that he had taken part in the activities of these two criminal organizations. Goeth was also charged with the following crime: