Scrat and scratte meet me halfway

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scrat and scratte meet me halfway

After squinting his eyes for a moment, Scrat recognized the other Squirrel as a female, with . I can't wait till Scrat and Scratte meet again. Meet Me Halfway Lyrics: Ooh, I can't go any further than this / Ooh, I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish / Cool, I spend my time just thinking / Thinking. The introduction of female Scrat – Scratte – puts a new spin on it was well past half way when the film slowed down enough for me to take a time check. Going the dino route just about works here, but trying to reach for.

When the beast tried to eat him, Buck popped up. Buck was able to keep him distracted long enough for them to tie up the beast. They all started tying him by the legs and arms. The most difficult part was getting to his mouth. Buck was able to help with that. He grabbed the vines and tied them tightly around Rudy's mouth, tying the ends of the vines to two different trees in opposite directions.

He knew it would keep the beast down for now. Ellie stopped for a moment and held her stomach with her trunk. A strike of pain went through her body. We're in a bad situation. Before Ellie could think about running, Rudy ripped the vines from around his mouth and started standing up. Rudy rips out of his vines and was free again, causing the guys to look back.

Suddenly the great beast in rage, slams his tail near where the girls are, seperating Brooke and Shira from Ellie and Cheril where debris covered them with the boys. Rudy suddenly hears whimpering as he turns to see Shira with her cubs before the frigthend mother hissed at Rudy, "No! Don't you even think about it!

scrat and scratte meet me halfway

What are you doing?! Take them and get out of here, I'll hold him off," Brooke exclaimed. Brooke looks back at her dear best friend and sincerely said, "I rather die before I let that beast harm you or yours cub Brooke steps forward to the glaring beast and with fear yet determination she had in her heart, she firmly asked, "Remember me, Rudy? Rudy then roars and lunges his jaws at Brooke as she closes her eyes, waiting for her doom. Suddenly in a flash, there came another familiar roar as Mama Dino crashes in the party and begins to push Rudy away from Brooke.

Mama Dino stood at nothing to keep Rudy away from Brooke and the herd. She kept pushing until the two dinos were closed to a cliff, where the t-rex pushed the beast over, never to be seen again on the face of the earth.

Mama roared in victory and so did the babies. Even Brooke tried to do it, but she wasn't any good at it. Brooke walked over to the baby dinos. She huddled them together. Let me tell you something. You're where you belong now. I know you all are going to become big, strong dinosaurs. I know it deep in my heart. If you ever need a nanny, just come and find me. I'll be up there. Shira then walks up to Brooke while Diego was minding their children as she gasped softly, "Brooke You risked your life to save me and my children Why would you do that?

Shira felt very guilty for what she has done to Brooke to cause all of this rather misadventure to happen, but Brooke knew she was guilty as well before she sadly adds, "Shira; I'm really sorry for all of this. I'm very sorry Brooke, for everything," Shira apologized. I treated Brooke like dirt and not once had appreciated what she has done for this herd and it didn't help the fact that you could have being killed and it'd would have being all my fault because I was never a good friend to her.

Just listen to me! I screwed up everything in this herd. Even before I got pregnant and all, I became bossy and cold to most of you and I said and done things that I am not proud of now So if you want to leave me behind and go be your own family, that's fine because I ruined this herd and I ruined what little we had of our friendship Brooke and Ellie sadly look on at their crying herd member before Brooke warmly embraces Shira and comforts her in her soothing voice, "Shira, we've done things that we regret doing in the past, but that doesn't mean we can just give up on the herd.

If we can sort out things together, then we'll be okay. We're a herd and herds stick together for better or worse," Ellie gleefully adds. Shira looks at Brooke, sniffing and wiping the tears from her eyes and said, "Brooke, I forgive you but Ellie was in tears too from this touching moment as she too embraces the mammals that are sisters too in her heart.

Brooke then looks at Shira gleefully and said, "Soooo I work cheap," Brooke begged. I'll think about it," Shira replied. Love ya, sis," Brooke happily squealed and hugs Shira again. Shira just chuckled, relieved to have Brooke and the herd back together again. The Hyrax jumped off the leaves and looked back with worried expressions as they made sounds and moved their hands to gesture they wanted the others to hurry. Crash and Eddie smiled after they saw them fly with the leaves and Crash said, "Wow I wish we could fly like that!

They dropped Crash and Eddie and the others noticed rocks falling from the sides of the part of the bridge in front of them. Sid picked up Granny and said, "I got you Granny! Let's get out of here! Shira and Diego looked forward with fear and Diego said, "You go first, I'm right behind you! Manny looked at Louis and Peaches and said, "Peaches, Wiener, you two better go first!

Buck looked down at the lava and at the land in front of them and saw that it was becoming weaker and he said, "You two better go first.

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Manny's hind legs were hanging and he was in danger of falling in the lava; Ellie quickly grabbed Manny's trunk and pulled him up and he walked to the other side. Buck realized the gap was too big for him to jump across; he saw that on the rock he was standing on was a dead tree with a vine hanging from it. He jumped on the vine and held it as he swung around and jumped into the air. It was close but he hit the edge and as hanging on it as he drove the tooth into the edge.

His legs were hanging over the edge and he couldn't pull himself up. Peaches began to walk toward him with her trunk out and a scared expression as she yelled, "Buck!

Buck picked up the tooth and looked at Louis with a worried expression as he said, "Let's get out of here! Louis looked down in fear as everyone else's eyes widened and jaws dropped.

The rock Louis was standing on broke and Louis fell down toward the lava. Manny looked over the edge and yelled, "Wiener! Blu showed fear as he turned to Jewel and said, "Stay here with the kids!

scrat and scratte meet me halfway

Blu flew over the lava holding Louis by his arms and Louis looked down at the lava and how the bubbles were directly beneath his toes. Blu flew up in the direction of the herd; he looked down at the lava to see it was bubbling a lot and looked like it the volcano would erupt in only a few seconds.

Meet Me Halfway

Blu and Louis showed fear so Blu quickly did a flip as he yelled, "Catch! He put him down and Blu continued to fly toward them. He heard a sound and he and the others looked down at the lava to see it was bubbling even more. He kept flying up while Manny signaled for everyone to back away from the edge and then all of the lava shot directly up. When it shot up it went beyond the level of the herd and Jewel, Bruno, Pablo, and Ruby showed devastated expressions as Jewel held out her wing with her feathers out like fingers and she yelled, "Blu!

As the lava began to go down Blu continued to fly straight up but he looked down with a worried expression. He stopped when he hit the ice that goes above the jungle. Some beavers above the ice saw Blu stuck to the ice they were standing on and they watched him fall off and they looked at each other with confused expressions.

Blu fell down in the direction of the herd and they smiled that he was okay but as he continued to fall Jewel showed a worried expression. Jewel showed fear as she said, "He's not flying! Blu was lying with his back on the ground and his eyes closed and his wings spread out flat on the ground. Jewel went to him and said, "Blu, are you alright?! They help each other when they need it. They walked to the cave and entered where they saw a dark area; they saw some light to the exit above them.

There was a T-Rex skeleton that went from the edge of the rock the exit was on to a rock within their reach, it was but a large bridge. Peaches looked at the cave with aww and she yelled, "Echo! Buck stopped and looked up and a small tear ran down his face and Peaches looked down and asked, "What's wrong Buck? They didn't know that Nigel, Gutt, and his crew entered the cave and saw the T-Rex skeleton that could be used as a bridge. Flynn looked at it with amazement and said, "Wow!

Blu smiled as he said to himself, "This is it. I hope you find a good home. Manny smiled as he said, "Well, we'd better get going; we've got to find ourselves a new home.

The rest of them turned to their left to see a large hill next to them where an avalanche started and the snow was heading for them and would hit them within a matter of minutes. They showed fear as Buck pointed to the entrance to the cave and said, "Quick, into the cave! Ellie had a fearful expression as she looked back and forth and then she stared at the time sphere and got an idea.

She moved past the Hyrax and pointed at the sphere and said, "Quick, everyone into the sphere! Who knows what we'll encounter in there! Pregnant saber wants her and her kids to live! All of the Hyrax ran in at once and disappeared and Diego entered behind them and disappeared.

scrat and scratte meet me halfway