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If I were Squall, I wouldn't touch Rinoa knowing that Seifer banged her was during a field test, which Seifer has had to do a couple of times. Since Rinoa was deeply in love with Seifer in the start of the game, she would would have became close to each other, and once again become a couple. "Come in the doors unlocked Zell," Rinoa had said assuming it was Zell. It was Zell and he I don't know what would happen to Squall if I went out with Seifer. "Well, I fell like taking my relationship to the next level Squall.

But after explaining our situation to him, Cid gave the go ahead right away! Now that you guys are here, we'll be able to carry out all kinds of plans! No, he's not a SeeD. He was always full of confidence, smart Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world.

I think it was love. I wonder how he felt? It was last summer Lots of fond memories This is not a good beginning to a love story for Squall and Rinoa. She calls him mean, callous, insensitive, and chastises him for not communicating his thoughts to her and the others in the party. Rinoa does not show Squall the least bit of affection until the end of disc one when Squall and Irvine save her from some strange iguana creatures. I was really, really scared.

I couldn't fight alone You're not ready for all this. He mentions the possibility to Rinoa, who obviously may be heavily affected by Squall trying to kill her romantic interest.

He was in the parade with the sorceress. What does it mean? Would I have to go through Seifer? That's the way it goes as a SeeD. You can't choose your enemies That's the kind of world you live in. You've had a lot of emotional training. Of course, I'd rather it not happen Furthermore, Squall does not want to kill Seifer.

Squall and Seifer have a history of quarrels and petty competition, but Seifer is still a comrade. In the final exam in Balamb, Squall and Zell worked together with Seifer despite their differences.

Debating the Phenomenon.

The only reason to kill Seifer is his apparent alignment with the Sorceress, which is never fully explained. After disc one, the complexity of this situation becomes much simpler. The relationship Rinoa and Seifer had is never again mentioned, except by Seifer in the form of taunts during battle.

Seifer began as a rather complex character, an enemy at times to Squall and Zell but still a friend in battle. After disc one he is a villain and his only goal appears to be serving the Sorceress. The story just accepts that Seifer is now evil and must be killed. And since Seifer is out of the way, his would-be girlfriend--Rinoa--is now single and apparently falling for Squall though she never took an interest in him before.

It will not wait Squall, oblivious, fights on, and only this figment of his imagination seems aware of what is happening. There is a short story segment here involving Squall going back in time to the orphanage and seeing Ultimecia pass on her powers to Edea in the past.

Squall finds himself on a small rock island, isolated and helpless. He drops himself on the ground, exhausted. Then, upon catching a feather floating towards him, he finds himself where Rinoa is. He calls out her name, and she turns to face him. This is where the weird shit starts happening. Rinoa turns to Squall, but her face is blurred.

Here we see Rinoa again, and again she turns towards the camera as she did in the ballroom scene on disc one. What is happening here? He is going over that moment in the ballroom, when he first saw her, again and again in his mind, focusing closer on her face and trying to see her the way that she was. I have seen this specific visual symbolism once before, in Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind.

What if Seifer passed his SeeD exam? - Debating the Phenomenon.

In Eternal Sunshine, the protagonist, Joel, has his memory erased because he wants to forget his ex-girlfriend. But, in the course of the procedure, Joel realizes what he is losing and tries to hold on to his precious memories. He tries to remember the things they have already erased, just to find the characters in his memory are faceless, blurred beyond recognition.

As Squall is visualizing Rinoa in the ballroom, we start to see some quick shots interrupting the movie. The first one, as I already mentioned, was of Seifer.

What is noteworthy about the shot of Seifer is that it shows him in the torchlight from the parade float where Edea tried to kill Squall with an ice spell. Then some quick shots of Rinoa appear. These are as blurred as the Rinoa from the ballroom scene, but these images of Rinoa come from the scene where Edea makes her speech before the parade. Then there is another assortment of shots from throughout the first disc of the game.

First we see the mechanical spider monster from the final exam in Balamb followed by a shot of each of the party members but Squall Quistis, Zell, Rinoa, Selphie, and Irvine, in that order.

The Theory

The images of Quistis, Zell, and Selphie are from the final exam in Balamb, and the shot of Irvine is from his introductory fmv clip. This is the shot of Rinoa: This frame was taken directly from the scene in which Squall was killed. Rinoa is turning to Squall, who has just been impaled. A shot of Seifer pushing Rinoa into Adel goes by, then we see more of the Balamb tower, and a clip of Rinoa reaching to Squall from the parade float. There are a lot of images in this section, including Edea from the parade float, Ultimecia, Rinoa in space, the eyes from all the cast members fading into each other, and probably a lot more than that.

I feel that there is a particular focus on the two main events of disc one: But of course the ballroom scene, which was of particular importance to Squall, is by far the most covered event in the first half of the ending fmv. At the very end of this part of the ending movie, we see Rinoa coming towards the camera, arms open for embrace. As before, the closer she gets, the more obscured she becomes.

Then we see our first shot of Squall. This shot keeps me up at night. So far, the best analysis I have this for this screenshot is that Squall feels empty, that he losing his sense of self and everything that comes with it. Think back to what Ultimecia said, at the end of the last battle. Or they just wanted to give me nightmares. There is one last shot of Rinoa, floating in space. The glass on her space helmet cracks and sends large pointed shards towards the camera.

There is a sound, like someone being struck by a sword. We cut to Squall, eyes wide, a tear escaping him. He throws back his head and is consumed by white. Here's a video of the ending up to this point: And now, finally, Squall is dead.

We see a white feather fall to the ground, and the screen fades to black. The clouds whirl open so the sun can shine through, pink flower petals swirl in the wind across a gorgeous green grassy plain, and Rinoa looks back to Squall with a look of amazement. Those pink petals turn to white feathers on the wind, and the movie cuts to Balamb. At the Balamb port we see Seifer, Fujin and Raijin fishing in the same gorgeous sunny weather that Squall and Rinoa were experiencing.

Fujin kicks Raijin into the bright blue water, and Seifer cracks up laughing like a schoolboy. Seifer, who I thought we had finally defeated for the last time, looks up and smiles as Balamb Garden sails by overhead. We get to see Laguna propose to Raine in the past, and they embrace. Laguna in the present sees Ellone coming back to see him, and they look up as the Balamb Garden goes over them as well. During the credits they show a home video-type clip where all the characters get to act like complete retards.

All the party members are there celebrating but Squall and Rinoa, and even Cid and Edea are in attendance. Irvine dances like a goon, Selphie bounces around like an airhead, and Zell stuffs his face with hotdogs. After the final credits we get to see the stuff that makes the fangirls go wild. She raises her finger, just as Squall remembers, and Squall smiles back at her. Watch the second part of the ending below: I can think of fifty ways to make it more apparent to the audience that the events taking place after disc one are not real.

So, if the creators meant for Squall to die, they also meant for his death to be obscured and subtle. At a certain point in the movie, he begins dreaming, and the entire remainder of the film is a fabrication of his mind. At first there is little indication that anything is amiss. The plot continues as though nothing is different, except of course that everything starts to go his way. After a while, though, things start to get a little crazy, and he ends up awaiting the death penalty for beating his girlfriend to death during sex while experiencing what appeared to be a delusion.

And all the while the audience watches on in confusion, as unaware as the character that this is all just a dream. I think it would have been a really cool movie if they had left it up to us to discern what had really happened.

Irvine had been the 1 target but that had fallen through ,so she had decided to pay a visit to Seifer" "Hey Seifer ,how's things now that Fuujin dumped you? Although I am surprised to see that you have finally ended your time with that jerk Squall" "uh ,yeah ,well he refused to sleep with me unless I stopped whoring myself to everyone in the gardenlike that was gonna happen.

After they lefta plague went around garden and many of the students die DR kadowaki has discovered that several STDs were present on the corpses, an investigation as to the source was not needed Cid somehow survived the mass death by contraception and after leaving the garden to quistis his adopted daughter ran for president ,he won by a landslide ,and still denies having any sexual relations with that woman most of the witnesses are dead.

Irvine got back together with Selphie but a few hours later was killed by some tragic illness which has not had medical records as Irvine had them burned as his last request to Selphie ,who married Zell and they had 2 VERY hyperactive children ,they lived in Balamb after they were allowed early retirement Rinoa and Seifer "Hey Seifer ,can I take a break now my back hurts ," "No ,not until we have enough money for me to have treatment for this disease you gave me ,hey here comes a guy now ,quick stick your leg out and wave" "I know ,I know, I've done this a million times ,dammit.

They went to live next door to Selphie and Zell and everyone lived happy ever after. Well ,except for Rinoa ,whose father refused to pay for her treatment because she was so spoilt. She died very painfully after an accident with a car, she wanted to see if she would die if a car ran over her ,she tried it on a very busy highway and ended up in pieces on the road and the police could not stop the vehicles as it was so busy.

So the next time you drive along a highway ,check your tyres ,there may well be a little piece of Rinoa whoretilly on your car if your lucky. Wish I hadn't lent my playstation to a friend cos I really want to buy some new games.

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