Shin hyesung and eric relationship test

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shin hyesung and eric relationship test

THE DEADLINE Main Character: RicSung (Eric x Hyesung of Shinhwa) Chapter: 6 part 1/6 " this is the best way to refresh my relationship with Hyesung" . Maybe he never really wanting the temporary break, he wanted to test you. Besides his relationships with Hyesung and the other members, Eric's In a random personality test that he did during Shinhwa's early days. "Awkward with Eric" Singer Shin Hye Sung surprised the guests in a recent recording of MBC's 'Yu Jae Suk Kim Won Hee Come Play' by saying "Although we.

Have you become any closer since then Laugh? Also, if you would pick two members who are the most awkward around each other, who would it be? Because we're all so much like brothers now no one's awkward around anyone, and I believe we're actually becoming closer to each other as the years go by.

I try hard to contact often those members who are currently in the military. I heard that the tickets for Hyesung's December concert was sold out in 10 minutes.

shin hyesung and eric relationship test

Tell us how you felt, and please tell us something about the concert to come. First I would like to say thank you to my fans. This concert is being held in the meaningful place where I held my first fanmeeting, and I gave it the title 'Close to You' to mean that I wish to share feelings with my fans more.

I plan to rearrange my original songs with an acoustic band and a strings team, and I am preparing some pop songs which fit with winter. Eric has been cast for a role in the drama Poseidon. Are you feeling any pressure because of the expectations you're receiving even before filming, and also because it's your first work since your release?

Of course it gives me pressure but as much as it pressures me I'm looking forward to it.

shin hyesung and eric relationship test

Because my passion and eagerness towards acting in dramas has increased during the last 2 years, I plan to return to my original intentions and try my best for this piece. That is why I am working harder on filming and I hope the results after it's broadcast come out well.

It's already been 12 years since Shinhwa made its debut. Compared to 10 years ago, what has changed and what has remained the same? Well first of all we're older Laugh.


If anything's different, it would be that the members are working hard in their own areas with solo albums or acting. But we all have the same thought that we are 'Shinhwa. Shinhwa is still the legend of idols. These days many idol groups are making their debuts. Are there any boy idol bands which remind you of how Shinhwa used to be, or any bands which just catch your eye for no reason? It wouldn't be too much to say that these days idols rule the market.

There are many groups which are great but seeing the performances and dances of '2PM' or Beast remind me of Shinhwa. They also remind me of Shinhwa because they're good at both singing and dancing and work hard Laugh. Also, among girl groups, Girls Generation and Kara are popular in Japan. I am proud of them and wish to compliment them on their good work.

He would sometimes pull his hiphop-style pants right up to his waist.

Shinhwa Opens Up About How Their Relationship Has (Or Has Not) Changed Over The Years

When Junjin asked him during an interview, "Why do you like to hug me at night? If you dare to hug me again, I will hit you", fulfilling his duties as the 'gag' leader. Junjin once said of Eric, "He's very chatty and he loves to crack jokes, but once he goes on air he becomes much too tough.

shin hyesung and eric relationship test

I don't like that. I never intended to step out to do anything. Yet, Eric started to gradually step into the limelight when Shinhwa's contract with SM Entertainment ended. At that time SM Entertainment still owned the rights to Shinhwa's name, and Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa's contract issues. In the end, Shinhwa left SM with the rights to their name. Since then, Eric started to become more active in solo activities, and the funny side of him slowly became known to the world.

According to Eric, "The members will find it very awkward if we praised each other. We're happier teasing and messing with each other. The reason for bringing up Shin Hyesung is the love-hate relationship he has with Eric.

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They are what the other Shinhwa members call "oil and water". And "kaptuktwi" is also a term that Shin Hyesung came up with in a message about Eric which he left on their website.

One of the lines in the message was,"My computer at home isn't working. Please help me repair it Professor Dongwan, kekeke kap. Eric's reply was, "It was antagonized by an ant that was passing by. And it was the smallest worker ant. Because it's more convenient since we're both girls.

Their oil-water relationship doesn't just affect their image, but to Shinhwa's image as a whole. Their situation provides their fans with a lot of room for imagination, and has made Shinhwa the kings of fanfics. Even Eric himself once mentioned that he has come across many Ricsung stories among the fanfics.

Besides his relationships with Hyesung and the other members, Eric's unique personality has made him the pioneer of the 4th dimension.

[Trans] Eric & Hyesung Relationship | ★ SHINHWA EMPIRE ★

Among his classic 4D remarks: At that time when he saw Eric reading the script during the casting call, he said "His performance is the worst. It doesn't get worse than this. But not being shy when he was reading the script is a good thing. He recommended Eric and Eric was quickly confirmed for the role.

That decision changed Eric's life. Before he started acting, he "was living a life where he slept only in the morning and woke up late in the afternoon.

After acting in Breathless, I placed the reviews of my acting as a lesser priority, and instead I changed my way of thinking, my life, my everything.

I used to waste my time recklessly and I started to think about what I wanted to do, and to look for the things I wanted to do. Through these projects, Eric proved that besides being an actor and a rapper, he was also a stylish and fashionable guy.

Through the dramas Breathless. Phoenix and Super Rookie, he has proved himself to be a real actor. Through the CFs and the MVs, he has proved that Eric, not as a Shinhwa member but as a solo act, also possessed star quality. Park Shi Yeon Actress, and was in a relationship with Eric.

shin hyesung and eric relationship test

At that time, Eric disclosed the relationship on his website, resulting in quite a media ruckus as there weren't many cases of popular idol group members admitting to being in a relationship. After Eric went public about the relationship, their dates were once again the centre of media attention.