Shuurei and ryuuki ending a relationship

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shuurei and ryuuki ending a relationship

I want it to be Ryuuki! IMO Seiran's and Shuurei's relationship resembles more of a protective older brother and little sister, he is even a bit of a. Kou Shuurei (紅 秀麗 Kō Shūrei) was the daughter of Kou Shouka, the first female Imperial Court Official and Shi Ryuuki's Consort. Shuurei is a young woman with Shuurei and Eigetsu together put an end to the unrest in the Sa province. Soon afterwards, a plague spread Relationships Edit. Kou Shouka and Hyou. It really seemed like there was no way out to get to the ending that was It was obvious that Shuurei would somehow survive and that Ryuuki would win . The year after her marriage, Kou Shuurei died in childbirth at age

It is later mentioned by Hyou Ruka that it was Shuurei's unavoidable fate to attract men, although whether it was meant seriously or as sarcasm is unclear. Plot Edit Despite the high social status of her clan, Shuurei grew up in relatively impoverished circumstances.

Her father's job brought little income, and most of his personal wealth was given to the needy during the devastating fight for the imperial succession eight years ago. Because women are not permitted to take the imperial examinations, she teaches young children in hopes they can achieve her dream of changing the country. When Grand Official Sho offers gold pieces as a reward for becoming an imperial concubine for six months, Shuurei accepts, hoping to encourage the immature young emperor to take more responsibility.

Shuurei's earnest behaviour and desire to help her country successfully incites the emperor, Shi Ryuuki to become a respectable ruler.

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During this time, the Emperor of Saiunkoku fell deeply in love with her, but is constantly rejected. So that Shuurei will be able to fulfill her dream, Ryuuki opens admission for women to take imperial examinations to become officials. She becomes the first woman in the history of Saiunkoku to take the Imperial Exams and passes with the third highest score, allowing her to obtain the title of "Tanka". She is first assigned as the governor of Sa province alongside To Eigetsu. She had to go through much ordeal to get into the capital of Sa province.

The acting head of the Sa ClanSa Chuushou tried to force her into marrying his grandson Sa Sakujun so that she will quit as the governor. However, Sakujun in the end chose to end his life and allow her to continue on her path.

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Shuurei and Eigetsu together put an end to the unrest in the Sa province. Soon afterwards, a plague spread across the Sa province wiping out villages after villages. Eigetsu recognized the plague as the one that destroyed his home and left only to be captured by Hyou Ren in the body of Ka Shin. You Shikou and found a remedy for the plague, gathered many doctors and headed for the Sa province. She then heard about the Jyasenkyou occult led by 'Senya'.

I hope Yougetsu would wake up as well in the near future! Lots of things needs to be resolve!! First off, i mentioned in the last episode of the first season, that i was hoping season 2 would cover: Shouka's wolf clan and how it was formed and disbanded.

Murderous thieves backstory and how Ensei and Seiran met as well as meeting Sakujun and how raised Seiran back then.

shuurei and ryuuki ending a relationship

Speaking of Sakujun, he freaking appeared in the plague arc and helping Eigetsu escape from being tied up. It also seems Eigetsu knew Sakujun for some reason! Sakujun is alive somewhere and we need to know how he survived the poison!! Also what about the Enlightened beings?? I thought this season will focus on how they were formed and why they got conflicted in the first place?

shuurei and ryuuki ending a relationship

What about Ou Ki's plan?? It seems Anju is on his side and why does he keeps helping Shuurei? Does he know Sakujun? Also the Ran family will not stop until they get back Shuuei. It will be interesting what they will do from now on.

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And what the hell happened to Hyou, Riou?? When he approached Shuurei and he said in the first few episodes, he said came back to take what he think is his. Which is Barahime or Shuurei's mother.

shuurei and ryuuki ending a relationship

Of course Shouka still has a score to settle to him since apparently Shouka stole Barahime from him. Also seeing the story on how Shouka and Barahime met as well as escaping Hyou's family and falling on love with one another. Also what about young Riou, Hyou? Is he an enemy or is there to protect the emperor? Also Shusui was controlled by Hyou family since birth. It will be interesting what happens to her now along with Jin Shiba.

Of course Hyou's founder Ruka is supposedly alive. I wonder how will she respond to Shusui's betrayal? One disappointment i have in the series is Seiran!! Seriously there were multiple times where Seiran should have assisted Shuurei instead of Ensei. I understand the director and creators probably wanted to emphasize Ensei's relationship with Shuurei.

I can't believed he got less screen time here compared to last season. I think that's all the story they could explore if they made a season 3. It's a shame this has been finished since and we still don't have any word about Season 3 since the novel is apparently made a lot of progression compared to the Anime or even the Manga!!

Is this better than Season 2?

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Well i'm still salty about Seiran's reduction of screentime, but we get tons of new characters like Tan Tan, Jyuusan-hime, even the plague arc is amazing and how we all though Eigetsu would forever vanished and instead Yougetsu has put himself in a induce coma for a long time.

As well as Shuurei exercising her right as the governor of Sa province. But season 1 had the amazing journey on how Shuurei fought with all of her might! Seiran's epic battle Sakujun's Russian roulette style with sake, as well as that ending scene with Shuurei and Sakujun!

So yeah, i would say season 1 and season 2 are tie for me right now. So that means this will receive a 10 for me!!!