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sookie and alcide relationship marketing

Introduced in Season 3, Alcide quickly became a fan favourite as he dealt with vampires, crushed on Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and. Alcide and Sookie Relationship Information Status Exes, Made Love, Friends, Protective of Each Other, Cared About One Another, Loved each other (Alcide. Alcide Herveaux is a fictional character from the Southern Vampire Mysteries/ Sookie Alcide is somewhat in love with Sookie but knows the relationship can never be due to Sookie killing Debbie in self-defense although they do kiss in an .

He'd do anything for her. He's this big, strong, protective man-wolf who also has this sensitive side. What woman wouldn't go for that? Aside from that, there was an interview where author Charlaine Harris was asked, "What super-powered character in her books would she like to marry or wind up with?

You don't have to wake up to cold feet in the morning the way you do with a vampire. Is Alcide beyond taking crap from anyone? Yeah, he's done with that. But, as we saw in the finale of Season 6, Bill steps up. Like any boyfriend in that situation, where the ex-boyfriend comes sniffing around for the girl, Alcide was like, "OK, let's see how she handles it. Sookie spoke her feelings and let it be known that she's going home with Alcide. Bill and Alcide have been fighting over Sookie since they met each other.

This is nothing new. On a regular basis, there have been vampires, werewolves, fairies and witches in Louisiana. What makes the Hep-V infected fangers such a big threat? It's such a global problem. It goes beyond Bon Temps. It's thrown the world into chaos from the top to the bottom, from the politicians and military and law enforcement, down to the local townspeople.

The genius of it is it forces the show in its final season to be about Bon Temps rather than the rest of the world. That's been a long time coming on the show. The show got so big at one point, with so many different storylines. I think it's going to be a real treat for the fans for the show to get small again. Last season, Alcide was the lone wolf off dealing with his pack problems. How was it interacting with some of the other characters and being part of the main storyline?

I was off on werewolf island for a couple of years. It's nice to come back and see everybody, work with them and hang out.

sookie and alcide relationship marketing

When the show got really big, you could get a feeling you are not even part of the show anymore. It's almost like you're on this off-shoot of the show. It was nice to come back for the final season and be back with the people that I was working with in the beginning. What are your thoughts on "True Blood"s series finale and where Alcide ends up?

I am really interested to see how fans react. It's satisfying for all the fans. I think there's going to be an explosion online once it happens. All the storylines going back to Season 1 wind up being resolved.

I think it's going to be satisfying and nostalgic and definitely controversial. Obviously, you are going to miss the cast and characters.

Is there anything you aren't going to miss? Yeah, being naked, laying on the ground in Malibu in December. It dipped below 20 degrees two nights in a row.

It's not uncommon for it be in the 20s and 30s. You're naked, barefoot, laying on the ground and trying to act sexy when it's freezing. I'm definitely not going to miss that. What do you feel "True Blood"s legacy will be? It changed TV forever. You see all these shows that are trying to profit.

sookie and alcide relationship marketing

There just wasn't a show that was as sexy or took things as far in terms of shock value as our show did. I say that because it was also something culturally significant. We're entering into a world where we're finally getting marriage equality across the board. That was a topic back in Season 1, which was six years ago. Six years ago, that was impossible and wasn't happening, and now it is. I think the show was instrumental in making a societal change in that direction. Finally, what has "True Blood" done for you and your career?

Geez, I've been acting for 21 years now. At this point, Jason's name is cleared although his reputation has suffered serious damage.

Season 2[ edit ] At the beginning of the second season, Jason joins the Fellowship of the Sun church, believing that God is guiding him to his destiny. Jason is inducted in the FotS's leadership program. Being favoured by the reverend Newlin and his wife, Sarah, he eventually moves in with them and starts a romantic relationship with the reverend's neglected wife, Sarah Newlin.

Mistakenly led to believe that Steve, the reverend, has discovered her affair, Sarah attempts to shoot Jason. Bill has Jessica in the back seat of the car and Jessica is trying to explain to Bill to go after Sookie but he sits in the car thinking that Sookie will come back to the car once she has calmed down.

As Sookie is walking down a clear path without the car insight she hears noises and thinks Bill is trying to scare her back to the car. When Sookie turns around she sees a long horned being with a human body and razor sharp claws running after her as Sookie tries to get away the half human with claws jumps on Sookies back and claws her.

Bill hears Sookies screams and goes running to see what has happened. He sees when he approaches Sookie that she has been attacked and he tries to feed her his blood to heal her but she has a violent episode after that. As that is happening Jessica appears and sees Sookie and gets upset. Bill tells Jessia to get the car.

The next scene is when Jessica is driving up into Fangtasia's parking lot. Eric then has a doctor come to Sookie's aid, since Bill has no one else that would be able to help. The doctor was able to tend to Sookie on a lounge sofa and she was able to heal some of the toxins that the claws had left in bedded in Sookies back but Bills blood was needed after that to heal Sookie as she was before her attack. Bill insists on staying and Eric offers Bill a spare casket he had on the property. It was later found out that Maryanne Forster was the half human, half beast that terrorized Sookie and had put everyone in the town but Sheriff Andy and Sam Merlotte under a spell of sexual deviancy and vandalism.

Sookie leaves Bon Temps and goes to the Fellowship of the Sun's Church as a prisoner along with another human who was in a relationship with a vampire, but she was released by Godrick, Eric's maker. Jason is held prisoner by one of the guards, but Jason kills him when the guard insults Sookie.

When Sookie arrives back in Bon Temps with Jason they are greeted by vandals in the streets that jumped in front of their vehicle and ran off to Maryanne's place actually Sookie's home then Jason joins up with Andy to help Sam which is why Maryanne came to Bon Temps but as Jason and Andy were trying to help Sam they were also put under the spell the rest of Bon Temps was under. Now Maryanne realized that with Sam being a shape shifter he was to be her sacrifice to a god to be given a husband.

Sam and Bill outsmart Maryanne, and Sam rips her heart out with his bare hands. At the close of the season, Jason shoots a knife-wielding "Eggs" Benedict Talley, mistakenly believing that he is threatening Andy.

Eggs had been tormented by the terrible deeds the maenad Maryanne Foster had forced him to commit, and attempted to surrender himself to Andy by handing over the murder weapon. Season 3[ edit ] In the third season, Jason and Andy work out a plan to pin the murder of Eggs on Andy. However, instead of coming down hard on Andy for murdering Eggs, the town praises Andy's heroics.

This eventually gets to Andy's head and Jason, tired of letting Andy take all the credit, blackmails Andy into letting him join the police force. Throughout the season, Jason also pursues a mysterious Crystal Norriswho is hesitant on being with Jason due to her loyalty to her abusive father and boyfriend. Crystal later reveals that she and her family are from Hotshot, a town filled with werepanthers. The situation intensifies through the season as Jason tries to convince Crystal to abandon her town and her family for a life with him.

Jason, helpless in the situation, promises to abide by Crystal's final request: Later, in an act reminiscent of killing Eggs, Jason kills Franklin Motta sadistic vampire who had kidnapped and tortured Tara earlier in the season. Broken, Jason finally confesses his crimes, in particular the shooting of Eggs, to Sookie and Tara. Season 4[ edit ] In the year since Sookie's disappearance, Jason has become a police officer partnering up with Andy Bellefleur.

He, along with many other friends, had assumed Sookie had died and are shocked when Sookie reappears. Assuming she died, Jason had sold Sookie's house to an unknown company, later determined to be actually owned by Eric Northman.

True to his word, Jason continues to supply the Hotshot residents with food and supplies as he promised Crystal. On one of his visits, a resident traps him in an old freezer.

sookie and alcide relationship marketing

He awakens later tied to a bed and is greeted by Crystal and Felton. They reveal that their intentions are to change him into a werepanther so that they can use him to breed more werepanthers with Crystal as Felton is infertile.

After numerous women rape him, Jason, defeated and exhausted, refuses to have sex with a year-old girl. He convinces her to free him, and Jason quickly escapes on foot. Felton doggedly pursues him as a werepanther, but Jason eventually kills him with a sharpened stick. Crystal is relieved to have Felton off her back, and wishes for Jason to return to Hotshot to resume his role as a "ghost daddy.

He is then found by Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hambywho promptly revives him with her blood. As he is nursed back to health, he begins fantasizing about Jessica and, oddly, Hoyt. Thinking he will turn into a werepanther through the upcoming full moon, Jason handcuffs himself to his bedpost to protect others. Sookie finds him and learns about the situation - she assures him that she will make the best of the situation and will not shoot Jason.

When night falls, Jason flees into the woods to protect Sookie, who subsequently chases him. Jessica, who is working at Merlotte's, senses Jason in fear since she had fed Jason her blood and quickly finds Jason to protect him.

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They eventually discover that he does not turn. Jason, relieved, bonds with Jessica. They eventually part ways, though not without some obvious sexual tension between them.

Jason is visited by Hoyt, who is clearly distressed by his relationship problems with Jessica. The next day, he looks for Sookie to tell her the good news about his non-turning but she is concerned about Eric, who has been bound by silver chains to prevent him from walking out into the sun due to a dangerous witch spell by a newly resurrected Antonia.

Realizing Jessica is in danger, Jason sprints to the mansion to rescue her. He is stopped temporarily by a guard, who he shoots presumably non-fatally. He rushes to promptly save Jessica by throwing her back into the mansion. The spell is soon released and Jessica, indebted to Jason for saving her life, kisses him on the lips, which he returns. She apologizes and Jason places her back in bed under chains to rest and prepare for another possible spell.

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As per Bill's suggestion, Jason agrees to not report that Jessica killed the guard, a human. In turn, Jason would not be punished for the guard he shot "in the shoulder" outside.

At night, Jessica visits Jason and tells him that she and Hoyt have broken up. Jason is angry that she would hurt his best friend and not only rejects her feelings for him but rescinds her invitation to his house.

The next day Jason gets a call from Hoyt - a possessed Lafayette has taken Arlene and Terry's baby and has threatened Hoyt with a gun. Jason responds to the call with Andy but cannot make much headway with Lafayette until Jesus comes and eventually puts the grieving mother spirit at peace.

Later, Hoyt asks Jason to give Jessica a box of her belongings. Jason delivers the box - although he at first remains hesitant to get close to Jessica, they eventually make love in Jason's truck.

Afterwards, Jason feels guilty knowing that it will ruin Hoyt if he finds out. He asks Jessica to glamour him to make him forget but she refuses and leaves angrily to feed on someone else. Jason helps Sookie's cause to rescue Tara and other humans from Moon Goddess Emporium, which Bill plans to destroy in order to end the war with Antonia.

He, Sookie, Jesus, and Lafayette approach the Emporium during daylight but Jesus discovers it is protected by a spell. Jesus proves his worth to Antonia by breaking through the barrier, and warns Sookie in his mind that Marnie has now turned sympathetic towards Antonia's cause.

Soon the prisoners are broken free temporarily when the spell is lifted and Tara and Holly run out to the embracing arms of Sookie and Lafayette. Jason lags behind slightly and is caught on the outside of Antonia's newly cast spell, which causes everyone else to be cast inside the shop. When Pam, Jessica, Eric, and Bill come armed to defeat Marnie, they are unable to make any progress because of the barrier. Marnie asks Eric and Bill to sacrifice themselves for Sookie's release, and while they both agree, Pam does not and launches a rocket launcher at the barrier, causing a massive explosion and injuring Jason severely.

Jessica feeds him her blood again. Eventually, Marnie casts a spell to draw the vampires towards the deadly barrier, but Jason holds them back long enough before the spell is broken when Jesus draws Antonia out of Marnie.

Marnie is then killed by Bill and the prisoners are released. Jason tells Hoyt about his relationship with Jessica, and Hoyt does not take it well as he beats Jason up. Later that night, on Halloween, Jessica visits Jason and he invites her in. They have sex, and Jessica suggest they should just stay friends as she is not ready for a relationship and Jason agrees to be friends.

Season 5[ edit ] At the beginning of Season 5, Jason is visited at home by Steve Newlin, who reveals he is a recently turned vampire and is a " Proud Gay American Vampire". Jason is uninterested in a relationship with Newlin and an angry Newlin attempts to bite Jason. Jessica arrives and threatens Newlin as she is basically the Queen of Louisiana since Bill is gone unbeknownst to her, he and Eric are arrested by the Vampire Authority twice. Jason takes back his invitation from Newlin, who leaves immediately.

Jason then goes to Merlotte's to see Hoyt, who is with his other 'true friends', but is coldly turned down. Jason still has feelings for Jessica and thinks the feeling is mutual, but upon going to visit her at Bill's she denies this, explaining she was just saying that to protect Jason from Newlin.

Jessica is throwing a party, and Jason attempts to make a move on her but another guy makes a move before he can.

A jealous Jason takes a sorority girl to have sex, but instead he takes her home. Jason is later visited by an old school teacher with which he had sexual relations previously. They have sex but immediately afterwards Jason begins to feel like he is being used for sex and this causes Jason to remember his past with his teacher as it really was his teacher talked Jason into having sex with her while she was married and leaves her house in a hurry.

Later on, Sookie visits Jason and emotionally confesses that she killed Debbie and had Tara turned into a vampire.

Jason recommends that she keep things to herself. The next day Andy tells him that Debbie's parents have left because they found what they were looking for. Jessica then glamours him into forgetting about the case, doing Jason a big favor. That night he, Andy, and Judge Clemens take a trip to a Fairy nightclub and there Jason meets his cousin Hadley, who believes Sookie is dead after disappearing at the end of Season 3.

She firmly believes that Sookie needs to be protected from vampires, though Jason believes otherwise. She lets slip that vampires killed Jason's parents while he had thought it was a flood but she runs away before revealing more information. Jason pursues her but things turn violent in the club and he and Andy are thrown out.

The next morning Jason has a dream about his parents that turns violent when he visualizes their violent deaths by vampire fangs. He later tells Andy that the nightclub they had visited the previous night was indeed for fairies. Jason visits his parents' graves and seems to start believing that what Hadley had said is true.

He visits Sookie and asks her to accompany him to the fairy club once more. Sookie is told that vampires did in fact kill her parents, and she angrily lashes out but her powers are fading - she eventually finds out since she is half fairy her powers will drain soon.

Jason visits Jessica to find comfort about what he has discovered about his parents, and bonds with Sookie. He stops Sookie from draining all her powers and convinces her to use her powers to find out who killed their parents. They return to the fairy nightclub and attempt to connect with the spiritual world to discover their parents' killer. Sookie sees a vision but cannot identify the killer. Jason is disheartened when he finds out that Hoyt wants to forget his time in Bon Temps and particularly wants to forget his first love Jessica, and Jason.

Jessica glamours Hoyt, who then leaves town to go to Alaska. Jason stops him in the police cruiser to try and prevent him from leaving Bon Temps, but he knows that Hoyt is happier this way and reluctantly lets him go.

Jason and Sookie dig closer to the truth in regards to their parents' murderer, and they learn that there is a war coming between the vampires and the fairies. Jason meets Jessica, who has been commanded by a psychopathic Bill to turn Jason into a vampire. Jason shoots both guards dead before he is turned, and learns from Jessica that Russel Eddington is on the loose.

He then goes to warn Sookie and volunteers to guard the Stackhouse residence. When Russell and Reverend Newlin stop by, Jason is glamoured into giving away the location of the fairy nightclub. When the three of them arrive, Russell and Newlin cannot find the entrance - the Fairy Elder appears and stops Steve but falls prey to Russell, who then is able to see the entrance to the nightclub.

Although the fairies combine forces to attempt to stop Russell, he cannot be stopped. Eric suddenly appears and stakes him. Jason begins having hallucinations of his parents, who begin turning him into an anti-supernatural bigot. When Eric and Nora request his and Sookie's help to snap Bill out of his trance, Jason agrees to come along if only to kill some vampires, which worries Sookie. When they infiltrate the Authority, Jason kills many vampires and guards the front desk while the others go about their business.

Jason Stackhouse

Jessica admits feelings for Jason but he rebuffs them, saying he cannot love a vampire. On the news, the mayor indirectly declares war on vampires, calling for a vampire curfew and numerous other measures.

Jason is ecstatic, but others are not as pleased. As the group takes refuge at a beach, Nora believes that Jason knows more about Lillith and Warlow, and glamours him into getting more information.

Jason's growing hatred towards vampires intensifies and threatens to shoot Nora. The others see the conflict and Sookie says that Warlow was the enemy, not the entire vampire race. Jason takes this as Sookie taking the vampires' side, and he angrily storms off, leaving the party.

He gets picked up by a mysterious driver. Jason shoots him when he thinks it is Warlow but it is only a vision and the car crashes. It turns out to be his fairy grandfather Niall, who has been watching over him his whole life.

Niall warns of Warlow, who he discovers has escaped, and says his powers are not to be underestimated. When Sookie returns home, Niall introduces himself and later explains over dinner that the Stackhouses are part of a royal bloodline. He trains Sookie to control her powers. Later that night, Warlow attacks and Niall tries to catch him but fails. Jason gets ready for action but inexplicably collapses. The next day, Sookie tends to him as he recovers from his "concussion", during which Sookie reveals that their parents were not in fact racist against vampires but simply afraid of Sookie's powers.

Later that night, Bill visits and restrains Jason while pleading Sookie for her blood so they can synthesize it.

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She refuses and their relationship is officially over. Another attack occurs later that night and Niall discovers it is Nora, tracking Warlow as well. Jason convulses again and Ben Flynn, who turns out to be half vampire in addition to being half fae, gives him his blood.

He recovers quickly, much to Sookie's surprise, and Jason, high on V, does a lot of pullups and has sexual fantasies of Ben. Concerned, he sees Niall and they conclude that Jason must've been fed V to hallucinate like that.

They pursue Ben at his hotel room but get caught in his trap. Ben turns out to be Warlow, who glamours Jason into forgetting the whole situation and to not feel guilty about letting his grandfather fairy get captured by Warlow. Warlow eventually casts Niall into the same prison that he himself was trapped in. Back on the job and out of the house Sookie has plans for WarlowJason and Andy go to a gas station to investigate where Andy's now-teen fairy godchildren have gone, but find that the clerk has been glamoured.

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When Jason returns home that night, he finds Sarah Newlin waiting for him outside, where she confesses that she has loved him ever since they met at the Fellowship of the Sun. They proceed to have sex. Afterwards, a distraught Jessica arrives and is still in shambles after killing most of Andy's fairy daughters but gets distracted when Sarah comes out and calls Jessica a dead vampire whore.

Sarah is upset that Jason has had sexual relations with Jessica in the past.