Spongebob and pearl relationship

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spongebob and pearl relationship

I've been a fan of “Spongebob” since the first episode premiered after of that ( hence his relationship with Mrs. Puff never going anywhere). Sandy and Pearl do not really talk to each other, however in "Texas," Pearl wants Sandy to stay in Bikini Bottom. In "Bubble Troubles," Pearl helps Sandy breathe air, saying "I guess us mammals have to stick together." In "Sleepy Time," Sandy and Pearl are mad at Dream SpongeBob. The series says Pearl is Mr. Krabs' 16 year old daughter. If Krabs' driver's license says he is 70 y.

Krabs purposefully created the formula to create a restaurant that people have to visit every day for fear of losing their minds.

The Krabs Theory: Who's Really the Mother of Pearl?

Seems like the perfect plan, right? Krabs falls for Mrs. Puff, he spends money recklessly to impress her. I remember watching this episode and realizing I had never seen Eugene so infatuated with something other than cash or the making of it. Even when it comes to Pearl. Do we really think Krabs would pay and sacrifice to raise a child out of his own volition?

Krabs adopted Pearl, then he would be taking on an expense.

spongebob and pearl relationship

And what of Mrs. At one point, Mr. Puff never going anywhere.

Squidward-Pearl relationship

Because it actually fits within the context of Eugene Krabs as a character. When Spongebob and Patrick play with fishing hooks, he becomes obsessed with stopping them. This is because he knows all too well the dangers of the surface. Sponge Out of Water. Remember how sensitive he was when he lost his shell in the episode with his Navy buddies? Why else do you think he wants a metal shell for a superpower? After all, why do you think he named her Pearl?

spongebob and pearl relationship

The very saying he said during that episode with the hooks. Fire on the poop deck!

spongebob and pearl relationship

This could be that Mrs. Krabs is a Sperm Whale like Pearl. Krabs mated with a Sperm Whale, who gave birth to Pearl.

SpongeBob SquarePants - Barnacles be gone - Nickelodeon UK

It is unknown of how she died though old age, murdered, or a disease? Theory 3 more evidence of adoption: Krabs died of an unknown cause, or was killed, or perhaps old age concideraing the fact that Mr.

Karbs is apparently 70 years old Either way, she died, and Mr. Krabs was heartbroken, so he decided to later adopt a child, thus being Pearl.

Whatever the case, Pearl is a recurring character in the series, who was most notably seen in the episode Bossy Boots and The Chaperon. She is a sperm whale, which means Mr. Krabs was once married, and her mother was most likely a whale if relative to Theory 2.

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of those classic, timeless ideas: It's about a talking sea sponge who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea whose mascot is a meowing snail and who works in a restaurant owned by a crab. OK, sure, it sounds kind of bizarre when you put it like that, but what cartoon premise doesn't?

Children's cartoons are metaphors; it's not like the creators were trying to say that these characters are literally mutants or something.

spongebob and pearl relationship

According to one strangely convincing theory posted on Reddit, the show is really about nuclear testing. SpongeBob and his friends look and act the way they do because of their exposure to the radiation from atomic bombs dropped in the area around Bikini Bottom, where the show is set.

First of all, the fact that a talking sponge lives in a place called Bikini Bottom isn't some roundabout reference to human contraception - the show is set under a real place called Bikini Atoll, which is confirmed by the official Nickelodeon-written-synopsis.

And here's where it gets interesting: Back inthe U. SpongeBob fans might be familiar with this particular mushroom cloud, considering that similar explosions are used on the show whenever a character so much as drops a pin on the floor: Suddenly, all the weirdness in this cartoon starts making sense: The characters were normal sea creatures until the radiation from the explosion mutated them into sentient freaks.

spongebob and pearl relationship

Even the landscape changed, allowing giant pineapples to grow out of the ground. Not only does this theory make sense, but it also provides answers to a lot of previously unanswered questions that have baffled fans for years, such as "How the hell did Mr. Krabs father a goddamn whale? I explained it in the previous chapter. The creator of the show did secret atomic bomb sightings underwater, causing the radiation to affect the sea creatures.