Stand by me chris and geordie relationship quiz

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stand by me chris and geordie relationship quiz

Gordie and Chris are that ear for each other in Stand by Me, that friend whom each can reveal his true self to without being judged. Gordie Lachance (narrating the first lines of Stand By Me) . I may have identified with Teddy's volatility, but it was Gordie's relationship with his. You are Gordie Lachance! Share on Facebook. You're sweet Only A Native New Yorker Will Get % On This NYC Slang Quiz! | BrainFall. CyanMagnet.

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As discussed, Gordie had many issues with his parents neglecting him and the lack of support. However, throughout the movie Chris was the most supportive friend which indeed helped Gordie to get through the journey. Chris encouraged him to continue writing stories despite the attitude his father has against him. Yet, Gordie would compensate and do the same for Chris. Yes but you can do anything you want, man.

This conversation occurred when the boys returned to their town. This conversation portrayed the meaning of friendship and support. Without their encouragement, none of the boys probably would of have passed through life.

stand by me chris and geordie relationship quiz

Whether it was trying to stop someone dodge trains or help someone get through situations. Therefore all the boys learnt how to survive in the future by just taking a two day trip.

All four boys would have had issues of concern. Although they had they had these problems, the boys learnt how to get through obstacles by looking out for each other. Vern is scared and just at the slightest cricket.

In ‘Stand By Me’ – What Is The Journey Really About?

Teddy talks to himself to break the silence. I believe that this speaks to his loneliness. Chris is not really scared at all. Lastly, the scene of teddy standing up for his dad happens the same was in the movie as it does the short story. After this incident, Teddy cries.

Stand By Me, Chris and Geordie

Chris and Gordie both cry at other points in the story too. I believe this speaks of their true age no matter how old they are trying to be.

stand by me chris and geordie relationship quiz

These tears also represent the struggles these boys are faced with at such a young age. All in all, the actions and situations these characters are put in bring out their characters fully.

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Setting The setting in the short story and the book is different. This city of Castle Rock is very small in both the short story and the movie. Who can really help them?

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And Ace Merrill Keifer Sutherland and his gang, the Cobras, seem to have the run of the town as long as their misdeeds are done semi-covertly. Ace Merrill, well, he takes a job at the local mill and rots away on a bar stool. For someone, like me, who grew up in a small town, these stories are commonplace.

Try not to lose it. We had Gordie do it because it was his evolution. In turn, we learn Gordie will do the same for Chris, which makes that sad ending a bit more bearable. It speaks in broader terms than that about what it is to start growing up.

Most people I know see themselves in one or more of the characters and can cast people from their own childhood to fill the remaining roles.