Star trek 2 spock and uhura relationship

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star trek 2 spock and uhura relationship

T'Bonz 2 years ago No Comment Yet At the beginning of Star Trek Beyond, Uhura, like the other crewmembers, was a bit unhappy. I guess that relationship with Spock and Uhura felt so normal and human to me that it's. [Star Trek] The REAL reason that Spock and Uhura become a couple in the new .. Their relationship is also an homage to the original series. I think Beyond is the best written version of the romance and a huge improvement from star trek into darkness. who else agrees with me.

The official comics approved by one of the writers, Roberto Orci, confirmed this theory. Following what TPTB said regarding scenes that hinted an established relationship between the two characters, fans believe that those hints can be found in various scenes through the movie. When Uhura openly confronts Spock about her getting assigned to the "Farragut" by him, even though they both know that she is qualified to serve aboard the "Enterprise" instead, and it is unfair for her to get denied of the chance just because of their personal relationship and Spock overcompensating to, as he says, "avoid the appearance of favoritism".

Spock recognizes his poor judgment and promptly corrects the mistake. Another hint of their relationship can possibly be a scene, later in the movie, where Spock is about to beam himself down to the Vulcan surface to rescue his parents: The two intently look at each other all the while the door of the turbolift closes. However, their relationship becomes particularity obvious after Vulcan gets destroyed by Nero and Spock's mother dies: Some fans interpret the scene as their first kiss and develop from that in fanfictions especially short stories.

Others, however, believe that the intimacy between Spock and Uhura implies that they were already a couple before this moment and this can explain why Spock seems so comfortable with her affections. This interpretation is particularly supported by the script and the movie tie-in novel where the scene is described as the moment where their secret relationship is revealed to us and thus the way he kisses her back is done "in a fashion that is sufficiently straightforward to indicate that he had done so before" [8] Spock and Uhura kissing in front of Kirk Later, their relationship is also revealed to James Kirk while Spock and Uhura are kissing on the transport pad where he also hears Spock calling her by her first name: Spock is the first character in canon that calls her like that and thus reveals her first name to the audience.

Previously, Jim Kirk had tried to get her first name from her without success. Zoe Saldana seems to share, with some fans, the opinion that Spock knowing her first name is itself a hint of their relationship: Kirk doesn't let him finish the phrase, insisting that their mission would end with a success, but fans assume that Spock wanted him to tell Uhura that he loves her, which isn't so different to what Zachary Quinto himself added in the gag reel of the scene where he also joked about the phrase adding funny undertones to it.

Fans also speculate that the revelation that his father had married his mother because he loved her, makes Spock feel more compelled to admit his own feelings for Uhura. Star Trek Into Darkness A year later after the events of the first movie, Uhura, along with Sulu, accompanies Spock to Nibiru aboard a shuttle in which Uhura helps him suit up with a special heat resistant outfit, so that he can be lowered into the volcano to prevent it from wiping out the Nibiran people.

The mission, though, doesn't go so well: Back to the Enterprise and after they successfully save Spock, Uhura is angry with him, distraught as she is after having witnessed that Spock was, apparently, willing to die in that volcano, rather than go against the Prime Directive to let the enterprise crew save his life even though, technically, his own intervention in the volcano to save the planet was a violation of the directive as well.


Later, Kirk and his crew are tasked with the mission to hunt terrorist 'John Harrison' down on the planet Qo'noS where he is hiding. Since Uhura is the only one who speaks klingon, Kirk asks her to join him, Spock and two security officers in the mission. While on a shuttle to the planet surface, Spock coldly stating that the odds of them dying in the mission are high provokes an argument between him and Uhura where, remembering what happened in the Nibiru's mission, she accuses him of being too willing to die for a mission and not caring about how she would feel if he died and also his unwillingness, after the fact, to talk with her about what happened and why he seems to have a death wish also implied in the IDW ongoing comic series.

Spock finally explains that, when he was in the volcano, the thought of how she'd feel for his death, that is what he himself experienced when his mother died and home planet got destroyed, was so painful for him that he had to choose to feel nothing. So, what she perceived as a lack of care from his part was, in fact, pretty the opposite feeling.

I assure you the truth is precisely the opposite. Later, after getting back to the Enterprise, the two shares a reconciliatory kiss. It feels like a typical, contemporary love story laughs. And Uhura, she needs to learn to just understand his Vulcan side. In this movie you seem them working through that. You see the ways in which they misunderstand and miscommunicate, and you see the ways in which they understand and then come back together.

star trek 2 spock and uhura relationship

You get the sense, I got the sense at least while I was working on it, that we were creating a dynamic and expanding a relationship that has a believable foundation and hopefully it will continue to evolve in that way. In issue 4, that is an alternate take on the original tos episode 'Galileo Seven', even thought the enterprise is unable to locate and save the away team that includes Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Rand that is stuck on the planet's surface due to their shuttle being damaged, Uhura takes a shuttle and she's successfully able to locate the team and save Spock and her other crewmates from a difficult situation.

star trek 2 spock and uhura relationship

Uhura asking Spock out for a date IDW 18 In issue 18 - dedicated to Uhura's backstory - it's revealed that Spock and Uhura started dating back in after Uhura completed Spock's course and she no longer was one of his students. It really seemed to dominate those characters esp. That could be subjective on my part, but there it is. Yeah, I don't really care for it.

However, as far as movie love stories go, I'm not sure it's even that well constructed. It's not in keeping with either character as the franchise has established them and we know next to nothing about why they're together.

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It's also ironic to make it seems that old tos dynamics like the original trio are anything refreshingly 'new' to trek. If anything, the romance is the very example of that 'characters interacting more with others' thing mentioned above precisely because it's a pretext for this trek to have other interpersonal relationships OUTSIDE of the old trio dynamic box.

As I've mentioned before, I'm talking about new to this series, not new to Trek overall. We should stop to have relationships, of any kind, in movies? If you recognize the merits of having interpersonal relationships in movies in form of the male friendships, for the reason that it's a way the writers make the characters more real, it shouldn't be that hard to understand that romantic relationships are developed for the same reason.

No, I didn't say that. I'm just questioning if it's a little overused in general and if it belongs in this specific movie. Making platonic relationships the be all and end all of interpersonal relationships representation is NOTHING new or original for trek, even less erasing women for the sake of making bromances more important. In more than one aspect, giving the romantic subplot to these two specific characters was more gutsy from their part than, say, give the romantic subplot to Kirk.

As I mentioned before, it doesn't make sense with these characters. Putting Kirk and say, Carol Marcus, would.

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To to be succinct here: In many cases, this ongoing concern trolling about romance might be just systemic sexism and blatant double standards about the dynamics that include women or that are exclusively considered the female's flavour e.

The fact that some people arbitrarily establish that romance must be an 'inferior' narrative element is a problem. You're really reading a lot into this, and not getting any accurate picture of my assessment.

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My points boiled down to that I'm not sure the relationship works between Uhura and Spock, and I feel it was forced because of the belief that there needed to be one and at the expense of the core characterizations of the TOS franchise.

However, I don't need it in every thing I see, and I've seen stuff where it's been pretty poorly integrated. Frankly, one could argue that Spock's relationship with Uhura is a tad more relevant to his character development HERE than whatever interactions he has with Mccoy in this movie, no matter how funny or interesting they can be.

Since McCoy is the one he talks to about his uncertainty about what he should do, I have to disagree. In fact, McCoy and old Spock play the biggest roles in young Spock making his decision, and Uhura has next to nothing in that regard.