Steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

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steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

Writer Robert Harling wrote Steel Magnolias as a way of coping with the in New York and immediately began a push to be cast in the film as Ouiser (Shirley . Clairee: It's unusual. M'Lynn: It's repulsive! It's got gray icing! I can't even begin to think how you make gray icing! Shelby: Worse the cake part is red velvet cake. Steel Magnolias may have an all-star cast but the real star of the Southern classic is the story is truly a meditation on friendship and how the relationships that we “You know I love you more than my luggage,” Clairee told Ouiser, and that.

But her name made headlines yet again in when, after announcing his departure from the show, Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi said that de la Tour was his personal pick to replace him. Though neither voice netted him the job, he appeared as Captain Zhukov in the revived series.

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He found even greater fame on the small screen as Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones. Though he was shortlisted for the part, it seems the decision was never his to make. I would have loved it. I'd have taken it. In a double blow to Mark, he didn't get the part—but his brother did. Talk about sibling envy. Hugh Grant Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images Rom-com star Hugh Grant may seem like an unlikely choice for a sci-fi hero, but he was one of the first actors approached when casting a Ninth Doctor for the series revival.

Bill Nighy Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images Bill Nighy also said no to playing the Doctor, but unlike his Love Actually castmate Grant, his refusal was due to a premonition that the show would take off and garner him an excess of unwanted media scrutiny.

steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

The BBC itself discounted his comments as mere "speculation," and a spokesman said simply that no decision had yet been made. He thought Benedict Cumberbatch had the chops for the role, but the Sherlock star didn't think it would be a good fit. An earlier version of this story ran in It's very relatable no matter where you're from. She's always in control. She's also devoted to her family, especially her daughter, Shelby. When the story begins, you can see that she's starting to realize that she's losing some of that control because Shelby is getting married.

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She's a great character to play, though. I mean, she seems to go through a major life change in every scene.

steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

How does M'Lynn fit the "steel magnolia" definition? Well, for M'Lynn she faces her biggest fear with the terminal illness of her child. She's convinced she won't survive the death of Shelby and in that way, she seems so fragile.

But, in the end, she is the only one who is able to stand by Shelby until the very end.

steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

They are very close. She's at the point in her life where she wants to pull away, though, and be on her own.

It's hard for her but she knows she has to do it. They also battle a lot, especially where it concerns Shelby's health. What's her personality like? She tries to find the positive in every situation. For instance, she's a diabetic but she doesn't let it affect her or bother her in any way. She just deals with it. Is she a steel magnolia? Well, steel magnolias are the tough women that survive all the tragedy and loss, surviving even when the men can't. She has a tough spirit that allows her to always see the positive side of things, even when her kidneys fail.

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She's the town curmudgeon. But, she also has a heart of gold. Is she hard to portray? There's almost no "over-the-top" with her. She says what she feels and just what she thinks. It makes her fun. She and Clairee are especially close. I think they grew up together so they know almost everything about one another. They're total opposites, though. How do you define a steel magnolia?

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They are always southern. You see that in the play.

steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

Each one has gone through a personal crisis but they get through it. They always get through it. And, they help each other get through it. They make each other stronger. Character Clairee Belcher How do you like playing Clairee?

steel magnolias ouiser and claires relationship

I wish I had her wit. But, I have to remember to slow down when I talk in her voice so that people can understand her. How do you see her friendship with Ouiser? Not that they do everything together but they're soul mates. They're like Mutt and Jeff, yin and yang. They complement each other really well.