Sungmin and kyuhyun relationship questions

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sungmin and kyuhyun relationship questions

We already knew about Sungmin's marriage from the beginning of this year. We knew who Especially Eunhyuk, Donghae and Leeteuk tried to stop him getting married at this stage. But he never answered our questions. 3) Leeteuk & Donghae: Very special relationship in my eyes, maybe . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Super Junior's Leeteuk recently met with OSEN where he talks about his plans of marriage, Sungmin and other more questions sent by fans.

The only thing he cared about is to make the members to accept his plan. Sungmin took wedding photo on May and confirmed the wedding date to be on 13th Dec. We could find out this very easily and it became a real concern for us. You guys also know how important this album is. It is the first album after Leeteuk has returned. We may not be able to release another album for next two years because Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are planned to go to army. We desperately prepared for their comeback.

We wanted to show Suju that we are still here, always watching them. We wanted to tell them that no matter how much they spend time in army we will be waiting. During two years of gap, many fans have left Super Junior. We are having a smaller fandom than the past. We were afraid that we might lose more fans if Sungmin goes on openly dating. So we asked him not to show off his girlfriend. This album is very important for you and for us and for Super Junior. But he ignored those fans and blocked them from his blogs.

He gave the gift from his fans to his gf. He "liked" the post which says "Throw away the fans that are unnecessary" He celebrated his gf's birthday on radio and called her "Mimi". The rumor about his marriage spread out like wildfire.

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Sungmin officially announced his relationship with Saeun. We feared that his marriage might actually happen. On the fansigning event a lot fans had run up to him and asked if the rumor is true. Some of them cried and begged not to marry her now. But Sungmin didn't even care whether his fans cried or not.

For those fans who cried, he gave his signature with "Mi" which indicates his girlfriend. We started to get disappointed by the way Sungmin acted so far. But we still waited for Sungmin to speak up something for us. We just wished that he will delay his wedding and be together with us for the rest of the But until all the news started to talk about his marriage, he said nothing to his fans.

This got us crazy. We did not want to hear a news of his marriage from the third person. This is not like Super Junior. None of the members have treated us like this.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship questions

Sungmin said "Sorry for the sudden announcement". No, it wasn't a sudden announcement.

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Every ELF in Korea knew that his marriage is gonna be soon. But he never answered our questions. He never listened to what we said. Despite of our earnest request, Sungmin decided to marry his girlfriend on 13th December.

Even SM and his parents could not stop him getting married. He had to marry on the exact date of 13th December because it is the day when he and his girlfriend performed together for the first time. Sorry that this looks like a ramble, lol. In no particular order: Ah, the only 83'liner now that Hangeng has left. In the beginning I think that they were not that close However, after their fight, dubbed the "Battle of Incheon" as revealed in Radio Star, during the Bonamama era and not having talked to each other for three whole months, they finally made up and since then Heechul has always supported Leeteuk.

Eh, I think this is self-explanatory. From the comments below, I see that their relationship has seemed to be strained a little bit due to work. That is sad, but I guess unavoidable sometimes. It doesn't seem to be serious though. They just need some time for themselves. Very special relationship in my eyes, maybe the most special one if you ask me. Leeteuk met Donghae way before Super Junior's debut, when the latter was just 13 or To Donghae, Leeteuk is truly like an older brother to him.

They are kind of like the variety kings of the group in my eyes, and best friends! Kyuhyun loves Donghae, lol. I think he's his favorite hyung, might be wrong though. The reason why I believe so is that he one of the two who welcomed him when he first came into Super Junior everyone else disliked him, lol. Donghae was the one that visited Kyuhyun in the hospital the most after his accident in The two same-aged maknaes. They really do get along with each other and are prob the closest with each other in the group.

Not to long ago, they were last two ones living in the same dorm, meaning that they are very comfertable with each other.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship questions

Highfives and "I'm confident!!!!!!!!!!!! This might come as a surprise, but Kangin I think stated that Ryeowook is his favorite dongsaeng. Fact is, they are very close. In one video, they shared a hotel room. Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut.

Not close at all in the past. Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. It's gotten better though, and I think they are close now. Eunhyuk even cried when Heechul went to the army.