Supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

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supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

- Supah Ninjas: Mike and Amanda's Kiss. At first, Mike seems surprised by Amanda's kiss on the lips, but he loved it and start kissing Amanda back. Amanda McKay is the third main ninja in the "Supah Ninjas". Mike finally accepts Amanda's relationship with Cameron in "Morningstar Academy" and asks out. He had a deeper, longer, more grown-up relationship with your .. Umm that's the sweetest fan-love-letter I've eva read michael .. Yep, with the exception of dates and super-personal details (and the And that's what it is when you Twitter and blog and have ninja gigs in the middle of the street.

Those first few years of being in love with you were like any honeymoon stage of a relationship. Your posters were the cornerstones of my bedroom decor: They glowed around your silhouetted figure and guitar, and I gazed nightly at your back.

You turned away from me, hiding the tears in your eyes, in a truly ground-breaking Sensitive-Man-Stance. I felt certain that I was worshipping at the altar of the correct church.

I drew pictures of your face and your hair it was very, very difficult getting your hair right, dude all over my school binders and on pieces of cardboard that I would add to the growing collage on my wall. I re-painted your album covers on various surfaces.

Once I had mastered this skill I applied it using all variety of magic marker and fabric paints to jackets, hats, ripped jeans, the inside of my closet and occasionally, when I got bored my forearms. I drew a cartoon for my xeroxed high-school fanzine depicting The Cure in a galactic battle against my nemesis, that most-hateful of bands that represented everything wrong and false: New Kids on the Block.

I tried to write songs like you.

Supah Ninjas - Amanda y Mike

All other music fell short. I listened to you and thought: I want to do THAT. In your lyrics, you were shredding people apart for being superficial, for not being authentic. People said the music was gloomy, depressing, over-dramatic. I never heard it that way. I just heard it as honest. Lots of bands try to do that and fail miserably. You did it right. You used just enough words, just the right words, always the perfect package…enough melody to draw me in to hold me there and drive the stake of prickly truthfulness through my heart.

And at the end of the day, you write a damn catchy pop tune when you feel like it. And that inspired me so much as a writer…the fact that you could be so passionately agonizing on one track and then turn around bopping and dancing light-heartedly the next.

I followed your example and I assumed that everything was up for grabs when it came to songwriting. You made this ok. I wanted to know things about you. There was no Wikipedia, no Google. MTV and minutes would occasionally let information drop, which I would suck up like a sponge. I learned enough to know that somehow I had to save the money for a ticket to Crawley, Sussex, in the United Kingdom, where I would somehow run into you and that you according to a story in my head that seemed very real at the time would instantly befriend me.

I vagely knew that you were married happily, according to all counts, and possibly even with children but this was somehow easy to overlook. And you would most likely ask me to marry you. I would say yes. Tickets to England were expensive. When my parents informed me that we were going on a family trip to London the spring that I turned fifteen, I was excited MOSTLY because I assumed this would be the trip that would bring us closer together.

My sister Alyson took a picture of that moment note the double denim!!!

Amanda McKay

I wanted to re-live something. Oh god, that show…. Due to a massive stroke of synchronicity my mother, who had only Rolling Stones and Beatles and Fleetwood Mac and Handel in her record collection, had an ex high-school sweetheart who was driving a truck in your touring crew. That was my first real concert, I was I ran, making banshee-like sounds, to the phone and called Holly, my best and only friend and fellow Cure-devotee though not, I was certain, as devoted as I….

We would go together. Obviously, this was rock and roll and anything was possible. I plotted and spent countless hours thinking of what I would say to you when we finally met. I barely slept the night before the show. I was going to see you. See you in the flesh. Hear you singing, watch your voice make sounds, live, for me, to me.

I held my breath. When that music crashed into place and what a perfect choice, that one, a perfect set opener, and perfect album opener…. Not belonging, not feeling right, not feeling human, not feeling good enough, all those feelings were crushed away by the music, by these magic sounds, by the sound of your voice. Here, life was perfect. I still have it, carefully hidden away behind one of your posters in my parents house.

I used to take it out every few weeks and just look at it and think: Last night, I was I found myself being recognized in the crowd at Coachella, a few people behind me calling out my name…they had seen my set, they were fans of mine. They were happy I was standing there with them.

I was happy they were standing there with me. We were excited, The Cure was about to come on. I looked around to see who was standing near me. I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me, who seemed really nice. It turns out he was a devoted Cure fan named Dereck who had been to 12 or 13 shows.

We started talking, but after a few minutes the crowd started to pulse and murmur: I exploded in cheers and screaming. My enthusiasm was matched by a few around me, but I also felt sort of self-conscious. I was a bit overexcited. As you started playing, so many of my teeange memories and lovers started flooding back.

Your face, your hair, your red lips, the sound of your voice were like a portal. You wound up tainting and nurturing my early loves and relationships, you were there as a thread, as a spectre, as a soundtrack. After I pledged my undying devition to him AND gave him my first admittedly disastrous blow-job in the woods near Granny Pond and he never fucking called me back after dropping me back home, I mourned for ages.

At the time, it seemed perfect. What the letter said was: When we finally got to his house in the woods of Concord his mom far away somewhere we entered his room in the dark, and he plugged in the christmas lights that surrounded his favorite band poster, a slightly smaller version of my shrine….

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

We were soul mates. Ira called me back. But not for very long — that one also ended in sad agony. My first real true love, the one I was with for a long long time…he loved you too. It was part of how we knew.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

He had a deeper, longer, more grown-up relationship with your music, but it went without saying that our common love of The Cure made us love each other more. He called me back for years and really, lovingly appreciated my now finely-honed blowjob techniques. My first boyfriend in college, Matt, was a huge fan. We met after he saw me play my first college show and he showed up knocking at my dorm-room door later that night with a lit candle in a Twinkie.

He died a little while after that. We were in the common room of our house, a place called Eclectic, watching the episode of South Park where you showed up as a special guest. I decided then to love him forever. He died a few years later. Not normal friends my age. In high school and college I had lots of passing boyfriends and interesting romances, but rarely real friends, pal-types, the ones that stuck. For a time, I was led astray. I tried to be goth.

I assumed that if goths liked The Cure, they must be My People. I wanted to hang out with people who felt deeply, who worshipped at the altar of emotions and radical truth, like I did. So I started wearing black, assuming that I would be waving the proper visual freak flag to let people know how I was aligned.

I frequented goth clubs. I spent a lot of time wandering around disoriented in goth clubs in boston, new york, all over germany…. I would close my eyes and forget.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

I would abandon myself. But I never met anyone I liked or who liked me.

Mike Fukanaga

In fact, almost nobody talked to me, ever. This was obviously not working. What was up with these mean and unfriendly fucking goth people??? I felt betrayed and duped. There was a little goth club in Bavaria where I lived in that I would religiously attend every tuesday night.

I would dress in black, I would dance, and I would pray and hope that some german goth might talk to me and be my friend. There was a boy there with hair like you, so I considered him an ally.

One night, I finally got up the never to talk to one of the girls he was with. Later that night he grabbed my head and pulled out a chunk of my hair, which he shoved in my face.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship memes

He even knows that Mike has a crush on Amanda. Until the Supah Ninjas were formed, Mike and Amanda have not really had any repeated interactions to speak of. This is due to the reason that had been passed down through many shows: Amanda is one of the popular kids in school and has never really gotten to know Mike, while Mike has admired her from afar since 5th grade but has always been too afraid to talk to her.

However, after Amanda realized that Mike and Owen were the ninjas that helped rescue her from The Rhymer, she told them to either let her join or otherwise she would reveal that Mike took several years of ballet and jazz tap.

Ever since then, Mike and Amanda have been great friends. Owen secretly set them up on a date in the episode Ishina. Ever since 'Quake', Amanda has begun to show feelings for Mike. She even appeared to be jealous of Mike's ex-girlfriend Julie. Later on Mike ends up dancing with Amanda. She then finds out about Mike still having feelings for her.

Grandfather Fukanaga Grandfather Mike has always indicated a deep love for his grandfather, expressed because of the fact that he seemed to become more confident and more optimistic since beign able to talk to and learn from him. Mike also expressed the deepest regret of the Supah Ninjas after his grandfather temporarily turned himself off because of the Ishina threat.

Grandfather has likewise expressed the most pride in Mike for being able to not only lead the Ninjas, but also prevail as the best of them on more than a few occasions. Martin Fukanaga Father Mike certainly has a great love for his dad, but does not typically spend time with him not only because of the fact that he is ironically a full-time police officer, but also because he is rather soft and likes to treat him as he did when he was little.

However, Martin has expressed a certain bravery after fighting Mechamov's cyborg children alongside his son after they were kidnapped, which made Mike admire him more despite his unique ways.

Cameron Enemy Mike has never typically shown a particular liking for Cameron, which is most likely because Amanda has shown a romantic interest in him, and they had been dating up until a recent episode.

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Oddly enough, Cameron does not sense the negative vibes from Mike and therefore treats him as a good friend. Another reason Mike isn't fond of Cameron is because Cameron doesn't tend to see him as any type of romantic competition involving Amanda, indicated when he asked Mike whether or not Amanda was attracted to Owen.

After Mike accepted Cameron and Amanda's dating, he quickly proceeded to ask Julie out after her saying, "Hi, Mike," which is really the most romantic thing a girl had ever said to him.

Since then, the two have bonded over a love of comics but have not yet dated, even though Mike successfully asked her because of not knowing that Amanda had broken up with Cameron. They went on their first date in " Frostbite " and she kissed him. Their relationship ended when she moved away in "Flint Forster,". Mike was devastated by her moving away but got over it and pursued his long time crush on Amanda.