Tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

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tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

If It's For You - Let's Play Tales of Xillia 2. Her relationship with Milla was troubled at best in the first Xillia, but now that their For characters like Milla or Jude, this isn't particularly useful because they .. ins and outs of the Rieze Maxia market and then tried to beat him to the punch with his own big idea. Tales of Xillia 2 Ludger Kresnik Collector's Edition (PS3) his relationships with his companions; Enhanced Battle System - Redefining the real-time battle system with . Jude, Milla and the cast of the original Tales of Xillia from Rieze Maxia now strive to live their lives and fight . business customers · Whole Foods Market. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jude-Milla Relationship (Spoilers!)" - Page 2.

Namco heard some complaints about their romance being non-existent to out-of-nowhere in the post-credits scene. When the F Arc was created, we suddenly had Asbel stuttering and stammering around Cheria, blush at everything about her and lots and lots and lots of the party shipping the two.

It was too much, too heavily put on and they made it seem even more like a poor excuse to put the two together as a couple and call it a done romance. Those who thought that Asbel-Cheria was perfectly subtle in the main arc and was overblown for the 'idiots' who 'didn't get it' in F Arc and those who thought Asbel-Cheria was a sudden last minute hook-up in the main arc and consequently shoved down their throats in the F Arc.

That's what Xillia and Xillia 2, respectively felt like to me. Xillia has no proper romance in it, Milla and Jude have no chemistry together, I do not believe any romance there, nor that anything would come from it.

Xillia 2, in turn, suddenly upped the shipping moments in Jude's Episodes and they were so overblown, it felt very, very awkward to watch - I felt like I was watching a very common scene from a very bad harem anime. It once again did not make me believe there was actual romance there. Too awkward, too forced and is ultimately doomed, anyway.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

I have nothing against doomed romances, but in Jude-Milla's case, it's not heartwrenching or even made much of. They know Milla has to return to the spirit world and, while it's nice that they accept it, it almost feels like they don't care. Oh, here only for a specific amount of time?

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

Considering how Milla even mentions that her creating a physical form takes a ton of mana, I highly doubt she could keep doing this. In fact, given that she's a spirit, I was thinking that maybe they would put some mention about how she'll outlive Jude and how she might deal with that.

Look at Harvest Moon Animal Parade. One of the bachelors is the Harvest God and he's initially against dating the female character, cause he knows that he'll outlive her and doesn't know if he would be okay with that, grieving for her after her death. But he has scenes where he mentions that, when she dies, he'll love the nature she loved and similar.

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As said above, neither of them seems to give a crap that Milla will ultimately have to leave. Honestly, Namco needs to learn how to write better romances. Out of all the romances in the Tales games I've played, not a single one was there, that I believed.

Well, there was one: For that reason he generally shows a more reasonable and pure side than before, but there are an increasing number of moments where he can't help but face people with his true colors, so he appears to have a hit a wall when it comes to connecting with people. Elise Lutus Voice Actor: Yuki Horinaka Character Designer: Kosuke Fujishima A somewhat shy girl, she's now attending school at Kalaha Shal, and attempting to enjoy her life and make more friends her age. While on a "Friendship Mission", she visits Elympios again, where she meets Ludger.

For some reason while with Ludger, Tipo, who was initally put into a dormant state, is reactivated, which gets her involved in the adventure. Mutsumi Inomata Known as "The Conductor", he's now become the Prime Minister of Liese Maxia and Gaius' right hand man, in charge of negotiating with Elympios in order for the two lands to become allies.

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In addition to his political duties, he's also an energetic old man who enjoys teasing the others and lifting their spirits. Jude Mathis Voice Actor: Tsubasa Yonaga Character Designer: Kosuke Fujishima A year after saving Liese Maxia with Milla, he's now graduated from Medical School and has become a distinguished researcher of a powerful new technology known as Origin. As one of the people who has changed the world, he feels responsible for ensuring that it's safe and stable, and for that reason has tried to become more mature and responsible than he was a year ago.

Miyuki Sawashiro Character Designer: In accomplishing this task, she lost the powers of Maxwell and can no longer call upon the Four Great Spirits to help her. Now she's living a normal life in Ni Akeria with her twin sister, who is a Great Spirit.

Ryoutarou Okiayu Character Designer: In an attempt to better learn the concerns and ideas of his people, he often ventures out into public, using his true name 'Arst Autwei' to keep his identity hidden. Asami Sanada Character Designer: Kosuke Fujishima Milla's sister and a Grest Spirit with the abilty to tear through dimensions.

She was living in the Spirit World with her sister, but has come to world of agains again in order to fulfill some task. Though she had a angry and mad side to her, she's managed to get over her initial feelings, and now she has a calm demeanor to match her habit of being playful and blunt. Choice System In Xillia 2 you'll be presented with multiple choices for Ludger, where you can determine his responses and reactions to the situations around him. Debt System Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Ludger owes a more-than-hefty debt of 20 million Gald.

To prevent him from running off, his ability to run around the world has been limited. When you pay off the debt, the areas you can access are increased. You pay off the debt to Nova, a friend of Ludger's who works for the bank, and she'll open up places for you. The entire debt doesn't need to be paid off to complete the game, but there is a reward for those who do so.

Quests and Titles Like the last Xillia, there are people in the game who have tasks they would like for you to complete.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

When you complete these tasks, you earn items and money, as well as something new called "Merit Points". Using these Merit Points, you can obtain higher ranking Titles, which allow you to access more difficult quests with better rewards.

Milla Maxwell

Alternate World Throughout the story there will be moments where you go an alternate world, a world where events did not play out as they did in the real world. This can lead to things like characters turning out a different people, or people who were supposed to have during some event remaining alive. These worlds are taking energy from the real world, and Ludger has been given the task of destroying them by destroying the Time Factor, the core that keeps these alternate realities intact.

Jude is generally cognitive enough to help Elize understand her emotions a bit better as well. Plus, he seems to like to take care of people. She pushes him to do things that he never would have dreamed of.

I always took his blushing towards her as a slight bit of embarrassment and perhaps a bit of a crush. Jude and Milla's relationship reminds me a lot of Lightning and Hope for instance, where Hope clings to Lightning because she has what he perceives to be the most dominant personality in the group.

Alvin is too shady, Elize is younger than him, Leia is too busy gushing over him, and Rowen is far too submissive of a personality even if he would be a good mentor. As for Asbel and Cheria, I actually liked the way their romance was in Graces f.

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It made believable tension between the two, and had them solidify their friendship again, and then by the end, had them fall in love and have a child together. It was refreshing to see the love interest of the hero NOT be the main heroine of the game-- in this case Sophie. Honestly, I find main male lead and main female lead being love interests as a sloppy way of keeping them "both" as important in the story.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship marketing

As you can easily have one of the heroes become less important but only remain in the limelight by being important to the hero. Graces f never bothered with that and in my opinion, it had a better story because of it.

Tales of Xillia 2 |OT| Destroying Worlds 4 U

I won't be the first nor the last to say that Graces f had a myriad of problems within the story, but Asbel's and Cheria's ending together was not one of them. It remained what romance should be in a non-love story: It's some of the reason that I like Star Ocean 2's pairings. You can do whatever you want with them, and more specifically, they are left almost entirely to private actions and how you battle with the characters.